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From zero to hero

The Tale of James Deggen
Started on 22 February 2012 by CufcBanksie
Latest Reply on 24 February 2012 by CufcBanksie
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From zero to hero

James Deggen

James has always dreamed of lifting the Champions league trophy above his head, and his dream is now unfolding in his hands.

Hello everyone!

For my first manager story I have decided to take up a monumental task... To win the Champions league. Even harder because I will be starting unemployed, Sunday league experience and I have never been able to pass the 4th season mark.

I shall update the story once a club has been found.

P.S All comments welcomed, but try to be nice.
Wanting to get into the action as fast as possible I applied to every managerial available knowing that catching a good club would be impossible.

6 clubs all from the same league in Holland offered contracts, being amateur clubs I would not get paid or have a budget at all.

But do not fear James Deggen has it covered, he stuck in school and got his G.C.S.E's so finding other work would be less of a hassle. After deep and considerate thought consisting of 2 minuets Deggen chose Capelle, only because they have the highest league position.

Drama, deceit and lies... Nothing is ever perfect. The entire club staffing is James and the chairman, first job get some staff in pronto!

I shall now hunt down an assistant, physio and coach.
With hiring the staff I required finished, which was much easier than I anticipated I roped in a half decent scout, with that in mind I moved to the team and was rather surprised. With the club being at amateur status some of the players were quite talented. Their was two stand out players that caught my eye, but both wanted by other clubs so I sprang into action and new contracts was the agenda... Both players placed their print within days.

After a deeper look in the squad the impression the the team being a more technically gifted team than you would expect, still all teams have flaws... The complete lack of and physical presence. This had to change, with this I hit an absolute God send! A player other teams in the league would dream of finding, not only that the cherry on the top was he wanted to play for the club and I had his John Hancock, I must say this cherry was on a large scale(probably bigger than the moon).

Now the league starts soon so I will update after few games in.
A quick message saying that I did not realise there was another Manager Story called From zero to hero, so I do apologise and say I did not copy the title (not that I have had any complaints, just wanted to clear the air).
Well 6 games in and things are not going to plan. Well if the plan was to get 1 point wile being torn apart by 5 other teams, then we would be on track.

After the game with the point a lone journalist was creeping around the stadium, he caught the then of a heated discussion between the chairmen and James that ending with "you have 3 games to turn this around". After publishing in an local news paper the club has not issued a response or even denied it.

My next update will be when something interesting happens.
Bad news... The save file has gone corrupt, and I did not crate a back up file. From this post on the story will be over, yes a sad day for us all. But a light from the end of the tunnel, I will be starting a new story so hopefully I shall see you there!

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