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Advantages and disadvantages of violent games

Started on 18 November 2021 by elizabethcaroll
Latest Reply on 8 May 2022 by Armando Diaz
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For many years, violent video games have been a contentious topic, extending back to classics like Pac-Man, Centipede, and Space Invaders, and eventually more current titles like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and the Mortal Kombat series. Many individuals feel that violent video games are harmful, particularly to children and teenagers, and some even advocate for their prohibition.
According to them, those who are exposed to violent video games grow more aggressive and less empathic. "Because video games are interactive, some researchers have suggested that video games may be more likely to influence outcomes such as aggression and decreased empathy than more passive media," according to the article Violent Video Games, Externalizing Behavior, and Prosocial Behavior: A Five-Year Longitudinal Study During Adolescence (Coyne, et al.).

Meanwhile, proponents of violent video games think that individuals who reject this sort of entertainment are merely fear-mongering, ignoring the numerous positives that come with playing violent video games, such as improved response speeds, greater analytical abilities, and so on. This problem has been demonstrated to be a thorny one, and it doesn't help matters when studies and research on violent video games are often biased and split.

Supporters of Anti-Violent Video Games

The hostility demonstrated in some violent games that might have a harmful influence on children and teenagers is one of the key justifications used by anti-violence video game campaigners. Some experts have even suggested that "violent fantasy worlds of video games that they immerse themselves in may push impressionable youths to violence" (Kuo). As a result of this advice, an increasing number of parents are becoming apprehensive about letting their children play violent games, especially as violent games grow more mainstream and accessible throughout the world.
Because of the way violent video games encourage and reward risky actions like theft, kidnapping, and even murder, children develop desensitized to such acts and regard them as "no big deal." Because these youngsters are sensitive and young, the activities they see in these games begin to translate to the real world, leading them down a road of hostility (Teng, et al).

Supporters of Violent Video Games

Humans have always established rivalries, such as Democrats vs. Republicans, adults vs. children, pineapple on pizza vs. no pineapple on pizza, and anti-violence video game supporters vs. violent video game supporters, for as long as we have lived.
Supporters of violent video games feel people on the other side of the "rivalry" lack sufficient facts to back up their accusations. For example, research has repeatedly failed to find concrete evidence that violent video games cause violent behavior in real life, because "research for this pool of studies is generally weaker, that is to say, little evidence has emerged to link violent video games with violence-related outcomes" (Ferguson). Furthermore, "violent crime has fallen considerably, particularly among the young, since the early 1990s, while video games have gradually expanded in popularity and use" (Staff).
We would all see a significant spike in violent crimes if video games truly did lead individuals to become more aggressive and violent, especially given the ever-increasing popularity of violent games. The effect, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. While correlation does not imply causality, it is impossible to ignore the fact that, while the popularity of violent video games is on the rise, violent crime is on the down.


Everyone on both sides of this debate believes they are right and know the solution to this issue. Yes, violent video games can have a greater influence on children and adolescents, perhaps sparking hostility in them.
There are, however, no doubting the advantages it may provide, such as improved intellectual, social, and even physical abilities. There is nothing that can stop the global expansion and growth of video games at this moment. As a result, rather than mindlessly and vehemently advocating for one side of the argument, we should all step outside of our echo chambers and analyze both the positive and negative effects that these interactive games may have on our lives and actions.

This article was written by Elizabeth Carol with paper writing company Write Any Papers because I consider it an important topic of discussion through what I have a son and go about his psychological health. I want to discuss this topic with you and waiting for your comments.
All this "video games create degenerates" is bullshit. It's ALL about education, how parents raise the kid
I was playing GTA when I was 10. At the same age I was watching dark and violent movies. But my parents also did their parenting job. I always understood those weren't reality.
Bad parents hide behind video games to excuse their absence of education. Easier than to say "I'm shit at parenting and because of me my kid is a nutcase".
Armando Diaz's avatar Group Armando Diaz
6 monthsEdited
Thanks for the information. In fact, a lot of the games I've played are violent, and in general I've realized that it hasn't affected my psyche. I currently play online and gamble and I know how to control myself. I recently read a review of Bally Pokies on the site It is a global software company that operates 14 casinos in 10 states and has OSB licenses in 20 states. The software includes about 16,000 Bally stalls, and the company has about 10,000 employees.

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