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Marco Materazzi's U.S. Lecce Revolution

Started on 28 November 2012 by afhp89
Latest Reply on 22 January 2013 by guarino85
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Breaking News: U.S. Lecce relegated to Lega Pro following guilty verdict in Scommessopoli scandal.

Lecce have been found guilty of match fixing in the Scommessopoli scandal by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and have consequently been relegated two divisions to the Lega Pro.

Their fate comes as a huge relief for Venetian side Vicenza, who despite losing a Serie B relegation play-off battle against Empoli last year, have now been re-instated to the division.

Carlo Tavecchio, president of Serie D and vice president of the FIGC, made the statement: "Vicenza [will play in] in Serie B, Lecce in the First Division [Lega Pro]."

The summit was also attended by the federal president Giancarlo Abete, Andrea Abodi and chief executive of Lega Pro, Mario Macalli.

The latter, after the meeting, said: "Lecce will play in Group A. Serie B will begin as normal tomorrow."

Grosseto were also initially relegated alongside Lecce but the Court of Justice absolved them from their initial punishment and re-instated them to Serie B.

The club's official statement read, "Grosseto and Piero Camilli, after acquittal by the Federal Court, thanks all those who have given proof of affection and participation to the Company and its President. "

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8 yearsEdited

Local boy, Marco Materazzi, appointed manager of U.S. Lecce on the back of Scommessopoli demotion to Lega Pro

The U.S. Lecce board have today confirmed the appointment of Marco Materazzi Piero di Canzo as the new boss at Via del Mare.

The 38 years-old Materazzi who hails from Lecce, have just retired from professional football with 41 caps and 2 goals to his name. The former Internazionale defender, is a World Cup winner with Italy and is well known for his controversial nature with the 2006 World Cup final head-butt by Zinedine Zidane being the highlight.

Materazzi will be tasked to win a straight promotion into Italian Serie B and probably the Serie A in the near future following the club's two divisions relegation last year. It is interesting to see how Materazzi will adapt to his first role as manager and the Lecce board is certainly hoping that he'll settle in quickly.

This will be interesting, especially if it's the 'guy lucky enough to be head-butted by Zidane'.

Will be following :)
2012-11-28 20:00#69584 Glenn T : This will be interesting, especially if it's the 'guy lucky enough to be head-butted by Zidane'.

Will be following :)

Crap, It's the other way round... I totally forgot and wrote "the head-butt on Zidane". Editing needed :P

Personal Message from Savino Tesoro

Savino Tesoro: Buongiorno Marco! It's good to have you back at this club. How are u doing?

Marco Materazzi: Buongiorno Savino! I'm good. Well, lets cut it to the chase now. How much money are you willing to let me spend on the transfer window?

Savino Tesoro: Calm down Marco. Its been a while since you were at this club. First, let me show you around.

Marco Materazzi: Alright Savino. But you better give me some good news later yeah?

Savino Tesoro: Good. Come here Marco.

Savino Tesoro: This is Stadio Via del Mare. Our home ground. With 33,876 all-seater capacity, this is one of the biggest stadium in 1st Divisione Girone A. We don't own the stadium however Marco. It is rented at €202k per year. Other facilities at this club includes:

-Good training facilities
-Adequate youth facilities
-Fairly basic corporate facilities
-Adequate junior coaching
-Above average youth recruitment

Now let me show you the club's kit.

Lecce Home Kit

Lecce Away Kit

Lecce Alternative Kit

Go ahead Marco, you can have all three.

Marco Materazzi: Thanks for the kits Savino. But, oh God... Don't you think I've known all those you were telling me? I am not an ignorant Savino. Now lets talk about what that actually matter.

Savino Tesoro: I love that you are all passionate and enthusiastic Marco. Okay, I am expecting nothing less than the league title and the promotion for this season. To help you with that, I am willing to shell out €499k for transfers. In terms of wages, you have €98,347 wage budget while the club is currently spending €119,862 on wages. Figure out a way to trim our wage budget Marco, that is your first challenge.

Marco Materazzi: Savino you prick. It is only my first day in the office and you're already caused me all these trouble.

Savino Tesoro: Marco, I am your paymaster and you are here to do what that I asked you to do. So get on with it.

Marco Materazzi: Fair enough Savino. But you're still a prick! Ciao!

Savino Tesoro: (Laugh) Ciao!

Squad report by Assistant Manager, Giacomo Chini

Giacomo Chini: Buongiorno boss!

Marco Materazzi: Buongiorno Giacomo! What's up with all the formality? Just go ahead and call me Marco would you?

Giacomo Chini: Alright then Marco. I've compiled the squad analysis since it's your first day here. Would you like to hear me out?

Marco Materazzi: I see. That seems great. Go on then.

Giacomo Chini: Alright Marco. First of all, I bet you've noticed that most of our players are on high wages. This is due to our 2 divisions demotion, hence, most of the retained players are on their old Serie A wages. You've got quite a lot of work to do here Marco.

Marco Materazzi: Yeah Giacomo. Now tell me who our best players are?

Giacomo Chini: Hmm, I can single out 4 names for you Marco. The four players are...

Javier Chevanton
The undisputed star of the team. He can walk into most of the lower ranked team in Seria A as well. He is our highest earner thou, so you might want to think about keeping him.

The Brazilian, along with Chevanton make up for a strong strike force in our team. But again, bot of them are high earners. So I am suggesting that you offload one of them.

Guillermo Giacomazzi
Our midfield general. He's on the wrong side of 30, but he can still do a lot of good for us.

