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Away tactic?

Started on 28 June 2020 by lfcfan1892ph
Latest Reply on 30 June 2020 by Si49
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I am using a tactic that currently works very well at home when using it, and out of 16 league games at home winning 15 and losing just 1, being against Liverpool which is fair enough. However, away from home my tactic doesn't work at all, and out of 17 away games having lost 8, drew 5, winning just 4 away from home in the league, 2 of those wins being against the 2 teams in the league who are already relegated with 5 games left. Is there any way I can set up different to try and get better results away from home and stop such poor form? My team has the joint best home record but an away one closer to the bottom of the league which obviously puts my club far lower in the table where they should be and I was just wondering if there was a way to change my tactic to be able to deal with away games better.
Need to know the basic set up for your home tactic please...?!
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It was a pretty standard 4231 gengenpress, high pressing, high tempo, high defesive lines, overlapping full backs, work ball into box, counter when gaining and losing ball. Pretty standard but cant just seem to get any success with anything away from home at the min. I'd use both home and away but it was pretty dreadful away from home but now its gone a bit crap at home as well so I dont know. Cant seem to get any success with anything at the min on this game, pretty terrible at it to say I play it so much haha. Just more of a general query of how to set up better away from home and how to deal with away games a bit better. I think in my last season I picked up 51 points at home but just 23 away so just wondering if there was anything really obvious i was missing
As a base away formation where I'm either an underdog or just looking for some inspiration I would calm down the flank play first and ask one of the two centre mids to play CMD or BWD with the other a DPS or RPM.

The no.10 can play more attacking as an AMA but get him to man mark the oppo's most creative centre mid, usually a DLP.

Get your wingers in the mid strata rather then the att mid strata & play more of a base 4-4-1-1 shape. Play them as winger supports. Your full backs need to sit more definitely so get them on either FBS or WBD and lose the overlap from the 'in possession' TI's, we don't want to encourage them to get forward too much.

Stick team mentality on Positive rather than attacking as well. Lose work ball in to box, if you are conceding possession/ground we want to hit them with a fast counter and maximise those chances. The LOE & Pressing is fine on attacking, just don't go the one step higher on either.

Try that as a base. See how you get on.
Thanks for replying again mate

I'll definately give what you suggested a go in my next few games. Just wondering would it be good idea to get my AM to mark an opponents DLP at home games as well or just on the aways? I've saw some people do it for all but just not sure.

I'll let you know how it goes after the next few games and hopefully it all goes well. Thanks for the help :)
You're very welcome.

The AMC man marking isn't required where you are clear favourite. You want to give you AMC some more positional freedom in those games.

One caveat to that is if the oppo are playing 4-3-3 with a holding mid in the DM strata then ALWAYS man mark him no matter what as he is already occupying the same space as your AM.

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