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Demands Money To Leave.

Started on 6 November 2011 by androl
Latest Reply on 11 November 2011 by bl007
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You know when your selling a player and then that dreaded announcement pops up in the news section. Well it wouldnt be as annoying if the shoe was on the other foot and you could get a player cheaper, but its not and it doesnt happen. For example I tried to sign Tevez and I could not afford his wages, the club wants him out, he wants out, so why could I not get the option to ask him to ask his current club to pay the remainder of his wage. This was the same in FM2011 and I fully exected them to change this, but they havent and further more why have they not, it makes no sense?
Totally agree with you Androl, there should definitely be an option where you say to the player that you simply cannot afford his wage demands but if he really wants to join your club he should speak to his current employers.

I've got to say that the whole locking down of particular elements of the contract offer is a great step forward but this really should have also been introduced in FM2012.
yeah this is a let down from FM2012, because it irritates me when you sell a player to another team and then the player gets intouch with you saying pay my wages til my contract ends and i will move..
its baffling really, Im sure 100% of FM players will agree that this should be introduced so why when they are developing the game have none of the makers / revieweres suggested it?
i remember in early days of the FM series. when you moaned about a certain detail like this they would make sure they fix it for the next version.

but since FM got popular with glory hunters and such, they only care about the money. you can see that by them making steam only version. luckily the game is still playable. and also for the football lovers like me we dont have any other realistic football game to play so we are addicted to FM.
Totally agree with the OP, cooperative payment of wages should be a definite addition to the FM engine. How to implement it, though? Probably the salary percentage should be negotiated with the transfer fee, since that involves dealing with the club board AI, rather than during contract negotiations since that involves dealing with the player/agent. Even if it implied a bit higher initial transfer fee for a percentage of the wage, it could be a very useful resource.
I've never used the "ask board to negotiate transfer" option but perhaps that could could lead to a club paying percentage of wages. Anybody know?
I doubt it that is your board negotiating with them over the price isnt it?

I dont know if the board deals with the wages aswell.

I would have got Tevez in if it wasnt for this rule he is desperate for an exit but wants MORE than the £180k he is getting now despite him being in woeful morale, no-one has signed him and i have signed my EU quota (im in serie A) so Tevez will rot there until Jan and hopefully i can agree an end of season deal then if i have the funds however that will mean that he wouldnt have played 1st team for a whole season its bound to have a detrimental effect on him. Might not even be worth signing by then if hes even available.

Im tempted to start a season with Citeh and try and get him playing, surely if Mancini is gone he will be happier!
I wondered this myself. We should also be able to have this as an option.
My brother is doing a season with Man City and Tevez had a good season for him in his 1st one, not how he is doing 2nd season though I know he had work permit issues but got round it by offering Tevez a new contract.
Tevez is an absolute monster.
Signed him for NUFC for 11.75 MILLION pounds.
Wages 100Kpw. Couldn't get him to forego highest earner clause though, but still I manage to sign him. :)
9 appearance, 12 goals in all competitions, 4 assists :)

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