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Direttore sportivo - Atalanta F.C

Started on 11 February 2020 by Aaron / First Post
Latest Reply on 15 February 2020 by ScottT / Last Post
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Direttore Sportivo

The Director Of Football, or rather Sporting Director as the title goes by in Italian; is role becoming more and more popular in the world of football. At some clubs you may even say it can be considered controversial. Some perform their role brilliantly, others well...Not so brilliantly.

It's becoming more and more important for the larger clubs especially to have a Director of Football. Dealing with a lot of the negotiations when purchasing players from around the world this leaves a lot more time for the managers to get to work on training field with their squad.

If executed correctly the Sporting Director can have a monstrously successful impact on a club. A good example would be Liverpool and Michael Edwards. A bad example would in my opinion be Manchester United and Ed Woodward. We even use them more and more in our beloved Football Manager. Some of us tend to still take on all the responsibilities at our teams but it's understandable that some of us managers need time to focus on other things when trying to become successful.

It is my intention with this thread, to prove just how effective a Sporting Director can be and I'll be doing this by becoming one.

I saw an interesting thread a few weeks back presenting the same idea and I was really intrigued. Sadly it didn't seem to get any further than the intro post, which was a shame because I was really looking forward to reading through. So no this isn't my idea, many others have done this before. I believe OmegaLukeGaming on the FMScout Youtube channel is trying the same thing out with Frankfurt.

You can find this here:

Also Luke's Channel:

Fully recommend giving him a watch, a top guy.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Just how exactly will we be doing this? Well, the game is called football manager and obviously this is the only role we can take. We can't be an actual DOF so I'll be changing some things in the Responsibilities tab to act out the role as realistically as possible.

- Hiring/Firing staff.
- Staff contract renewals.
- All player contract renewals
- Staff coaching courses.
- Assigning scouts.
- Handling scout meetings.
- All negotiations, including incomings, outgoings, and loans.
- Club culture, playing style, tactical setup.
- New signing press introductions.
- Arranging Friendlies
- Board discussions (Obviously)

For the purpose of this story our assistant manager will act as our manager, who he'll be I am yet to decide but these are the roles he will have:
- Picking match day squads.
- All in-game tactical changes.
- General Training
- Individual Training
- Press conferences and Tunnel interviews.

If I've missed anything I'm sure I will discover that soon enough and will be sure to rectify that by editing this list.

It's my intention to revamp the club I pick from top to bottom. For my own personal transfer policy to begin with I want to be as shrewd as possible with my sending, buying young players on the cheap and selling for profit. Moneyballing if you will. My financial goals are by no means motivated by greed but motivated by what's good for the club. In this cut throat business, money means everything and we'll need to it to become the most successful.

All that's left to do now is pick a team and outline our goals. Tune in for the next update to find out who that will be!
I don't think I need the next update and think it'll be Atalanta ;) A good idea and excited to see where this goes. Good Luck!
2020-02-11 20:59#266604 TheLFCFan : I don't think I need the next update and think it'll be Atalanta ;) A good idea and excited to see where this goes. Good Luck!
This. Only you, Aaron...

Team Choice and Landmarks

As you're probably all aware the team we'll be taking on for this challenge Is Atalanta, residing in the Serie A. The reasoning behind my choice is simple. I needed to pick a team that required something of a resurgence. An option like Manchester United is fairly obvious or even Arsenal, but I feel like on FM this would just be way too easy and so I wanted more of a challenge.

We'll be going to Italy to take over Lombardy club Atalanta, rivals to A.C. Milan, Brescia, and Internazionale Milan. They start in 2019 with Champions League group stage football which is of course fantastic however they're far from expected to finish in the top 3/4 every year. Even the board itself are looking just for a top half finish.

I'll get to the nitty gritty of tactical setups and ideas moving forward but for now I simply want to outline our goals for the save, things I want to achieve. So here they are.

Qualify for the Europa League
Qualify for the Champions League
Finish in the top 2
Become the best of Lombardy
Win the League
Win the Italian Cup
Win the Italian Super Cup
Win the Europa League
Qualify for CL Round of 16
Qualify for CL Quarter Finals
Qualify for CL Semi Finals
Qualify for CL Final
Win the Champions League
Win the Super Cup
Win the Club World Cup
Become the most successful Italian club domestically
Become the most successful Italian club internationally

Some of these are obviously quite realistic, others not so much. If I'm to become the most successful club in Italy I will have to be here a very very long time. Juventus hold 35 Serie A titles alone, and dare I say they could be up to 40 by the time we win number 1. Weirdly enough, becoming the most successful Italian club in European competitions is probably the more reasonable goal. You never know though and for that reason I've put it on the list.

I'm not sure how best to get through games. I've been toying with the idea of instant resulting but I would also like to watch games too, though I'm not sure there's a way to have your assistant manager make substitutions which obviously is not something the director of football does, I want it to be down to the assistant manager.

I'll go away and think more on that dilemma. I'll be back soon to give you a run down of our squad, financial status, and other overall information on the club.
Some big goals there with the last two being the more ambitious ones for sure. Looks like a long term save is in the works here!
Intrigued to see how many of these aims you meet until the story inevitably ends. ;)
All things must end Scott, I thought you'd have known this by now.
2020-02-11 22:22#266620 Aaron : All things must end Scott, I thought you'd have known this by now.
You know I meant prematurely.
Ye of little faith
2020-02-11 22:37#266628 Jack :

Keep going ill prove you all wrong

Club Overview

Coming into our first days with Atalanta there's one thing we have to do before we get into anything such as transfers and all the other exciting business that comes with it. First we have to come up with our own footballing philosophy. To do this we have to take the boards requirements into account first and foremost.

