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Ghost Goals

Started on 9 July 2019 by Jabluvious
Latest Reply on 15 July 2019 by DeMarco
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I regularly get an issue in that game...
For example, during a game, I go into the tactic screen (I pause or not the game), and when I come back, AI scored a goal. Out of nowhere they have a goal. It happened a lot of times.
Also, sometimes, I score a goal, it's there, it's ok,I go into the tactic screen or whatever, I come back and the goal disappeared.
The last game I played: I'm winning 2-1, 86th min a player gets slightly injured, I sub him off, I come back, still 2-1. I keep my eyes 100% on the comments of the game (I don't do 2D/3D), I'm tensed, I need a win. Everything goes well. 91st minute, a couple of unsignificant comments. Nothing happens then, 95th end of the game. Whew, got it! I look up... 2-2. Apparently, they scored at the 92nd minute. When nothing happened at all. There was no goal. A goal generates a comment saying there is a goal, a flashing one too, impossible to miss when your eyes are straight on it.

I know there was an issue in an early FM (might have been Championship Manager... so that's old), where going into the screen tactic would mess up sometimes and AI would have one more goal or you'd have one less when you come back (not sure if it could be both or only one of those, can't exactly remember). Seems like it's back. I can understand having it a couple of times, you think you saw but you didn't. But when it happens well over 10-15 times, it's not a mistake anymore.
Same here.

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