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Thoughts on Football Manager Brand

Huge fan of the Football/Championship Manager franchise. But starting to have my doubts.
Started on 9 April 2020 by JohnBev1980
Latest Reply on 9 April 2020 by Jopaaaa
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Just a thought i've been having and in no way am i slating the game and have been an annual purchaser of the game since Championship Manager 92 (I think) , but...

With the latest release of FM2020 and the fact that Juventus can't have their proper name and now called Zebre (i'm aware this happens in other console games etc as well) On top of that, the game as standard doesn't include club badges and kits of premier league/La Liga/International teams.

Yet the gaem still gets released and still does, cost around £40.

Surely by now as the premier football management game out there, should we be entitled to get full licence rights to teams logos/kits/facepacks?

Just a minor gripe as i actually quite like stumbling across kits/Facepacks etc that people have made.

Feel that the price of the game should be lowered with more and more restrictions that keep appearing due to licencing.

What are peoples thoughts on this?
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40 GBP on Steam is a bit expensive, regardless of lacking official logos. You can get it for 30 here, so the first thing to remember is that there are always much cheaper options to Steam store which are perfectly legit and you have a choice to support a fansite at the same time (and not just Valve).

If licensing of graphics is your only issue, that's not too bad. People usually complain about the match engine, which won't be updated any further for FM20.

Now the licensing restrictions is a matter of not willing to pay for those licenses. Not willing can also mean not being able to afford, which of course is understandable. I can only assume that for example a Premier League license would cost a LOT, otherwise a higher profile game such as PES would have it too.

The situation with packs containing copyrighted material has changed significantly this season. It's a serious matter with legal consequences. If you haven't read my public statement on the matter, I recommend checking it now.
Yeah, can't remember the last time i bought it via steam to be honest, always find the cheaper option.

I just find it odd that Premier League clubs etc wouldn't want their logos, kits etc showing on what is arguably the number 1 football management game.
I wouldn't agree the price is too much. Do you know how much scouting goes into every (especially newer) Football Manager game? Also, let's not forget, Football Manager isn't the most viral game ever, so I wouldn't expect them to come close in revenue to the more viral games like FIFA and PES...

The fact that you are able to manage lower league sides in almost every country is mind blowing to me. Players who don't even earn money from football are in the game, which, if you said to me 10 years ago - you would be able to manage 3rd division Croatian side with all the players, I'd probably think you're insane.

Full league licensing is very, very expensive, even PES don't have all the leagues, and now think how many more players/sales PES average more than FM... I'm very happy we actually have this much. Also, considering you can fix all that with a few simple downloads, it literally makes 0 concerns to me.

Football Manager has a limited player base, it doesn't attract everyone, that's why you have to accept some limitations in the game, and I feel like those limitations are so minimal it's almost not a thing. :)

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