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[FM13] C.D. Constància: Trading places

C.D. Constància A FM13 LLM dynasty
Started on 28 November 2012 by Northwood
Latest Reply on 10 December 2013 by Northwood
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Louis O. :


I got a YAAAAAAY! from Louis O :)

k1rups : Celebration bells should be ringing all around Spain! What an effort! Congrats on a well deserved promotion! Now it is time to conquer Liga BBVA :P

Not sure they even noticed in Barcelona and Madrid. But I am sure the team in Palma saw the news.

Let’s try to stay alive in the LIGA BBVA before doing any conquering.
Get in there! Well deserved.
2013-05-11 18:44#99834 PaukerJ : BBVA BITCHES!

Northwood's avatar Group Northwood
8 yearsEdited


If there were no excitement left in the LIGA adelante there were plenty in the other football leagues around the world.

This might be the perfect time to give a recap of what have happened around the football world the last seven years.

In England it was finally time for a new team to win the EPL.
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. won the league for the first time since 1961 and for the third time in club history. It was also the first time since Blackburn won back in 1995 that a club beside the two Manchester teams, Chelsea or Arsenal took home the trophy. With Sergi Samper and Gareth Bale in the midfield and Gylfi Sigurosson up front the team only lost six games all season and won with a solid five points down to Man Utd.

EPL Past winners:
2018/19: 1st Tottenham, 2nd Man Utd, 3rd Chelsea
2017/18: 1st Chelsea, 2nd Man Utd, 3rd Arsenal
2016/17: 1st Man Utd, 2nd Arsenal, 3rd Chelsea
2015/16: 1st Man Utd, 2nd Chelsea, 3rd Man City
2014/15: 1st Chelsea, 2nd Man City, 3rd Man Utd
2013/14: 1st Man City, 2nd Chelsea, 3rd Man Utd
2012/13: 1st Man City, 2nd Arsenal, 3rd Man Utd

In Spain it was a three-way battle between F.C. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia. It came down to the last games of the season and when both Madrid and Valencia stumbled, Barcelona could run away with the trophy once again one point in front of Valencia and two before Real Madrid.

LIGA BBVA Past winners:
2018/19: 1st Barcelona, 2nd Valencia, 3rd Real Madrid
2017/18: 1st Real Madrid, 2nd Barcelona, 3rd Valencia
2016/17: 1st Barcelona, 2nd Real Madrid, 3rd Betis
2015/16: 1st Barcelona, 2nd Real Madrid, 3rd At Madrid
2014/15: 1st Real Madrid, 2nd Barcelona, 3rd Sevilla
2013/14: 1st Barcelona, 2nd Real Madrid, 3rd Valencia
2012/13: 1st Real Madrid, 2nd Barcelona, 3rd Malaga

After seven straight years with Juventus dominance the streak was finally broken when AS Roma took home the 2018/19 title. It was the fourth title for the team from the Italian capital but the first since 2001. The man behind the success was mostly midfielder Andrea Bertolacci who had a monster year.

TIM Serie A Past winners:
2018/19: 1st Roma, 2nd Juventus, 3rd Udinese
2017/18: 1st Juventus, 2nd Napoli, 3rd Roma
2016/17: 1st Juventus, 2nd A.C. Milan, 3rd Udinese
2015/16: 1st Juventus, 2nd Roma, 3rd Atalanta
2014/15: 1st Juventus, 2nd Roma, 3rd Genoa
2013/14: 1st Juventus, 2nd A.C. Milan, 3rd Napoli
2012/13: 1st Juventus, 2nd Napoli, 3rd Roma

In France, Carlo Ancelotti this year guided his Paris SG to an eleven points win. On the field its Mario Götze still running the show. He has since he arrived from Dortmund in 2015 for €39M been one of the best players in the world and has helped Paris SG win the league every year.

Ligue 1 Past winners:
2018/19: 1st Paris SG, 2nd O Lyonnais, 3rd AS Monaco
2017/18: 1st Paris SG, 2nd AS Monaco, 3rd AS Saint-Etienne
2016/17: 1st Paris SG, 2nd O Lyonnais, 3rd Dijon FCO
2015/16: 1st Paris SG, 2nd O Lyonnais, 3rd O Marseille
2014/15: 1st O Marseille, 2nd Paris SG, 3rd O Lyonnais
2013/14: 1st O Marseille, 2nd LOSC, 3rd Paris SG
2012/13: 1st O Lyonnais, 2nd Paris SG, 3rd O Marseille

In Denmark the suspense was not in the top of the league but in the bottom. Once so proud Brøndby I.F. found themselves last in the league with just two games to go. Two horrible losses saw the team finishing last in the league and relegated.

