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Activating a Nation

Started on 2 August 2011 by Tante
Latest Reply on 3 August 2011 by Evo
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How can I activate a nation so that I can manage its national squad. I also want regens be created in that country. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
I think you can manage any nation as long as you have loaded all the players from that nation when you first create the game.
What if the country is not in the options? For example, I want to manage the national squads of teams in Asia that are not in the starting options. I also want regens to come from those countries. In my recent saves, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc etc doesn't produce regens according to Genie Scout. And I can't apply to be the manager of those countries.

P.S. And is it possible to edit the quality of regens coming out of those countries. I noticed that nations such as Spain, Italy, England, etc, produce much better talent than other countries. Correctm me if I'm wrong. :D
I don't think that loading players from certain nation is tied to being able to manage that nation.
You should be able to manage any country regardless of what players you load at the start of the game, unless a nation isn't playable by default. There are a total of 51 playable nations on FM2011, you can have a look here.

And no, it's not possible to control the quality of regens coming out of certain countries.

Also, you might be seeing more regens coming from certain countries because I suppose these are the countries most of the players you loaded at the start of the game come from. So if you load to play Italian and English leagues, it should be reasonable to see regens mostly coming from those countries?
In my recent Ceuta save, Vicente del Bosque just retired from managing Spain. Then there comes an advertisement like "Spain is looking for a manager". There are also other advertisements like "Vietnam is looking for a manager". The difference is when I look at the squads, in Spain, there is a button that says "Apply for Job". But in Vietnam, there is no button like that.

P.S. The players in the national squad of Vietnam are greyed out.
Oh I'm sorry, it makes sense now. I just looked at the list you gave, and Vietnam isn't there. So I can't manage its national squad. Now my question is, can I make it playable? Use some editor or something like that?
You need to load the players from that nation not by selecting the league but by changing the database size when you create your game.

When picking the database you can load known players of any nationality and a bunch of other options.

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