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College, what a beautiful time!

A Narrative story with PJ McBide!
Started on 10 December 2020 by Compton187
Latest Reply on 29 January 2021 by Karter Mitchell
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January 14, 2016
Son, it's your day!
The whole family is home and hooked up to ESPN.
We hope so much to hear your name in the top ten.
Did you know Aunt Paty has a Fire jersey, PJ flocked? You know it here in Chicago, we like fire
as much as beer.
Your mom and I are so proud of your 4 years at the University of Florida.
A diploma and an invitation to the MLS draft is just magic.
We are waiting for the results,
We love you.
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My life story always been a failure.
My first and second years were a disaster, I only played 87 minutes of the 30 college games.
In my third year, I missed a penalty in the conference final and we lost.
And for my last year of college, I was invited to the MLS draft like any final year student.
And you know what? I was not selected.

What did you expect? A first position in the draft?
It's bad to know me, I even put my suit upside down!

Anyway, my name is PJ McBide and this is my story.

December 12, 2020

I've always played football, well soccer here, I hate the word football anyway.
Since I was a kid I’ve been on the football field, small in size but quick. I quickly learned that football is much more tactical than people think.
I grew up in Chicago, with my mom, dad and two little brothers.

My father Ted, is a Chicago Fire fan, he says he has been supporting Liverpool from a young age but unfortunately I can't find any red jersey at home, so.
My mother is also for the fire, but she prefers the fire in the kitchen.
And for my two little brothers, they play baseball.

Ingle Highschool player, I quickly got offers to play in college.
It was my dream from a young age and I made it, come true by signing my scholarship to play at the University of Florida. Go Gators!

After my four years at university, I received my Bachelor in Marketing, my grades were not the best because I always thought of being selected for the MLS draft at the end of the year.

Unfortunately, I dreamed a little too much because I was not even selected in the 81...
After the draft I received offers but to play as an amateur or semi pro.
NO! I would go back to school and finish my master's degree
but but… with grades like that, impossible to get me accepted again in college.
I am no longer an athlete and the level is so high that I had a hard time getting into the marketing master program.

Thank you football!
Western Michigan University is offering me a graduate assistant position.
I won't get paid but they will pay for my classes and get me accepted by college to finish the marketing program. I'll be an assistant on the team.

So I'm Assistant to coach Tom Herdman and the Western Michigan Broncons.
After three years as an assistant it's really time to take charge of a team as a Head Coach.
Annnnnd, Tom my main coach here is John Herdman brother.
John Herdman is the coach of Canada's Senior National Team, and he is looking for a coach for the U20.
He needs someone who is familiar with young people and football in America.
Me who dreams of winning a Champions League, now is the time to meet European coaches to play!

Maybe I would have preferred to start with the USA U20. But hey, maybe soon… ..
It is aboot time that we find someone competent enough to lapidate Canadian youngsters eh
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1 yearEdited
I loved my time in college.

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