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The cheap bees of London - A tale of Brentford

A danish blog, that is translated directy with google translate, to save time, so there might be some bad gramma :p
Started on 12 May 2020 by Hoffbeck92
Latest Reply on 13 May 2020 by Justice
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"I want to pay you 2.4 million for him ..... that's my final offer .... Take it or leave" - ​​screamed Brentford's new manager, Kasper Lykke, during talks about a potential new player for his squad.

It was only the day before this, Brentford surprised the whole of England when the announcedthe unproven Kasper Lykke as their new manager. After a round of questions from the Bees' fans, it was soon found out that rumors said that Kasper Lykke was the cheapest man in football.

"He makes Mike Ashley appear generous" - said a faithful fan.

The media has speculated that the stingy dane was hired because of his connections to Claus Steinstein of Fc midtjylland and Brentford's Owner.

Rumors also say that Kasper at the job interview promised Brentford's owner that he would never spend more than £ 2.4 million (aprox. $ 20 million danish kroners) on a player and that despite this he still had an ambition to lead Brentford to the top.

My name is Mr. Reporter, and I'll be your eyes on this story!
The interview (Vol.1)

It is 7 o'clock in the morning as I enter the Brentford training facility at Jersey Road Hounslow.

I have agreed to meet with Kasper Lykke for an interview about his start as Brentford manager.

Kasper must have seen me confused about the mediocre training facilities, because suddenly I hear a man shout

"Over here MR. Reporter! "

I look around and see Kasper hanging out the window in his office.

As I walk into Kasper's office, I encounter a room that, most of all, looks like a dorm room. In the small office there is a bed, a desk, microwave, television, etc.

I ask cautiously

"Do you live here?" - To which Kasper replied "Yes, I made a good deal with the owner" - "which deal? ”- I asked wonderingly?

"Did you notice the 2 used worn down goals and 10 worn down balls that are outside my office? ......... it is our new youth department center! ......... from now on we have got a limited youth development with fairly basic youth facilities. "

It may seem strange that Kasper is proud and happy for this truly miserable youth ward, but considering that Brentford, not having a youth ward at all before, I can understand his enthusiasm.

"But what does your youth facility have to make you live in your own office?" - I ask

“Well, you see, living in the office saves me a lot of money on rent, compared to living in London …… it's incredibly expensive. So I have agreed with the owner that the money that I save on rent, he deducts my salary and invest it in our youth department .... .. also it paid for the National C coach course I started in the start of the season ”

I look at Kasper with wonder, i cant believe he will sacrifice his own salary and living standards so that Brentford can set up a youth division that surely will not produce a single player who would be good enough to play Series 1 ( aproxx 2 tiers below the vanarama north and south) in his home country .

Maybe he's more frugal than stingy?

"Now we have to see if we can get started on that interview?" - Kasper Lykke asks impatiently

To be continued
I don't blame him. Housing in London is a joke! Good luck here.
The interview vol.2

Kasper Lykke stared intently at me as I got ready for the interview. It was clear that Kasper was not the patient type ... .. I hurried to get ready, and when I finished, Kasper said coldly and cynically

"You have 2 questions, use them wisely"

I panicked a little… ..and it flew out to me - "Tell me about your new purchases so far"

Kasper answered before I had finished finishing my sentence

"I have 2 philosophies that I choose players from - 1. I do not give a crown more than 20 million for a player - 2. if he is over 21, it is a no-go!" .......

Kasper stopped and looked out the window. He started to laugh -

"HA! A dog fan just let his dog fuck on the track and he didn't pick it up, I'm looking forward to seeing which of the players make the first sliding tackle in the later "

Lykke is a special type.

Kasper looked back at me and said - "Question # 2?"

I got nervous - "mmh, what is your reaction to your start to the season?"

Kasper replied with a smile on his lip, and with a flabby tone

"You liked the table, didn't you? - You've seen us rank # 1 after 10 matches, right? …… but to answer your somewhat stupid question, my reaction is that I'm glad we got off to a good start. "

When Kasper had finished speaking, he simply pointed to the office door as an indication that I could walk again now that I had asked my questions.

I left with a feeling in my body that was difficult to put into words.
Morilla playing at Griffin Park <3
Doing monstrously well, keep it up!

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