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World Cup 2018 - Russia. Reactions?

Started on 2 December 2010 by ruipedro89
Latest Reply on 8 December 2010 by bl007
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Every person has right to change his/hers mind.
ruipedro89's avatar Group ruipedro89
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# Zonnegod : Huh? Why are those votes so inconsistent?
World Cup 2018
1st round: England, 2 votes; Netherlands/Belgium, 4; Spain/Portugal, 7; Russia, 9
2nd round: Netherlands/Belgium, 2 votes; Spain/Portugal, 7; Russia, 13

So 2 of the people that voted netherlands/belgium suddenly changed their mind and vote for Russia? Same thing happens at the 2022 bid:
1st round: Australia, 1 vote; Japan, 3; South Korea, 4; Qatar, 11; USA, 3
2nd round: Japan, 2 votes; South Korea, 5; Qatar, 10; USA, 5
3rd round: South Korea, 5 votes; Qatar, 11; USA, 6
4th round: Qatar, 14 votes; USA, 8

Suddenly one guy that voted Qatar in the 1st round decides to pick the US/korea instead.

Noticed that too Zonnegod, it seems rather inconsistent... In the end of the day it all comes down to who has deeper pockets. For some reason netherlands/belgium lost 2 votes to Russia and whoever voted for England ultimately voted Russia (supposing nobody changed their mind on the spain/portugal bid). We have to wish them good luck on hosting the world cup and wait till... Maybe 2026?!? The Qatar 2022 is a outrageous choice, can't figure out a honest and good reason besides the "development of local football" bullshit.
Sheik Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Thani said the heat issue was just prejudice. I don't call 45ºC temperatures a prejudice.
Shamful resultto all English people, In hindsight its not that bad. But I mean South Africa crime rate through the roof, Brazil crime rate throug the roof, only natral they go to russia where crime rate is through the roof. Quatar is rubbish choice, imo all about the money that one, they need air conditioned stadiums, and an open air stadium gets most atmostphere imo.
# elliott_1 : How they beat england with our bid and report i dont know, there is something corrupt in fifa in my opinion, nothing to do with football at all, money being back handed all over the place, and qatar? thats a joke, they have no 'stadia' whatsoever, yes its 12 years but still, football is nothing in the middle east, and playing in 45 degree heat, disgraceful. Rant over, but still rather angry.
completely agree, the Qatar decision especially is very very strange and I can't think of ANY reasons why you would want to see a world cup in Qatar, COME ON FIFA
+ Qatar qualify automaticly, I mean they will be so awful, even worse than North Korea in the rankings and ability right?
I have to ask what's wrong with Qatar? I mean FIFA made decision and deal with it I didn't want Qatar to win but I am ok with it because its the second time that World Cup will be played at Asian soil and it is first time that it will be played in Middle East.
Its not that Qatar as a country won it, well in fact it sort of is, the searing heat, only their due to joining forces with Russia, and I'd rather have it in Australlia tbh due to their good temprature, and fan following, and decent quality league. Qatar don't have a decent quality league as they are not even on FM!
Tbh I preferd USA or Australia but its not me that making the decision only FIFA.
Yes but thats why eveyone is up-in-armsabout it due, to the support for Qatar. Because of the dodgy dealings of the Fifa System. Which needs to be reformed tbh, or at least tell the bid countries what the criteria is.
# ruipedro89 : Maybe 2026?!?

the next one you can bid for is 2030, but i cant remember why its soo late but thats what i read on a few news sites.

i also think its a good thing that England didnt win, yes it means that you cant actually go to see the games without forking out a fortune but it means that (yes i am Scottish before anyone comments) the rest of Britain doesn't have to listen to the English fans claiming that it will be a repeat of 1966.

i do agree that Qatar is a bit of a weird choice but i can understand the reasoning (even if there was a lot of deep pocket filling by the Sheik, but tbh that's what every bid does, including England's so they can't take any kind of moral high ground.) because it will promote football in the middle east where it isn't as big and it will also help Qatar as a country as a whole.
What I am very suspicious about is how many votes Qatar got, they got way more than any other country.
bl007's avatar Group bl007
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As a South African I can't say that I was in favour of the World Cup.
Yeah you heard right.
We have far more pressing things which should have been considered than spending exorbitant amounts of money on stadiums for a few matches.
A case of the rich enriching themselves at the expense of those who really need it. However, if unlike SA, your country can afford to spend so much money, then congratulations is in order I suppose.
Image credit: Jack Fulham at FM-Base (well, actually it is the SA cartoonist Zapiro's)

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