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FMSE 20 bug

Started on 2 November 2019 by nikolaosaek
Latest Reply on 8 November 2019 by nikolaosaek
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nikolaosaek's avatar Group nikolaosaek
4 yearsEdited
FMSC20 crashes every time Itry to see a staff member. Also the football manager crashes.
I tried to open a few staff members, didn't notice this problem.

Does this happen for you with any staff member? Or someone in particular?
It opens the window but the attributes dont change as you put them, they become even lower
Hi everyone, I'm new to FMSE forum and FMSE use as well.

I'm trying FMSE editing on FM20 beta version, and while players' editing goes smooth, I am encountering trouble with staff editing, as you reported among notorious bugs: first, the current attributes do not correspond to in-game values; moreover, when I try to edit some of these stats, after a turn in the game the values (not only the modified one, almost all of them) drop down to 4 or 1. This happens even if I regulate the CA and PA accordingly to stat editing, but it also happens if I try to edit anything else, not only the stats themselves (e.g. contract, age, and so on), so that's pretty weird.

Another kind of bug I have regards club editing: I tried, many times, double-clicking on various clubs, but not all of them are working. For example, not problem editing Juventus, but when I tried editing Cosenca Calcio () the app froze, and then it crashed. Could you please help me?

By the way, it would be very cool to have stadiums to edit, and the "freeze attributest" flag for staff too.
Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!
FMSE has just been updated to add support for the latest 20.0.3 patch.
The new version also includes bug fixes.
Grab it on our download page or the in-app update checker.

Please let me know if the problems you've been having remain in the new version ( for you.
Hi Stam

I have tested the swap player feature and having mixed results.

Some are working ok, but those that don't -

Within FMSE under the players tab they are showing the new club but within the team tab of the club they are not there. Also not showing up in the squad. The old swapped out player is showing but is unavailable for selection (not at club)
1) After completing the swap, please hit the continue button in-game to move forward an hour or so.
2) Then if player still not showing in the squad, open his relationships tab on FMSE and register him for the squad there.
realy great work! Thanks!!!
I tried many things and all works fine.

the only one problem that i have is the "unsackable".
if i activate it, crashed my game
Thanks Stam,

Changing registered team in the relationship section worked
My problem is fixed with the update, thank you

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