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How to see fm scout

Started on 21 July 2010 by thydying
Latest Reply on 1 August 2010 by Rob
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do we see the ability or the scout rating to rate a player

you have to elaborate on that mate. i dont understand the question there.
opps.. i meant what the different between "ability" and "scout rating" column on the scout. Which one do we use to decide which player is better.
well i don't remember exactly, but i think 1 of the ratings is how good he is to his position. example if he has the best stats to be a CM or not. 1 of the ratings are only on his stats how good overall his stats are. i think you can figure it out after this. :)
so which one do you look at when buying a player? the current ability or best rating?
Well, lemme answer...

Ability is all about how gud the player is..
Depends only on his attributes..

Scout opinion is how good the 'deal' will be...
It'll depend on his present value, his future, his personality n everything.. It tells you how much the transfer will be beneficial to the team..

Now, as an example.. Think about a young starlet.. His ability will be poor.. Which means he wont be gud playin for ur first eleven NOW...
But the scout may see his potential and think that he'll mature into a world class player, and the scout may giv 5 stars for the tranfer..

I hope u r clear..
You couldn't be more wrong playmaker.

CA and PA have no relation to attributes at all. I could create a player in the editor with 200 CA and 1 for all attributes, he would be rubbish.

CA and PA are only used to determine how close he is to his current potential, thus a player with high PA is generally going to be better as he has more room to improve.

Plus generally CA is related to attributes as what sort of researcher would create a player with low attributes and high CA? But it's still very possible for a player with CA 170 to be better than a player with CA 160.

Scout rating on the other hand, actually takes the players attributes into consideration and gives you an idea of how good he is, both overall and in specific positions. The only relation scout rating has to CA & PA is calculating the players potential based on the numeric difference between CA and PA.

Scout Rating is what you should use to decide who the best player is.

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