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Which leagues to select?

Started on 30 June 2020 by DRMoreira04
Latest Reply on 1 July 2020 by DRMoreira04
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Guys, good night. I am about to start a save in Costa Rica, but I am not sure which leagues to select so that my game is complete, as I have never played in North America. Can you help me?
Guys, if you never played there, that's fine, if you played in the MLS that is already a good size. Just help me, please.
I don't know how fast your computer is though this is what I do ...

I put all the leagues on, though I put the leagues where im most likely not going to play eg: Malaysia, China etc then i put them to "Read Only" so then I can still see the leagues and some of the players though it cuts down the processing time

Otherwise you can choose the leagues that you could move to in the future or where you know you want to take players for - Brazil, France, England etc and use them only

Good to have leagues from countries nearby and also the main European leagues as well if you want a good pool of players to choose from
I have to agree with Lankyman22.

The capability of your computer can limit the leagues you can have available and still enjoy the game at a good speed.

Assuming your computer is a standard, modern laptop \ computer, i would suggest that you:
a. have leagues you want to maybe manager in (for example Brazil, USA, England, Argentina)
b. also have leagues that work well within the legal framework of the league you currently manage in.

Each league has strict player-rules which can make it easy or difficult to bring players in or sell players.

The MLS is actually a good league size now. Many years ago it was terrible but now it is decent. I have England, Spain and MLS on my save and its a good mixture.

Best of luck.
Thank you both, guys!

My computer is good - at least in my conception.

For example: when I play in South America, I select all countries (+ Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia and Ecuador), in addition to the TOP 5 in Europe and Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Austria and others.

The doubt arose from the fact that I never played in North America - only in MLS many years ago -, so I wanted to leave the competitions very complete.

I'm a bit of a perfectionist in that sense and I end up "suffering" with it.

Anyway, thank you very much!

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