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[FM13] C.D. Constància: Trading places

C.D. Constància A FM13 LLM dynasty
Started on 28 November 2012 by Northwood
Latest Reply on 10 December 2013 by Northwood
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a_esbech : I've only just caught up with this story, how I could forget it I have no idea!
I can't see what position you're in after you dreadful start of the year, or am I missing something?
Glad to have you back. I did not take a lot of screenshots of the standing during the season.
The top two teams ran away from the pack early, but the teams from 3rd to 10th were all pretty equal and even with the horrible start to 2018 we never dropped out of the top-10.

PaukerJ : Great stuff mate. I think that you might get back on the Liga BBVA fir C.D. Constancia!
Thanks. I would be pretty cool to take this team and some of the players from the first season all the way to the best league.
Nice updates, if you updated more I think you could win April SotM!
LJO200 : Nice updates, if you updated more I think you could win April SotM!

Thanks a lot LJO200. That is very high praise.

It took some time getting back from the holiday-break. Unfortunately I play slow so I will never be able to keep up with the top posters on this side.

I will have to try for quality over quantity

As many others I really enjoyed the start to the “Welcome to the Future!” story by Jason.
I loved the post telling the complete Juventus-story about the last six seasons in about 1000 words.

I now got 6-7 years of history in this story and would love to do a few of these write-ups for teams readers might be interested in.

Any teams you would like to see?
would love to see how the Belgian national team is doing.
Also what RSC Anderlecht is doing.
And how the Belgian Jupiler league is doing?
Caelis : would love to see how the Belgian national team is doing.
Also what RSC Anderlecht is doing.
And how the Belgian Jupiler league is doing?

My bad Caelis.

I should have mentioned that I play with the following leagues loaded:


But because you asked I will try to make a write-up about the national team and whatever the Belgian teams have managed in the Champions League / Europa League-
Thanks would be nice to find out if that golden Belgium generation got somewhere or not
And would also be nice if the belgium teams (clubs) and competion got any rank up the ladder (of the standings)
This story is becoming epic! :)
Becoming? It is already epic!
2013-04-09 23:08#91184 PaukerJ : Becoming? It is already epic!

Just wait. ;)

Should i stay or should i go?

With ten games to go we needed a hot-streak. We had dropped all the way to eight place in the standing but still just two points out of the playoff in a very tight race for the finish line. We had played some of the lower ranked team in the division and came away with some decent results even if we had to bank on goals from midfielders and defenders with Teodoro Bañares still recovering from injury.

In my six years in Mallorca I had felt like living in a vacuum. Nobody outside Inca cared what we were doing. We hardly had any journalists at our games as they were all busy covering R.C.D Mallorca down the road in Palma. No teams was knocking down the door to sign our players and inn all the time I had spent in Mallorca nobody had ever shown the slightest interest to sign me away from C.D. Constància.

That changed in when Notts County Football Club chairman Jim Rodwell came knocking on my door. There manager Jim Paterson had quit his job and moved on to bigger and better things with Peterborough United.
Now Notts Co who was having a good year situated in the top of the npower League 1 was looking for a new manager and in some strange way my name had ended up on their shortlist of possible candidates.

It was not a difficult choice.

I had the choice between moving my entire family to rainy Nottingham and live with the daily pressure from press, fans and management to run an English npower League 1 team.

Or I could stay in sunny Mallorca with a team where I had hundred percent control and nobody expected anything and was happy with every improvement I made.

I decided to stay in Mallorca.

Teodoro Bañares was back in scoring form and the optimist would notice that we had only lost two of the last seven game. I of cause were staying awake at night because we had only won two of the last seven games.

We had to play Villareal on the road the week after they had secured there promotion to the top division. We came away with that game with a draw and with five game to go the difference between us and a place in the playoffs was down to just one single point but with three of the five remaining games being road games and the two of the games against Top-6 teams it looked questionable.

With our promotion hopes slipping through my fingers like a fist full of sand I could at least take joy in that other was also struggling. Our local rivals At. Baleares also from Mallorca was fighting to stay alive in the bottom of the LIGA adelante.

But perhaps more important was that the evil empire (aka R.C.D Mallorca) was also in trouble. They had secured another season in the top division but that was not enough to save their manager Antonio Fernandez who was sacked after the season.

It was also a bad year for F.C Barcelona. The team that beat us bad in the Spanish Cup failed to win a single trophy this season. Both the Spanish title and Cup went to their bitter rivals Real Madrid. What hurt perhaps even more was a devastating and embarrassing 0-5 defeat in the Champions League final to Man U.