Mariano Bogliacino
Our best attacking midfielder. One of the high earners as well.

As you can see Marco, all of those players are high-earners. You might want to consider the future of some of them. Or you might want to keep them all and offload the others at the cost of the squad depth however. Ultimately, it's your call mate.

Marco Materazzi: Thanks Giacomo. How about our youngsters? Don't we have any good youngsters?

Giacomo Chini: Unfortunately Marco, I can't think of any.

Marco Materazzi: Crap, I've got myself some work cut out for me. Later then Giacomo. Ciao!

Giacomo Chini: Alright Marco. All the best. Ciao!

Marco Materazzi talks tactics

(During a team meeting) Marco Materazzi: Alright lads, we are going to win the league this season and that is a must! To do so, I've designed two systems that you have to work hard on adapting and implementing during this pre-season. If you do it right, there is no question that in the end of the season, we'll triumph!

First off, the Attacking 3-5-2

This is a short passing possession based formation. We are going to use this in a match that we expect to win or while chasing goals. Don't be mistaken by its defensive layout! This is a very attacking formation. You lot will have to press the opponent high up the pitch to win the ball ASAP! Keep the ball as long as you can with short passing and sharp movement. Try to get the ball to our Trequartista whenever you can. Most of the creative plays go through him. The wing-backs must fulfill both attacking and defensive responsibilities. Provide width for the team and trust me, if the two wing-backs fullfil their roles, this formation will surely work!

Pretty similar with the previous formation, this is the counter attacking version of 3-5-2. Will be mostly used in away matches or against teams of higher reputation, the trequartista will drop into the regista position, directing plays from deep. Some players are allowed to play more direct passes but other than that, it's pretty much similar to its attacking version.

Now lets head to the training pitch and work your arse off!!!

Marco Materazzi stamp his mark on U.S. Lecce

On what was a very busy transfer window, U.S Lecce's new boss, Marco Materazzi Piero di Canzo, have sanctioned 12 deals so far. With 8 signings already made and 4 departures away from the club, this is almost a totally different Lecce side to the one that we are used to in the previous seasons.

It is understood that the deals that are made is due to the squad's wage bill that is excessive and most of the players sold are high earners while the players signed came with a reasonable wage package.

In and Outs:

Key Signings:

Giuseppe Mascara (Free Transfer)

Former Catania and Napoli man, Mascara is a huge coup considering his talent and the team's need of a creative attacking midfielder. Will be mainly used in the trequartista role.

Asier del Horno (Free Transfer)

The former Chelsea and Valencia left back is a player of Serie A quality. He is prone to injury which represents a gamble considering his pretty high wage. If fit thou, he represents a massive upgrade to U.S. Lecce left flank.

Rolando Zarate (Free Transfer)

The older brother of Mauro Zarate, Rolando will partner Chevanton in his team's quest for goals.

Mahamet Diagouraga (Free Transfer)

28 years old Diagouraga came in with during the peak of his career at a very low wage as well.

Eric Addo (Free Transfer)

Veteran defender, can play in defense or in midfield.

Alessio Romagnoli (On loan from A.S. Roma)

The A.S. Roma starlet will look to push for a first team place but will mainly start as a backup in the U.S. Lecce side.

Mozart (Free Transfer)

Brazilian playmaker will provide back up to U.S. Lecce first choice midfielders.
Nice transfers! Lecce is a nice choice, good luck afhp! :)
2012-11-29 03:39#69697 Atreidas : Nice transfers! Lecce is a nice choice, good luck afhp! :)

Thanks Atreidas :) And did some tweaking on the 3-5-2. Worked well so far in friendlies.
afhp89's avatar Group afhp89
8 yearsEdited

Pre-season Friendly: U.S. Lecce vs Internazionale

It's Marco Materazzi's debut as a manager and what a way to kick off his new career, against the club that he served for 10 years with 209 appearances scoring 18 goals.

(During teamtalk) Marco Materazzi: Come on lads, show me what you can do! Internazionale used to be a great team, but now that I am gone, they're just some over rated chaps playing for an over rated team. Now go kick some big fat arse would you?!

U.S. Lecce lined up in an odd looking 3-5-2 formation, while Internazionale lined up in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Final Result:
U.S. Lecce - 4 (Javier Chevanton 19,45, Rolando Zarate 56,74)
Internazionale - 2 (Antonio Cassano 8, Diego Milito 17)

(During teamtalk) Marco Materazzi: What a performance lads! I was only joking when I said that they are just a bunch of over rated chaps but you took that in and played with confidence! That is what you can do when you believe and I expect that in every matches. Well done!

YEA BABY!!! 4-2 over Inter. I love your story now :)
2012-11-29 05:20#69727 or.dabool : YEA BABY!!! 4-2 over Inter. I love your story now :)

yeah! proper beating that. I doubt you'll ever love Mr Marco here thou :P

U.S. Lecce announced the signing of Federico Laurito

U.S Lecce have wrapped up the signing of free agent, Federico Laurito. The 22 years-old former Udinese striker put pen to paper on a 5 year deal.

Laurito is U.S. Lecce's 9th signing since the appointment of controversial World Cup 2006 winner, Marco Materazzi, as their new manager. When asked about the deal, Marco Materazzi added "Federico Laurito will add some youth to what was an aging Lecce's front line. I believe if he perform the way I know he could, we are in for some goals!".

Great win against Inter! Your going to destroy the league this season. Good luck.

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