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Tactical Advice - counter attacking tactic

Despite good overall results im finding it hard to get good consistent performances from my AMC and Strikers.
Started on 15 September 2020 by malkav
Latest Reply on 15 September 2020 by YAMS
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So im currently 4 seasons into an AC Milan save. Have been using a deep low block counter attacking tactic , swapping between a 442 and 4411 formation , based partially on a atheltico style of play. Results wise im actually doing very well , we beat juve to the league in my first season , finished 2nd by a single point to roma in the 2nd season , won the league again in the 3rd season , and currently sitting top a point ahead of inter in my 4th season. However our results are more based off being difficult to break down , and im scoring alot of goals from set pieces. We are more of a physical and grit based team , but still have good quality in both the AMC and Striker options, but despite this im struggling to get consistent scoring from my strikers , and rarely getting any assists or goals from my AMC , to the point im considering selling both my main AMCs and just sticking with a 442 or switching to a DM .
Hi there, I would recommend you tweak the following.

Roles -

Change your CFA from CF to AF or PFA. CFA is a creative role which wants to play through him, you don't want that. Use an AF or PFA to play on the shoulder more. Think of it as a Jamie Vardy type role for your tactic.

Your no.10 has to have an attacking role, not support. you want to be direct on the counter & have intent at the position so make him an AMA or SS. Both will still drop deep at the right time. Has to be an attacking role to get the best out of him in your tactic.

Change your midfield two from DLPD & BWMS to DLPS & DWMD. This will put your playmaker slightly further forward and enable him to take more risks on the counter. It will hep your striker be 'looked for' more often.

I would change your full backs/wingers as well, especially on the right flank but the above is more important.

In Possession - Lose Play Out of Defence, this will slow down your counter attack, for a fast counter you want as few ball dwellers as possible. Your DLP should be the only 'controller' of play.

In Transition - Change Throw it Long to Roll Out or whatever the shorter option is called.

Out of Possession - Lose Prevent Short GK Distribution. You have a low block but are trying to prevent them building up from the back? Totally counter productive to your design.

Try these for starters, I'm available in PM if you would like to go in to more detail.

Subí enlace para probar la táctica...
hmm i have experimented a bit with the AMC roles , both with vlasic and paqueta switching from various attacking to supporting roles , but havent really seemed to find that sweet spot for them , il try giving them some more time with attacking roles. the reason i had pellegri as a CF was i was hoping he would help get the amc more involved by having the two link up more,and stats wise seems to be better for a targetman role but he is more naturally suited to AF according to his role rating , so maybe il give that a go , though piatek plays as a poacher and while great in the box doesnt seem to see enough of the ball to get enough chances , maybe he isnt suited for what i need?

il see about the play out the back and prevent short gk instructions and see if that helps speed our transition play up. Finding good wide players has been an issue for me over the last couple seasons , realistically i need twice the money that ive had to get a better player or more luck on my youth intakes , hence why im using zappacosta on the right , even though hes really better suited as a fullback.

thanks for the help , ive 10 league games left in the season so il see how my results pan out. Defensively we have been great for the most part, i just had a 72 game unbeaten streak come to an end 2-1 vs napoli , but offensively we have been struggling , and i feel like ive been handicapping my offensive players too much with the role and instruction choices , so fingers crossed your advice makes the difference .
Just a quick one regarding the roles & the green circles for the preferred role... They mean virtually nothing at all. It's just an indication that the player in question has high attributes from a predetermined list for that particular role.

The actual role you chose to play in that position is way way more important that the players green circle for the selected role.
You're very welcome by the way, happy to help if I can. Cheers.

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