Next: Belgium – the lost opportunity generation.
It already hurts to see the the title 'the lost oppurtinity generation"
I"d like to see AFC Wimbledon (if you have leagues that low down) and how Polish teams are doing in Europe. Thanks, and keep up the good great work!
Caelis : It already hurts to see the title 'the lost oppurtinity generation"
They are good but not great.

It took a bit longer than expected to do a write-up about a country. There is so much to write about. National team, U19 and U21 teams, key players, transfers, records, domestic teams.

LJO200 : I"d like to see AFC Wimbledon (if you have leagues that low down) and how Polish teams are doing in Europe. Thanks, and keep up the good great work!

They will be next on my list.
Northwood's avatar Group Northwood
8 yearsEdited

AFC Wimbledon

In a quick detour from the C.D. Constància story we take a look at AFC Wimbledon and what they have accomplished the last 7-8 years.
I’m still working on the Belgium story. Just need to get a few more details inn before I am ready to post that.

2012 - 2013
The story starts back in 2012 when AFC Wimbledon find themselves in the npower League 2. The start of the 2012-13 season was horrible for the team that failed to win a game in there first sixteen attempts. They got there first win of the season in the start of October when they recorded a 1-0 win on the road after a goal by journeyman Jack Midson. Midson finished the season as the teams topscorer with 16 goals.

That was the start of a good period for the Wombles as they picked up five wins and two draws in the next ten games. In this stretch they also won two games in a row the only time all season.

In the second half of the season the team picked up points on a regular basis. It was not enough to save the job for manager Peter Reid who was sacked in Mars and replaced by Roy McFarland

They lost the last three games but luckily for them that turned out to be inconsequential as the two teams behind them (Torquay and Barnet) never managed to catch them.

AFC Wimbledon finished the season in 22nd place just four points clear of relegation.

2013 - 2014
With a new manager in control the new season went a lot better.
Jack Midson was hot in front of goal and scored a career high 25 goals. The team did run in to a dry-spot in the middle of the season, loosing six games in a row but after Christmas the team only lost five games and made the playoffs in the seventh and final spot. A draw at home against Plymouth and a 0-1 win on the road on a Midson goal propelled the team to Wembley and a game against Oxford for promotion.
Midson of cause scored again but Oxford scored three and won promotion together with Chesterfield, Gillingham and division winners Portsmouth.
At the end of the season manager Roy McFarland decided to retire.

2014 - 2015
Former player Danny Coles takes over the team for the new season and gets off to a horrible start loosing the first six games of the season. The new manger changed from a regular 4-4-2 formation to a new fancy 4-1-2-2-1 formation and it’s just not working. Before the season even starts the Dons is out of all the cup tournaments and only have to league to concentrate about.

And then it starts to click.

The hero was Karl Hemmings who was bought from the Rangers for €12K. He scored the only goal in the final game of the season against Rochdale. That took the team to 74 points for the season and a 3rd place that guarantied promotion.

AFC Wimbledon was surprisingly ready for the npower League 1.

2015 - 2016
It was brutal. Nine wins and 35 goals was all the team managed for the entire season. Jack Midson was sold and the team’s top scorer was the hero from last year Karl Hemmings. He scored a total of six goals all season.
Another team relegated down to the npower League 2 was MK Dons.

The day the relegation was a reality AFC Wimbledon sacked manager Danny Coles. He later went on to manage Bristol Rovers and Hartlepool.

2016 - 2017
The new manager was Paul McKenna. He brought inn sixteen new players and sold the teams best overall player over the last few seasons Callum McNaughton. AFC Wimbledon got €1.1M for McNaughton from Dundee Utd and another 700K for there other central defender Pim Balkestine (to Rapid Wien).

The loss of both central defenders was a huge blow and the fallen AFC Wimbledon just couldn’t get up. Manager Paul McKenna was sacked after less the six month in the hot chair and replaced by an unknown Gary Rowe from the Cayman Islands. It didn’t help and just two years after being promoted to the npower League 1, the team was now relegated to the Blue Square Bet Premier division.
The MK Dons fininished just one spot out of another relegation.

2017 - 2018
Manager Gary Rowe decided to resign before the start of the season. And was replaced by former Tottenham and Aston Villa player Bobby Zamora.
The team won the Blue Square Bet Premier division but the damage was done.

2018 - 2019
The team was struggling back in the npower League 2.
A team without any profiles did not win there first league game until the middle of September. They did get an important win over the MK Dons but then it all comes apart.
From November and forward the team only manage three wins and once again the team find themselves in 24th and last place when the seasons ends.

2019- 2020
And this is were we find the team today. Back in the Blue Square Bet Premier division.
Dang it, well at least MK Dons are stuttering and they got into League One. Nice update :)

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