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Gällivare Malmbergets FF - Swede Dreams Are Made Of This

Started on 10 July 2019 by Lewys96
Latest Reply on 19 July 2019 by Jack
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Lewys96's avatar Group Lewys96
1 yearEdited

For this story I shall be taking over Swedish side Gällivare Malmbergets FF. I started off by trying to do an unemployed career save, when I got offered the chance to take charge of this team. I had other offers, but because this team was bottom of their league midway through their season, I thought that I'd take on the challenge. Needless to say, I should have looked at their team in greater detail. Prior to my first game in charge; this is how the team looked; 1 Goalkeeper, 1 Central Defender, 10 Central Midfielders, 1 winger, and 4 Strikers. On top of that; they've only managed to accumulate 5 points out of 15 games. They find themselves rooted to the bottom of the table, 8 points from safety. The man chosen to guide this team to safety, is Gällivare local; Björn Johansson. Before we get into the character, I want to do a brief overview of the club.

Gällivare Malmbergets FF was founded in 2005 through a merger of two other clubs; Gällivare Sportklubb and Malmbergets Allmänna Idrottsförening. Two household names of amateur Swedish football. They were initially placed in the 6th tier of Swedish football, the Division 3 Norra Norrland league. After 9 seasons competing within this league, they finally achieved promotion in 2014 and have remained in the Swedish Second Division Norrland ever since. However; there place within that league is now under serious threat.

The background staff currently at the club are;
Chairman - Gerd Siverhall
Director of Football - Krister Taivalsaari
Goalkeeping Coach - Stefan Ryngmark

Now for the manager; Björn Johansson. Björn was a former member of Gällivare Sportklubb before they had merged with Malmbergets Allmänna Idrottsförening. A striker in his playing days, he spent just the 2 years representing Gällivare Sportklubb before work took over, limiting the time he had to play football. However, more recently he has found his love for the game again. His 8 year old son is a member of Gällivare Malmbergets FF academy where he helps coach where time allows. Björn is a coworker of chairman Gerd Siverhall at local house building company "The Society's House in Gällivare". When they are not working, they are talking about football, and the dreams that they have of taking a Swedish minnow to the top of Swedish football. A far cry away from where the club currently finds themselves. Just the one win and two draws lodged between runs of six straight losses. There was only one outcome for current manager Peter Askebrand following this dismal first half of the season..
A tough challenge ahead, good luck!
Talk about a challenge! Bjorn has his work cut out, indeed.
Saturday 14th July 2018

As Björn was looking through his phone, trying to find today's match report following on from Gällivare's 3-1 loss away at IFK Timrå. One headline immediately jumped out at him...

Gällivare Manager Sacked!
Moments on from their away loss at the hands of IFK Timrå; Gällivare Malmbergets FF have announced that they have parted ways with head coach Peter Askebrand. Gällivare currently find themselves 8 points from safety at the bottom of the Swedish Second Division Norrland league table after 15 games. Club chairman Gerd Siverhall had this to say following the announcement;
Gerd Siverhall - All of us here at Gällivare what like to place on record our gratitude for all the hard work that Peter has dedicated to the club. Although it is with deep regret that it has come to this; the results don't lie. We were predicted to struggle at the beginning of the season, we knew the challenge that we faced. However, we expected to be closer to safety than the position that we currently find ourselves in. Therefore, we have made the decision to go our separate ways. We shall be looking to bring in a new head coach immediately, so that he has time to prepare the team for the next match.
It will be a brave man that takes over the head coach duties at Gällivare. Rooted to the bottom of the table; the worst defence in the league, conceding 2.4 goals per game and only managing to find the back of the net once every other. August may however provide the team with a glimmer of hope. They face teams in 11th, 12th, and 13th position. Claim positives results from them 3 games and maybe, just maybe those at Gällivare will live to fight another day.

Moments after reading this, Björn's phone began to ring. It was club chairman, Gerd Siverhall.

G. Siverhall - Hello Björn, I suppose you've heard the news that we've sacked Peter.

B. Johansson - Yeas I've just finished reading through it as a matter of fact.

G. Siverhall - Look Björn, I'm just going to cut to the chase here; I want you to come in and take charge of the first team. You do an excellent job within the academy, and I'd really appreciate it if you came in and helped us for the rest of the season.

B. Johansson - I really don't think that I'm the guy you need Gerd. I've never managed a team before and the lads need someone with experience to come in. Surely there's someone else you can go to?

G. Siverhall - There's no one. We're bottom of the table, an amateur side with no wages to offer. Who is going to want to relocate and take charge of us. We're not an attractive club and that's the honest position that we are in. Just take charge until the end of the season, that way it provides us with a bit of time to talk to others, and see who we can get in for the new season.

