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[FM13] C.D. Constància: Trading places

C.D. Constància A FM13 LLM dynasty
Started on 28 November 2012 by Northwood
Latest Reply on 10 December 2013 by Northwood
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Walter : Yeeees! Go on Brazil, go and win it! :D

The final will be a great Carlos Fierro vs. Neymar matchup.


Messi not just retired from international football. He also refused to sign a new deal with Barcelona and retired before the start of the new season.

2022 World Cup Final

Brazil was the favourite going in to the final but with all the tough games they had played leading inn to the final game of the tournament fatigue was a concern.
Mexico had not had the impressive wins leading in the the final but now they found themself in there first ever World Cup final, fresh and ready to go with a red-hot Carlos Fierro up front.

The final was all about Brazil. Mexico got off to a rocky start when they scored an own goal after just four minutes.
With 33-year old Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Sandro and Paulo from Manchester United completely controlling the midfield, Brazil had the ball for more than 60% of the time.

The rest of the final was a disappointment. Mexico didn't have a single shot on goal and Brazil was satisfied with keeping the ball within the team. The duel between Carlos Fierro and Neymar never took off and both players left the final scoreless.

Deep in to extratime Brazil scored a second goal when Mexico threw everything forward in hope for the late equalizer and Brazil could start to celebrate another World Championship.

And after beating teams like Holland, Spain and Argentina on their way to the final it was hard to argue that it was not deserved.

Portugal took home 3rd place after a 2-1win over Argentina
The Selecao triumph!

A great coverage of the World Cup Northwood, well presented and executed :)
Northwood's avatar Group Northwood
7 yearsEdited
Walter : The Selecao triumph!

A great coverage of the World Cup Northwood, well presented and executed :)

Thanks Walter and now back to the regular scheduled programing.

Get ready for the opening of the new stadium, our debut in Europa and a major name arriving in Inca.

New season, new names

With money to spend it was not a big surprise that some new players would arrive during the off season. Three new players showed up for the first C.D. Constància training of the season.

Italian Diego Bello was added on the defensive midfield. The €4.4M pricetag was probably to high for the unproven Italian from Getafe CF. His workrate and determination was just what I was looking for in the deep midfield.

Leomar was a fantastic prospect who arrived from the Brazilian second division team Coritiba FC. For the last two seasons he had some fantastic numbers on the second level in Brazil but now I needed him to show that he could also do it on the highest level in the second best league in the world. His raw potential was undeniable and if he developed as I hoped it would solve the “problem” with Andi Qosa and his desire to move to a bigger club.

I had never liked to build C.D. Constància around loan-players but I had nothing to lose by bringing inn Faton Hoti from AC Milan on a one year loan deal. A young striker with determination and a real talent for heading the ball. He would be a backup behind Jaja and Teodoro Bañares but could be used as the target man in games when we needed to pump the balls into the box to chase a late equalizer.

Elche CF now lead by our old coach Juanjo Camacho helped us out when they signed a play Juanjo knew well in C.D. Constància forward Alvaro Pérez. The now 25-year old Pérez were now so far from the first team that there were little use in keeping him around and a new challenge would benefit his career.

Alvaro Pérez was just one of many players departing. Another player leaving was club legend Sergi Campoy who after 11 years in Mallorca would join UD Lanzarote in the fouth level of Spanish football.

Most of the youth players promoted to the senior squad was released as they would never have a chance to make the first team.

We got very lucky in the Europa League draw. In a draw with a lot of good team we were drawn against ??AGS Asteras Tripolis?? from Greece. They had beaten ?what on the paper looked like a tougher opponent, Hapoel Tel-Aviv in the 3rd qualifying round. I knew nothing about the Greek team but if we could not beat them over two games we had nothing to do in the Europa League anyway.

A team that was going thru a major transformation was F.C. Barcelona. After the disappointing World Cup where Lionel Messi didn't get to play a single minute, he had decided to retire not just from international football but from all football. The same was the case for Gerard Piqué.
There was no need to feel sorry for FC Barcelona. To compensate for the loss of Messi and Piqué they went out and spend €65M on new players.
The gap to the rest of the league was getting bigger, not smaller.

Another player leaving FC Barcelona was now 35-year old striker Edinson Cavani. After spending most of the previous season on the bench in Barcelona he had not gotten his contract renewed by the Catalan giant.
Instead of retiring from? active football like Messi and Piqué, Cavani ?decided that he ?wanted to play ?at least ?another year of football.
With the new season just a few days away no team had offered him a contract. Under normal circumstances these old super stars had no intention joining a team like C.D. Constància and if they did they had salary demands that quickly ended all contract talks.

But not Cavani.

When we first contacted his agent, the 1-year €21.000 a week demands was not enough to scare us away. We sat down with Edinson Cavani and his agent and it didn't take long before the details in his his personal contract were agreed upon.

And just like that we had signed our very own super star.

At age thirtyfive Edinson Cavani still looked like a quality striker and even if he could not play every game, just him being around all the young C.D. Constància strikers like Jaja, Faton Hoti and Teodoro Bañares as a mentor would be worth his monthly salary. He would bring much needed experience to a team desperately needing it, preparing to play in europe for the first time.

He would also help sell even more seats in the new stadium as the excitement for the upcoming season reached new heights in Inca.
A great update. It will be interesting to see how your signings do - especially Cavani! Can't wait for more.
Walter : A great update. It will be interesting to see how your signings do - especially Cavani! Can't wait for more.

The hope was that his high «Natural fitness” and “finishing” attributes would compensate for his age.
I nothing else it was cool to finally have a “name” on the team.
Ooh Cavani :D Hope he does well for you!

