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FMM Story: Fourth Season at Leamington (2023/24)

I manage clubs on Football Manager Mobile and then tell you what happens.
Started on 7 December 2020 by Harleygator
Latest Reply on 22 January 2021 by Harleygator
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After a wobbly start you didn't take long to pick up some pace. There is still a lot to go (which is my main reason not to play LLM in England, I hate long seasons), and at this point, and as unstable League One is, everything can happen
FMM Story
S4E4 – November-December 2023

(Leamington FC, League One)

November heralded a rejection by all three foreign sides I mentioned at the end of the last update. I thought that perhaps my reputation wasn’t large enough, or maybe it was a nationality thing (racists!), but the three managers who won the positions had the same rep level as I do – Regional – and none were products of the respective nations. The only thing I can think is that those clubs, being 2.5 and 3 star reputations to Leamington’s 1.5, are “above me” in that regard. It chills me slightly to think that, given how great our results have been so far, I may end up in the Championship with Leamington after all after two seasons of whinging about wanting to move abroad. I really dislike saves like this, as it feels very unrealistic to have such great success (Borat voice); then again, as a long-time purveyor of the LLM save, perhaps it is a demonstration that I’ve outgrown these saves and need a more complicated challenge. Hence, I want out.

(2 – 0) Bradford City (H) L1 – T Ince (1), M Fernandes (1)
(1 – 0) Gillingham (H) L1 – N Ennis (1)
(2 – 0) Salford City (A) FA1 – D Avenell (1)
(5 – 2) Crawley Town (A) PJG – M Fernandes (3), D Meredith (1), D Avenell (1)

We signalled our intent to defend our Papa John’s Trophy in emphatic style with a series of crushing victories against our groupmates. Michael Fernandes, who has had a bit of a quiet time since signing for us on a permanent deal, came alive in the final group game with an excellent hattrick, while our summer youth signing David Avenell (who, very very very interestingly, is now described as a wonderkid in his personal profile) added a goal in each match of the group.

Meanwhile, our league results are starting to shape up to another title challenge, though far from as commanding as last season. Our closest opponents to the top, the mysteriously unliquidated Middlesbrough, continue to post excellent results in their bid to return to the Championship after a season in the cold. Ennis is having another barnstorming season, and although we only signed him so Ryan Wintle would have a friend to play with, Oliver Finney has been an inspired addition to the midfield with a string of important goals.

(1 – 0) Mansfield Town (A) L1 – P Bastock (1)
(2 – 0) Ipswich Town (H) L1 – O Finney (1), N Ennis (1)
(2 – 1) Doncaster Rovers (A) L1 – J Bateman (1), N Ennis (1)
(3 – 1) Wrexham (A) FA2 – N Ennis (1), M Fernandes (1), D Avenell (1)
(1 – 2) Middlesbrough (A) L1 – N Ennis (1)
(4 – 1) Oxford United (H) L1 – N Ennis (2), D Avenell (1), L Gabidon (1)
(6 – 0) Cheltenham Town (H) PJ2 – R Griffiths (4), D Avenell (2)
(1 – 0) Forest Green Rovers (H) L1 – D Avenell (1)
(4 – 0) Walsall (H) L1 – O Finney (1), P Bastock (1), R Griffiths (1), K Shashoua (1)
(4 – 0) Rotherham United (H) L1 – D Avenell (2), J Tucker (1), A Babos (1)
(1 – 0) Shrewsbury Town (A) L1 – O Finney (1)
(0 – 0) Coventry City (A) L1 –

Despite a defeat against Middlesbrough, our December performance tipped the league in our favour by a point going into the year of 2024. This was, honestly, not part of the plan for this season, as I had wanted to join a new side in time to take advantage of the January transfer window. This really should’ve happened by now, but the truth is that foreign teams just don’t seem interested in my applications. Given that the only substantive effect of my applications is to reduce my Loyalty attribute, I decided to quit making applications for clubs above 2 stars, which pretty much limits me to joining Volgar Astrakhan, Dinamo Bryansk or MVV Maastricht of the clubs with unstable management positions in countries I’m interested in managing in.

Given it’s now likely I’m going to be at Leamington until the end of the season at least, I think I’ll put the Luke Urey money to better use and bring in some stronger players during the transfer window.



@Tango, yeah, even on the mobile game, when you've got 46 games plus FA Cup, plus League Cup, plus League Trophy, it takes some effort to get through it all. I have to say, though, after reading a recent news report about the holder of the longest continuous FM save (333 years), I have been tempted to see if I could beat it! He spent about 300 seasons at the same bloody club, boring b*stard!

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