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Not allowed to say 'No' !

Started on 17 August 2011 by chrisll381
Latest Reply on 17 August 2011 by Zonnegod
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Managing Stoke at the moment, 1st season, and Ryan Shawcross has been a rock at centre-back and our best player. Liverpool want to sign him and I reject the first few bids of £5m, hoping to claim at least £20m for him. A bid comes in at £14.75m and this was the first bid I thought about accepting but chose to decline. However, my chairman had different ideas and accepted for me, I wasn't allowed to say 'no'. Next time I check my inbow Shawcross has signed for Liverpool and there is nothing I can do. So, just wondering if similar things have happened to others and who I should buy as a replacement ?
It happens when you are a small club and a club comes with an offer your board thinks is good enough. A good replacement might be Scott Dann.
Yeah it happed to me a lot of times and you can't do anything about it. A ok replecment would be Inaki Asitz.
When your worried about a big club coming in to snap up your best players by tempting your chairman set a high asking price on them on the "set transfer status" screen, I do this for all of my players anyway - set their asking price to the lowest I'm willing to sell them for. For example you could have put an asking price of 20 million on Shawcross and no club will have made a bid lower than 20 mil.
first of all, yes it will always happen when you're doing well at a small club and secondly, how many times have you given that advice in the forums Evo ? :P
Thanks guys and whilst continuing to play Juventus are making the same noises around Robert Huth that Liverpool did around Ryan Shawcross. I've set the asking price at £19.25m so I can get some decent money. He is only worth £4.2m, have I set the asking price too high or is that too low ?
From my personal experience, you should be able to sell a player up to 3x times his value. Having said that, I doubt you will get an offer higher than 12.5M for him, but you never know :)
Get Raphael Varane, so outstanding in FM11 that Real decided to buy him IRL ;)

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