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My Suggestions to FM2012

Feedback please!!
Started on 11 January 2011 by naff123
Latest Reply on 15 June 2011 by BenLFC88
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What I think would be interesting to see is a totally new team talk system. It could be like a private chat, but with the team. You can set an overall team talk, and comment on an individual's performance to them, and see how they take it. You can also ask them questions like 'are you alright with that knock you got earlier?'
i would like to see more skill moves from the players which will make it more interesting like ronaldo doesn't do any.
One More Input from me

Staff And Coaches E.t.c

This needs to be sorted out it drives me berserk, Signing Coaching staff with decent stats seems near enough impossible 9 out of 10 of time they are rediculously greedy and no matter how high you raise the wage budget they want more than you can give then just walk off no matter what!

Sort this out Please! its driving me mad!

Players + Work Permits

Can you make it a bit more realistic to sign players via work permit to suggest players from america cannot obtain work permits e.t.c is rediculous, I understand countries like Angola and colombia e.t.c but USA?

And also should be able to have the opportunity to tempt players to clubs via more methods i.e offer a car like you use to at Premier Manager 95
One thing I find ridicilus is the fact that you can only give one contract offter to free transfers, so if another club comes in later and offers a better deal, you can't renew your offer to presuade him, this is not only annoying but unrealistic as well! SI should be ashamed that this is a problem at all since it's the main part of signing free trasfers, FIGHTING for the signings you want, not just give an offer and hope for the best...
I think Sports Interactive should add a new feature that allows you to be the Chairman of a Club :)
The one-on-one issue for sure!

I know they got a patch for it in FM 2011 but nonetheless, it's really annoying!
# JordFM11 : I think Sports Interactive should add a new feature that allows you to be the Chairman of a Club :)

Definitely!! :)
It'd also be nice to be able to buy a club :p Like one of the lower league clubs you can afford
Not sure if it's already in the game (if it is then this is a waste of time) but if a long-serving member of a club leaves the club due to retirement (or because they're old and aren't good enough for your league so they move on)then there should be the option to retire their squad number.
Off the ball tactics screen- It would be a welcome addition imo if there was a simple screen for the position of players when you are not in possesion it's worked on in real life so maybe it could work on FM 2012.

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