B. Johansson - Have you spoken to either Krister or Stefan yet? They know more about the first team than I do.

G. Siverhall - Krister is to busy helping to run the rest of the club, without the added duty of managing the first team, and Stefan is a great goalkeeping coach, but he knows nothing about setting up the team or managing them. Björn, please, we need you, just until the season has finished and you can go back to helping with the academy after that.

B. Johansson - Okay; just until the end of the season though.

G. Siverhall - Thank you Björn you've done me a massive favour here. Can you come to the club house tonight just to sign, and after that we can have a discussion about bringing in players to bolster the squad.

B. Johansson - Yeah; I can meet you there about 8 o'clock tonight.

G. Siverhall - Great; see you then.
The New Manager of Gällivare Malmbergets FF..

Björn Johansson

Interesting that Bjorn himself doesn’t feel he is the right man for the job. Hopefully he can get some quick results to get his confidence up
Björn's First Press Conference:

Alfred Larsson - Norbottens Media "Hello Björn. What are your initial thoughts on taking the Gällivare Malmbergets FF job?"

Björn Johansson "I'm honoured to be sat here as the new manager. It's going to be a huge challenge I'm well aware of that, but I'm really looking forward to getting started, and working with the players".

Kristoffer Lustig - Svanparkkiosken "With your side bottom of the table, do you honestly think that you've got what it takes to keep your side in the division?"

Björn Johansson "I'm under no illusion with how difficult the task at hand is. We haven't been good enough at all so far this season. The gap between us and safety is 8 points, and if you look at the run of fixtures coming up, it only takes a couple of positive results and we're right back in it".

Emil Jansson - Uterus Gruppen "Have you and the chairman spoken about any incoming players yet?"

Björn Johansson "We've already spoken to a number of players. it's tricky though. Given our status, we don't pay players, so that places a limitation on the players that we can bring in, because players would have to travel to play for us. Also; the vast majority of people that we've spoken to don't fancy the scrap, so immediately we're scraping the bottom of the barrel regarding who we can bring in. Ideally you'd want to bring in experience to help in this situation, but I don't think we're going to be able to do so".

Kristoffer Lustig - Svanparkkiosken "Looking at the next 6 fixtures that your team has; firstly you face a team in 10th positioned followed by team in 2nd, 3rd, 12th, 11th, and 13th respectively. Surely you're looking at this block of fixtures as a real opportunity to dig yourself out of trouble?"

Björn Johansson "It allows us to know exactly what we require. If we can get up and running with a victory, then we go into the games against teams around us with a different mindset. Having said that, they're going to know that when they face us, they've got the chance to distance themselves from the drop. So although we're looking at this block of fixtures with a real positive mind frame; they'll be thinking the same when it comes to facing us".

Niklas Larsson - Gällivare Malmbergets FF Press Officer - "We have time for one last question.."

Alfred Larsson - Norbottens Media "What can fans expect to see from your team?"

Björn Johansson "We need to become a better collective unit defensively first of all. However, ideally I want to play an entertaining style of football that'll get bums on seats. If we can get the Tallbacka IP stadium rocking, create a hostile atmosphere for the opposition, then that'll give the team that extra 10$ in games. Thank you for your time and questions".
TheLFCFan - A tough job to take for anyone. The next few fixtures are crucial playing teams in and around Gällivare.
Lewys96's avatar Group Lewys96
1 yearEdited
New Signings Announced!

Adam Wallgren - 16 year old left back

As Björn mentioned in his press conference; signings are going to be hard to come by. regens are going to be the go-too signings for this season. Stockholm born Adam Wallgren is the first signing to join the ranks at Gällivare. A 16 year old left back going straight into the starting line-up, as we only have one other defender currently at the the club.

Samuel Axelsson - 16 year old right back

Next up we have another defensive addition to the squad; 16 year old right back Samuel Axelsson. Hailing from the Swedish coastal city of Oskarshamn; he becomes the second signing of the day for Gällivare.

Felix Söderström - 16 year old striker

Our third signing this week is 16 year old striker Felix Söderström. Before signing for us, Felix was on trial with one of our relegation rivals Gottne IF. However, because it was only a 2 week trial, we were able to snap him up instead.
Saturday 21st of July 2018

The Björn Johansson era gets off to a flying start!

