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[FM13] C.D. Constància: Trading places

C.D. Constància A FM13 LLM dynasty
Started on 28 November 2012 by Northwood
Latest Reply on 10 December 2013 by Northwood
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62nd minute

Free kick outside the penalty arrear for C.E. Constància. Adolfo Giovannini confidently steps up and curls the ball over the wall. Sevilla FC keeper Gino Nardoni is glued to the spot and can only watch as the ball
once again bounces off the crossbar.

67th minute

C.E. Constància hits Sevilla FC on a counterattack. Rolls up on the left side and the cross from right defender Pompée Etienne finds a free Teodoro Bañares alone with the keeper. He shots but once again Gino Nardoni gets a hand on the ball and turns it around the upright.

68th minute:

The cheer can he heard all over Mallorca when the news from Barcelona is announced over that PA system. Ivan has scores his twenty-first goal of the season in his start number twenty for FC Barcelona.

Just like that everything is changed and now its C.E. Constància that are ready for Europa.

But there is still more than thirty minutes left to be played in both Inca and Barcelona and one goal can still change it all.

5. Sevilla F.C 60p
6. C.D. Constància 59p
8. Malaga F.C 59p
6. Getafe C.F 58p

74th minute:

Malaga FC scores a second against Rayo Vallecano de Madrid, S.A.D to no need. They still need help from Sevilla FC.

75th minute:

Getafe FC throws everything forward to get the equalizer that will send them to Europe next season. That is a dangerous tactic against most teams and a suicidal tactic against a team like FC Barcelona.

80th minute:

C.E. Constància dropps deeper on the field but Sevilla FC still struggles to produce clear cut chances. Norwegian international Jonas Svensson is the man of the day. He is the central midfielder that everything goes thru on offense but he is also a workhorse when Sevilla has the ball, winning 18 of his 19 tackles.

Its not quite West Germany versus Austria from the 1982 World Cup but its close. Neither Sevilla FC nor C.E. Constància have much interest taking any chances at this point and both team play with a lot of men behind the ball.
West German vs Austria xD
Louis O. : West German vs Austria xD

You don’t remember that game?

The Spain 1982 is the first World Cup I can remember.

I remember Zico, Sócrates, Falcão and Éder beating Scotland and USSR in the group play and the epic match against Paolo Rossi and Italy in the second group stage.

81st minute:

The worlds best footballer Mohammed Al-Harbi hits Getafe FC hard on a counter attack and scores a second for the Spanish Champions. Getafe FC can now only hope a Sevilla FC goal in the last ten minutes of play can save their season.

90st minute:

Three minutes of extra time have added in Inca.

91st minute:

The game is over in Barcelona.

92nd minute:

Sevilla FC has there first shot on goal. Its a weak attempt from close to 30 meters out. Ante Mihovec has a clear view of the ball all the way and catches it easily.

93rd minute:

In a last attempt Sevilla FC pumps a long ball in to the C.E. Constància penalty arrear. Sevilla FC striker Joselu takes down the ball with his back to the goal and Raimond Zonneveld breathing down his neck.

The striker tries to turn around with the ball and goes down like a sack of potatoes when Raimond Zonneveld sticks out his right leg and kicks the ball out of danger.

The referee puts the whistle in his mouth and blows while pointing at
The mid circle.


The game finishes 0-0 and C.E. Constància has earned a place in next years Europa League qualifier

5. Sevilla F.C 60p
6. C.D. Constància 59p
8. Malaga F.C 59p
6. Getafe C.F 58p

Congratulations for the great result and I hope it is a great reward for all your hard work and effort.

Congratulations for the great result and I hope it is a great reward for all your hard work and effort.

Thanks edu1878

We first have to make it thru the qualifying stage.
If we manage that there will hopefully be some sellouts of the new stadium and some money waiting for us.

The old chairman who sold the club a few years ago for nothing must be kicking himself now.

Why mess with a winning formula

€11M was made available for new transfers for the upcoming season but once again I was hesitant on how to use them.
I had a very young and talented team that I really liked so why mess with a winning formula?
What the team needed now was a chance to play together and gain some much needed experience.

Up front Jajá had been picked up to play in the German U-20 team and only the sky was the limit for the young player striker. As the replacement for Diego Batista, who didn't score a single goal in the 18 matches for his new team Racing Club de Santander, Jajá had scored six goals and had five assists in the 20 games he played for C.D. Constància in his first season with the team with a solid AvR 7.15
Teodoro Bañares as the playmaker was a possible weak spot and an arrear where we could be looking for a new player. But his 10 goals and nine assists was still solid (7.04 AvR)

On the left midfield Adolfo Giovannini had just picked up second place in the “Young player of the year” award in Spain and with Edi Curry as backup we were very much set for the future.

Right side we still had Andi Qosa even if he was still talking about moving to a bigger club. Belgian Almir Leonor could also play AMR and Francisco Coloma was still a viable option as backup.

In the middle of the field i preferred Jonas Svensson who had just played his first ever international game for Norway at the age of 28. Svensson came off a fantastic season with an 7.40 AvR . We also had Frenchman Cedric Pochat who could play in the middle but most interesting was perhaps just 17-year old Romanian midfielder named Marin Morar. Of all the players on the roster he was the one with the biggest potential ? upside? and it was my plan to slowly introduce him to first team football in the upcoming season.
On the defensive midfield we had Álvaro Gómez Herranz and Cees Hofman.

The all important defensive line was almost set. In the middle as the anchorman I had the first C.D. Constància player ever to be selected to the LIGA BBVA team of the year Raimond Zonneveld. He was perhaps not part of the starting eleven for the LIGA BBVA Team of the Year but his 7,66 AvR for the season was still solid. Why he was not part of the Dutch national team for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar was a mystery to me.

Next to Zonneveld it would be Lucas Hoyer and Caio Cesar. Only question mark was if Pompee Etiennne was good enough to keep his place as the right back in the upcoming season.

In goal i had switched Pau López with Croatian U20 keeper Ante Mihovec in the end of last season on a hunch. His entrance on the team correlated with us getting hot for the run down the final stretch and Ante had several good performances down the stretch. Ante Mihovec would get another chance to start the season this year.
Our young Brazilian keeper Hugo Leonardo had already agreed with Levante for another season on loan but this time as the starting keeper and key member of the team.

At the end of the season even I got some recognition for my job done with C.D. Constància. I was in great company when i ented up behind Tito Vilanova but in front of José Mourinho in the LIGA BBVA “Manager of the year” award

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