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FM21 Concept
Started on 20 September 2020 by destmez
Latest Reply on 20 September 2020 by destmez
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The mechanics is: a dynamic meeting in which discusses the most important members of the club; such as the President,the Chairman,the sports director, the director of Football, the Managing director

I think we can ré-use the press conference mechanics, with dialogue and with several responses

Depending on the subject, the members and the objective of the club give their opinion with one or more arguments
the goal is to convince the president , the more reputation you have in the club, the more convincing you are (your voice will be taken into account).

The président takes the final decision .

When the club is in heavy debt and the club have to decide:decide where to reduce costs

Decide which player to sell: the objective could be to sell for a certain amount or to reduce the wage budjet to a certain amont
(Selected players) + The Player is not performant
(Selected players) + The Player has high value
(Selected players) + The Player has Low Status in the team( isnt an important player)
(Selected players) + The Player has big salary 5 (wage)
(Selected players) + The Player ............................

No(Selected players)+Has big potential he can help the club
No(Selected players)+The Player is performant
No(Selected players)+The Player has low value , we can sell (other player ) instead + argument
No(Selected players)+ another argument that I have not yet imagined

Decide which philosophy the club will evolve :
( Remove the philosophy who coast a lot of money ( exemple:" sign high réputation player" or " do not sign player over age of 30 " )
add new philosophy which allows more use on players trained at the club and at the academy
Sell the stadiums :
sell the stadium to the city ( now You are a tenant of the stadium at the price that the city sets you
(the applies a naming on stadium which can make the fans angry )

Reduction of Wage budjet
Reduction of the youth training budget
Reduction of the transfer budget
When the club wants to buy a player with High Potential Marketing: list of 4 or 5 players (the player can observe their reports)

Estimated income with this or that player
The Number of Sponsors that could be unlocked ( )
(Selected players) + High World Réputation
(Selected players) + choose a player according to his nationality in order to promote the club in his continent of origin ( exemple: Samuel Etoo and drogba with chelsea(huge fan base in Africa )with , Or neymar with psg and brasil )
(Selected players) +another argument that I have not yet imagined
(Selected players) + Title or award winner( Ballon d'or winner ,Europeean champions CUP, World Cup Winner )
When the club wants to buy a player High lvl(CA) player : Achieve club goal : Win Europeean Champion's CUP , Win X League , Win X Cup etc ......
To move the team forward (sportingly):

Members of this meeting discuss about 4-5 Players who can make the team stronger

Possible Argument

(Selected players) + Sports contribution (CA) (palmares, titles , awards , how he was succesful)
(Selected players) + Financial contribution
(Selected players) + Easy integration into the group
(Selected players) + Tactical integration
(Selected players) + Reputation
(Selected players) + Statistics
Exemple Juventus Pick Crisatiano Ronaldo for UCL

help me to finish this

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