In today's game, Gällivare Malmbergets FF made a winning start under the leadership of new manager Björn Johansson. The Gällivare side scored their first of the evening in the third minute courtesy of a Egor Grouzik freekick. Eight minutes later they found themselves two up; another Grouzik freekick proving troublesome for Täfteå IK goalkeeper to deal with. This one hitting the frame of the goal, before falling kindly for Mac Chahrour to fire home. Two minutes later, new signing Felix Söderström opened his account for the club, this goal coming from another freekick. It was Jean-Philippe Zirignon this time over the set-piece, which again hit the frame of the goal before Söderström was able to score from close range. On the half hour mark, Skrijelj was able to add a fourth, being played in by Axel Enback, he was able to squeeze the ball in at the near post. Täfteå IK didn't go down without a fight though, they managed to bring the game back to 4-3 before Zirignon was able to make sure of the result on the eighty-fifth minute. Another goal resulting from a freekick. This time, Zirignon was able to curl it in from just outside of the 18 yard box. This result moves Gällivare off the foot of the table, one point ahead of Härnösands FF and now five points from safety. Gällivare manager Björn Johansson had this to say following his sides first victory in seven games..
Björn Johansson - Gällivare Manager "I'm delighted to get off to a winning start. i couldn't believe what I was seeing when we went 4-0 up, but then again I was in equal disbelief when they managed to get the game back to 4-3. I thought we were going to throw the game away after playing so impressively in the first half. Thankfully Zirignon found the back of the net when he did to make sure we got over the line. We have to build on this now, and take it into the next game against the team in second. Thankfully though we're playing at home, and hopefully the fans can drive us on like they did today".
More New Faces Arrive at Gällivare Malmbergets FF!

Linus Mattsson - 16 year old central defender

Now that Linus Mattsson has joined the club, we have an actual back line of defenders in place! Some of his defensive attributes aren't bad, and hopefully he can help us in the relegation dogfight.

Jakob Larsson - 16 year old left winger

We only had one winger at the club prior to signing Larsson. His arrival now allows for our starting 11 to be made up of players that are allowed to play in their actual position.

Jim Malmqvist - 16 year old central defender

Another central defender brought into the club. His signing allows for cover in case of injury or suspension. Also capable of playing as a left back, this flexibility could prove crucial.

Joakim Rosenberg - 17 year old central defender

The central defenders keep coming through the door at Gällivare Malmbergets FF. This time, it's Joakim Rosenberg who joins the club. Hailing from Motala, Weden; Gällivare is the club that he'll represent. There was a few others clubs interested in him however he opted to join the Björn Johansson revolution!

Peter Johansson - 16 year old central defender

Maybe we're overdoing it with the central defenders we're bringing into the club; however, this is the last one for this window. Peter Johansson; a no-nonsense central defender from the Swedish city of Karlskrona. Currently fourth choice centre back at the club however he has plenty of potential (for a Swedish amateur side that is).
For Scandinavian teams, the best way that I have found to achieve more has been to buy in young talent from across the region, some good signings in there!
Jack - I tried to bring in some more experienced players initially, however they all refused to sign because of the financial package that they'd receive. Hopefully these youngsters will be able to pull us to safety and build from there!
Saturday 28th of July 2018

Friska Viljor FC record victory at the Tallbacka IP Stadium..

Victory today for Friska Viljor FC kept them within two points of league leaders Hudiksvalls FF with nine games left to play. Danish striker Marko Radosavljevic was in fine form this afternoon bagging himself a brace; the first after 17 minutes and the second just before half time. Gällivare created plenty of opportunities throughout the match, but just couldn't find the back of the net. Their manager Björn Johansson had this to say following his first defeat in charge of Gällivare..
Björn Johansson - Gällivare Manager "I thought that the lads played well and on another night, we could have got something from today's game. However, I'm not to disappointed with today's result; yes it would have been nice to win, but they're second for a reason, and we know that the next couple of fixtures are key for us. You could have called today's game a free hit tonight given the respected league positions for both sides. We pick ourselves up, and prepare for another difficult game away to Piteå IF".
Saturday 4th of August 2018

Gällivare on the receiving end of a footballing lesson..

Gällivare were hammered in today's game against Piteå IF 5-2 and were lucky that the defeat wasn't by a bigger scoreline. Piteå IF ran riot today, pouring froward at every opportunity and Gällivare just couldn't contain them. They managed to hold out until the 27th minute, but the result was inevitable. The one positive note that Gällivare can take from today's game is the fact that they're still 5 points from safety. Felix Söderström was the one bright spark from today's game; managing to net twice under difficult circumstances. A dejected Björn Johansson had this to say following his sides heavy defeat..
Björn Johansson - Gällivare Manager "The quicker that we move on from this result the better. It was hard to watch at times, they were that much better than us. Congratulations for them; they're still in with a shout of getting promoted. For us; these next three games are make or break. If we don't manage to come away with some positives, then it's going to be hard for us to beat the drop. We'll give it our best shot, but it's not going to be easy. We go again next week with another difficult away game against Gottne IF. They'll be thinking that if they beat us then surely they're safe. We've got to make sure that we don't allow for that to happen".

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