Going to Zurich

The hope of a soft start to the new season was crushed when the LIGA BBVA schedule came out. We were not just going to play four games in two weeks to start the season but also had to start on the road playing Real Madrid FC.

Within the first 37 minutes of the game against Real Madrid CF we gave up three goals to a 26-year Adis Hadziabdic from Bosnia & Herzegovina who had arrived in Madrid from Hannover on a free transfer just one year earlier. The last hour of the game Real Madrid CF turn down the tempo and we got back in the game when Edinson Cavani scored in his debut after being brought on at halftime.

A few days later we traveled to Tripoli, Greece to play AGS Asteras Tripolis in the first leg of the Europa League playoffs.

With little to no knowledge of AGS Asteras Tripolis I was extremely satisfied getting away with a 3-0 win on the road after a hattrick by German/Brazilian striker Jajá

After getting home from the midweek game in Greece the team had to get back up for the first real game in our new stadium Estadio C.D. Constància. A full house (19.752- all-seaters) was expected for the home opener against Real Betis SAD.

We of course started with Edinson Cavani on top in front of the huge home crowd and he didn't disappoint. It took him just eleven minutes to show that even at age thirtyfive he is still got what it takes. After a poorly cleared corner he sneaked into the empty room behind the Real Betis SADdefends and could easily score his first and the teams first goal in the new Estadio C.D. Constància.
In the second half he was also the man behind the second and decisive goal. He took the ball on a quick break and drew two defenders only to, in the last second before the lost the ball, cross it perfectly to an unmarked Edi Curri how could almost walk the ball into the open ?net.

Just four days later C.D. Constància stadium was close to full again when we played the first ever home European game. After the road win in the first leg i felt confident and we fielded a team with several young players in key positions. Raimond Zonneveld was rested and 19-year old Manuel Elizalde took his place in the center defence and on the central midfield 17-year old Romanian Marin Morar got some valuable playing time. Up front Edinson Cavani got rested and the two youngsters Jajá and Faton Hoti got to start.
The changes didn't affect the result as we easily ran up a 7-1 win with three goals by Faton Hoti and two by Teodoro Bañares coming in from the bench.

Some of the €1.3M we earned qualifying for the group stage was used to charter a private jet with destination Zurich the next day. Onboard the airplane together with me were three other well known faces. C.D. Constància chairman Miguel Ángel Rubio, veteran striker Edinson Cavani and C.D. Constància legend david Karg. We would go and represent C.D. Constància at the draw for the Europa League group stage at the UEFA hd quarter.

Seeded in the 3rd level we needed a bit of luck if we were to have a realistic chance of qualifying for the knockout stage. We knew we would run in to a top team from the first level . A group with teams like Napoli, Liverpool and AC Milan would be a disaster.
When the draw was done we had avoided the big teams but still had a good chalange infront of us. It would be difficult to get anything in the two games against a Tottenham Hotspur team on the rise. The points we would need to qualify for the next round we would have to get in the games against the two Dinamo teams from Moscow and Bucharest.

On just two days of rest the team travelled to play a hot Sevilla FC team that had just beaten Real Madrid. As expected it was Sevilla FC dominating the game and even if we had managed to rest some of the key players in the previous game we still looked tired and didn't produce much.
Still we held Sevilla FC away from any big chances and they hardly had any shots on goal. It was 0-0 at the half and it remained the same with just six minutes to go.
Thats when I decided to go to a more defensive formation and try to secure the one point, but before i had a chance to get the formation switched around and the players in the correct place, 35-year old Gary Medel had scored for Sevilla FC. We had once again given up a late goal and lost valuable points, a trend from last season I had hoped to avoid this year.
But instead of giving up the team went right on the attack and a beautiful deep pass from Almir Leonor put Adolfo Giovannini alone with the Sevilla FC keeper and he made no mistakes and equalized.

Four minutes into extra time the game was decided. The Sevilla FC defends failed to clear a corner and on the right spot was Raimond Zonneveld who could easily put away the winner.

For most of the players it was now time for a well earned two weeks break before the season started up again with games against Espanyol, Tottenham H and FC Barcelona.
But for some of the ?C.D. Constància there was no break as they would go away to play for their national teams. Among the players representing their country there were now five playing in the senior squad.

?C.D. Constància was really moving up in the world.?
Still can't believe you have Cavani :') Great results, ul against RM :D
Pretty harsh Europa League draw, but you'll make it to the Knockout Stages for sure. Very nice to see Cavani scoring on his debut against Real Madrid, even if he's 35 :P
Pauker : Pretty harsh Europa League draw, but you'll make it to the Knockout Stages for sure. Very nice to see Cavani scoring on his debut against Real Madrid, even if he's 35 :P

He only got stamina to last a half but as long as he keeps scoring that’s fine with me.

2013-11-30 14:05#146922 Lucas : Still can't believe you have Cavani :') Great results, ul against RM :D

I was a bit surprised that he didn’t retire when he was not renewed with FC Barcelona.
Great stuff with the updates and a nice signing with Cavani! Even if he is 35 haha Good luck in the EL
I'm glad to see your story had gone so far... and it's still going on! I was out for a while, but I'm still a fan of this story pal! :)
k1rups : Great stuff with the updates and a nice signing with Cavani! Even if he is 35 haha Good luck in the EL
When I signed him I knew it was a one year rent and that it was highly doubtful that he would play more than one season.
But still cool to finally have a recognizable “name” on the team.

gambit84 : I'm glad to see your story had gone so far... and it's still going on! I was out for a while, but I'm still a fan of this story pal! :)
Thanks for staying with the story.
Got another 12 chapters written just needing formatting and pictures.
Problem is that I am too invested in the team now and is still playing. Got the FM14 waiting still wrapped in plastic.

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