SuperLiga Past winners:
2018/19: 1st AaB, 2nd FC København, 3rd Esbjerg fB
2017/18: 1st AaB, 2nd Esbjerg fB, 3rd OB
2016/17: 1st FC København, 2nd VB Kolding, 3rd OB
2015/16: 1st FC København, 2nd OB, 3rd Esbjerg fB
2014/15: 1st FC København, 2nd AaB, 3rd OB
2013/14: 1st FC København, 2nd FC Nordsjælland, 3rd Esbjerg fB
2012/13: 1st FC Midtjylland, 2nd FC København, 3rd OB

In the Champions League there were also surprises to be found this year. Arsenal and Schalke 04 was not the favorites to end up in the final before the season started. But here they were the last two teams standing after knocking off favorites Man City and Barcelona in the semifinals.

Champions League Past winners:
2018/19: 1st Arsenal, 2nd Schalke 04
2017/18: 1st Manchester Utd, 2nd FC Barcelona
2016/17: 1st Manchester City, 2nd Juventus
2015/16: 1st Manchester Utd, 2nd Paris S.G.
2014/15: 1st AC Milan, 2nd Galatasaray
2013/14: 1st Juventus, 2nd Manchester City
2012/13: 1st FC Barcelona, 2nd Manchester Utd
Arsenal won a trophy? :O
Northwood's avatar Group Northwood
8 yearsEdited
Louis O. : Arsenal won a trophy? :O

It’s clear that the save has been corrupted at some point. They even won a Europa League in 2017/2018 and an FA Cup in both 2014 and 2016.

Totally unrealistic. I better start over from scratch.
2013-05-12 18:43#100332 Northwood :
Louis O. : Arsenal won a trophy? :O

It’s clear that the save has been corrupted at some point. They even won a Europa League in 2017/2018 and an FA Cup in both 2014 and 2016.

Totally unrealistic. I better start over scratch.

Please don't
Nice update mate. Interesting to see how the other leagues are going as well and there are a few surprises there, especially with Arsenal :p but nice work on this post

When it was all set and done in the end of June 2019 it was clear that Celta de Vigo S.A.D. and Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña would join us in the LIGA BBVA in the upcomming season.
Sad news from real life.

Looks like C.D. Constància only managed a 0-0 draw at home on Sunday against CD Binissalem.

That leaves them with 41 points and just one game left to play and therefor unable to move above the relegation line.

C.D. Constància is relegated down to the 4th level of Spanish football and will not be included in next year’s FM14. :(
DAMN IT. Well at least you will be in Liga BBVA next year. Also, look what I made:

A CD Constáncia kit!
Louis O. : DAMN IT. Well at least you will be in Liga BBVA next year. Also, look what I made:

A CD Constáncia kit!

That is absolutely brilliant.
Thanks a million.
Winning the LIGA adelante did not make us wealthy overnight. The price money for winning the league was “only” €683K. But a lot more money was waiting ahead of us in the LIGA BBVA.

First order of business when the season was finally over was to sit down with the board and take a first look at my new budget. The wage budget would more than double from €45K p/w all the way up to €115K p/w. That was a huge jump for a team like C.D. Constància but still way behind the teams we were going to fight against in the year to come.

F.C. Barcelona midfielder Alexis Sánchez made €115K every week and they had an entire team (12 players) making more than him on a weekly basis. Luckily there were a lot of other teams in the league with salary budgets also not close to Barcelona's but we were still a long way behind the rest of the league.

Since I took over as C.D. Constància manager seven years earlier I had used a total of €317K to buy new players. Now I suddenly had a transfer budget of €8.14M.

That didn’t stop me form trying to make some good deals. We picked up veteran DMC Aitor Monroy on a free transfer from Las Palmas. His routine would be much needed in the midfield helping players like David Karg and Sergi Campoy deal with the tempo in the BBVA.

We also managed to sign a young German player named Edi Curri. Just before we signed him he had just been named in the U19 Euro Championship dream team. That didn’t stop FC Bayern Münich from releasing him and we didn’t waist any time getting his signature. He was only 19 years old and still had some developing to do but he still looked like a possible replacement for Alvarez on the AML.

We did spend some of the transfer money. Most of them on help in the defends (DC Bonilla, GK Moya and DC Eladio).

We also used 525K on Àlvaro Antonio Pèrez from Sabadell. The AMR finished the previous season with an 7.77 AvR in the second best division and he hoped he could copy it this year in the BBVA.

Pulling the trigger on the Cédric Pochat deal was scary. I had never spent that kind of money before and wanted to get it right. The 22-year old Frenchman had three consecutive seasons for GF38 with and AvR over 7.00. He was a natural playmaker and the plan was to have the ball go thru him at the AMC.
Jesus. £8m with CD Constáncia. And I see you got rid of our old friend enemy Mr.Alvarez ;)

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