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the online gaming setup network guide

Started on 15 March 2008 by sun_becali
Latest Reply on 1 April 2008 by sun_becali
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Thank You's lol you sed thats what you wanted
micah : Thank You's lol you sed thats what you wanted

thanks...youre the first who thanked me.i should be made fm online expert just like bole is tactics expert:cry:cry:cry
go on then
micah : go on then
not up to me
or is it.....=D
1.00GB of RAM that good for about 2 leagues?
_Man_u_barmy_army_ : or is it.....=D

its not.stam is the only one who can promote me.
_Man_u_barmy_army_ : 1.00GB of RAM that good for about 2 leagues?

its good.u can try to start the game and if u see that the game is not slow u can restart and add another league or a larger database or even both
k i'll try in the next couple of weeks
i have two i.p adresses
_Man_u_barmy_army_ : i have two i.p adresses

so do i :O_o

thats why you use hamachi :p
eh so how do i delete the one we arn't using
Ye i have two ips does it matter? and can i still play online?
with 2 ips u'll have to use hamachy.after you have finished installing hamachy you have to make a profile.(just write down a nick thats all).after this you have to make a virtual network.go to create network name and a network password(both required).after completing this you will have a nick and a ip on the virtual network(dont ask me just have).this is what you have to do as server.
as 'joiner' you have to make a profile as well but instead you have to go to join network and type in the network name and password provided by the that point you should be connected to the network and can start to play fm08(or any other game).at fm08 all you have to do as a server is to give your mates the ip provided by hamachi not your real connect to the server you have to put in 'join other server' the ip from hamachi and youre ready to go.just remember YOU HAVE TO START HAMACHI EVERY TIME YOU WANT TO PLAY ONLINE.that should be all.if u have any questions just post here.

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