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Who is the best Striker in FM 2012

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craborumtoon's avatar Group craborumtoon 2012-08-07 19:09
gb 323 posts 10 likes joined May 23, 2012

Who is the best striker in FM 2012

Just out of intrest, who do you guys think is the best striker in the game. Please don't say messi. I think its cavani but what do you guys think.
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RzLegend's avatar Group RzLegend 2012-08-08 11:46
id 126 posts 4 likes joined Mar 10, 2012
yea Cavani is the best striker , Messi isn't better for me than Cavani , in FM of course
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victoras15's avatar Group victoras15 2012-08-08 12:08
ro 115 posts 7 likes joined Oct 23, 2010
if we don't take into account leo messi , i think cavani is the best striker. also jovetic is great , abel hernandez from palermo , aguero , huntelaar is only who have 20 at finishing.
Man UtD_777's avatar Group Man UtD_777 2012-08-08 13:00
00 61 posts 3 likes joined Aug 07, 2012
I really see Chicharito is a amazing striker.. With my last Manutd game I had Chicharito as a striker and Rooney as a AM.. Cavani as a RW .. worked so well.. but backfired when a CM gets a red card
Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas 2012-08-08 13:47
gb 574 posts 63 likes joined Nov 01, 2011
Chicharito, Cavani, Huntelaar and Mbaye niang when older :P
craborumtoon's avatar Group craborumtoon 2012-08-08 20:43
gb 323 posts 10 likes joined May 23, 2012
Yeah, I definitely think its cavani and you seem agree. If you think someone is better please say. Del Pierro has ridiculous stats?
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blue is the colour's avatar Group blue is the colour 2012-08-08 20:48
gb 100 posts 12 likes joined Apr 10, 2012
Cavani is definatley the best striker
shaneo insaneo's avatar Group shaneo insaneo 2012-08-08 21:40
00 323 posts 20 likes joined May 09, 2012
Huntelaar and van nistelrooy are the best striker on the game based on stats
Tom_BcFC's avatar Group Tom_BcFC 2012-08-08 22:06
gb 388 posts 11 likes joined Apr 03, 2009
Jelle Vossen potential wise - IF you get the best out of him
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nickjurgutis's avatar Group nickjurgutis 2012-08-08 22:06
us 16 posts joined Mar 21, 2012
Definitely Cavani and maybe Aguero...
mwichmann's avatar Group mwichmann 2012-08-08 22:23
00 222 posts 17 likes joined Mar 02, 2012
I'm going to insist "best" is a matter of context. The best for a single-forward formation may not be best for one played with two, or with three attackers, and there may be other variation depending on playing style and supporting cast. Is best most goals? I've just had a striker with good, but not spectacular scoring numbers, 28 goals in 39 appearances - but also 26 assists, a team record and in combination good enough to count as a superb season, the first half of which was already rewarded with a spot on the world team of the year, something which will likely happen for the year including the second half as well (this player is not an answer to the above question as he's a regen, just an illustration).
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ODanadinho's avatar Group ODanadinho 2012-08-09 02:19
br 4 posts joined Aug 09, 2012
Carlos Fierro's Chivas, young, cheap .. need to be a little careful with it at first, but worth it, after two seasons he already takes account of the attack.
andrew98's avatar Group andrew98 2012-08-09 02:46
pe 253 posts 23 likes joined Jul 30, 2012
Heskey and Tello
craborumtoon's avatar Group craborumtoon 2012-08-09 05:42
gb 323 posts 10 likes joined May 23, 2012
#62228 andrew98 : Heskey and Tello
lol :P How can we forget HESKEY buds!
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scottchristie9's avatar Group scottchristie9 2012-08-09 21:41
00 12 posts 1 likes joined Jun 03, 2012
Doumbia is the best striker in the game play him off Adebayor with tottenham you will be unstopable with target man and a poacher with adebayor being target and doumbia being poacher :D

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