It's a dangerous thing to go against the wishes of the board at any football club. This business is cut throat, we need to be careful how we step. In a few years they may let us change the philosophy around ourselves but for now we have to adhere to their requests.

Club Culture:
- High Pressing Football
- Counter Attacking Football
- Entertaining Football
- Develop Players using clubs youth system
- Sign players from lower domestic leagues

For me this is not the way I want to play, aside from being an entertaining team. I feel like a lot of teams go for the high press these days. I want us to be the exception and so I've drawn out plans for a style of play that I believe to be a slow build up approach to scoring. The tactic is based around a strong midfield doing it's best to keep the football as much as possible, knocking it around patiently in anticipation for an opening.

First up is the tactic I think we'll need to go with this season in order to keep in line with board expectations, third is our main 4-2-3-1 slow build up play tactic, and the third is relatively the same tactic although with a different formation which I'd quite like us to eventually adapt to upon making the required signings in order to play it to a great standard.

The second thing I felt was important was to review the staff. Most of our coaching team has remained at the club as I deem them to be more than capable of taking us forward however things may change depending on whether our reputation grows and we're able to attract anyone better.

Our assistant manager changes though and we will have a new man taking the squad forward on the pitch and the training ground!

I think out of everyone available to us he was the best option out there.

The main change in staffing aside from our physio team is in the recruitment area. Most of our scouts already here when I arrived were to be fair all fairly good though they were all Italian and this didn't sit right with me. I like to have a knowledge of players all around the globe to take advantage of the cheapest players out there.

So with that being said the new scouting team includes individuals from all around Europe. We have great scouts from Brazil and Argentina too. I had deals ready for a South Korean and American scout though I didn't have enough spare room for them. Hopefully in the future the board will grant me my request to have more.

And with that, this is how the backroom looks. It's not fantastic, it could be better but for now it will do a good enough job to see me into the next couple of years.

Lastly I thought I would give you an insight to the history of Atalanta and touch upon what I said about us becoming the most successful team in Italy. So you have an idea how hard this is going to be here's the clubs full list of achievements.

As you can see there's really not much to shout about. In time, hopefully this changes. But with the clubs we are tasked with overcoming ahead of us, that's exactly what it will take...time.
Hopefully you can add to the trophy cabinet. It's bound to be a difficult task thougu with the dominance Juventus have over the division.
Not a club that screams success in the past but with your concrete ideas they could be challenging the top sooner rather than later!

Summer 2019/20 - Transfer Round Up

Atalanta aren't a club that really scream "financial backing" and to be honest that's as it expected. In all honesty does any club in Italy right now feel like a team with silly amounts of money? No. Not unless your clubs goes by the nickname of The Old Lady.

10 million in the transfer budget is not much to go on in these times, especially ever since Pogba and the like inflated player transfer fees monstrously in the last few years. Alas, this is all we have to use with a relatively small wage budget in use for a Champions League team. It's been proven before that money isn't everything in football and we're going to have to prove that again - Hopefully for many years to come.

Only 2 players join the club this season since I joined the club. The first of those being Gianluca Gaetano a 19 year old central attacking midfield player, capable of suiting up on the right and as a centre forward. We brought in this young lad from Napoli for a pretty cheap price. 3.9M all in all so just under half of our total transfer budget. I'm surprised Napoli would let such a young and special talent go to a league rival for so cheap.

As you can see he's already a quality player and it seems that my staff believe he's got potential and bags of it to become a world class creative player in the future. Gianluca is a player that really fits the bill for us in terms of our transfer policy.

Italian, determined, professional, quality on the pitch, and just as importantly - Young with much room for improvement. Give it a few years, I think this lad may be a very very special player by then.

Now I'm not going to lie to you with Gaetano in the door I felt like that could be it. I felt everyone at the club deserved a chance to prove themselves in the Champions League. A place in the tournament which THEY earned. Though towards the end of the window a bid came through...

14 million euros for Marten De Roon from Manchester City. I don't know a great deal about this team and so early on I wasn't sure how Marten would fit into our plans. Would he start, would he come off the bench? I didn't know. But this was 4 million more than our entire budget for an ageing player who really I don't think has the ability to be playing for Manchester City.

So, knowing Manchester City's financial situation I took full advantage and upped the price to 17.25M. Deal done, Marten was on his way out the door and my eyes went straight for Sandro Tonali.

Once again, Young, quality, creative, determined...Italian. It was the benchmark for a brilliant signing. Only 1 problem stood in our way - Brescia wanting 111M. Instantly it was clear this deal would get absolutely no where and I left them to their own devices.

I moved swiftly on in search of a quality young centre mid to fill the gap left by Marten and I feel suitably prepared for the coming season with Dominik Szoboszlai lining up for us.

There are not many obvious weakness' in Dominik's game, if any and I think especially when it comes to physicality he's going light up the Serie A and Champions League for years to come. He replaces pretty much everything Marten leaves with and adds more in addition.

Just like Gaetano he's on the cusp of his teenagers coming to an end and with the team not fully fleshed out it's likely he'll be given game time by our manager. I'm looking forward to seeing just how well Dominik does, if it's even half of what I expect him to become I think we will all be left very happy.

For anyone interested, this is the transfer history in full even from before I joined the club. From Scanagatta downward, every player out of the door is one of my own deals. The rest are the club from before me.

By no means the finished article are our Atalanta but I think we're ready for the season to come a long. Hopefully we can pull off a couple of surprises here and there!

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