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[FM13] C.D. Constància: Trading places

C.D. Constància A FM13 LLM dynasty
Started on 28 November 2012 by Northwood
Latest Reply on 10 December 2013 by Northwood
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Great stuff from you Northwood. Don't forget to check my new story out :P

Say hallo to and old friend

With the New Year, transfer window not that fare in to the future I got started on something I had put off for way too long. I had to find a new striker.

Our only pure striker Igarki was getting older and no matter how much I enjoyed his performance last season when he scored twenty-five goals in thirty-six league games, he just didn’t have what was needed on this level.
Our other strikers were mostly hybrids between attacking midfielders and strikers and all had a tendency to drop to deep to collect the ball. That was fare form ideal when playing with only one striker.

I needed a pure striker who could operate alone on the edge of the offside.
I needed a player who did not need five, ten chances to score a goal.
I needed a player who had the rare skill of just being in the right place in the right time.
I needed a player with raw goal scoring abilities.
I needed a pure goal scorer.

To find that kind of player in the January transfer window was not easy. Especially when I did not have any money to pay for him. I would have to steal him or find him find him among the misfits without a contract.
We had been granted permission by the board to scout outside of Spain this year, but even looking all over Europe the player I needed would not be easy to find.

We also brought back an old friend. I had never hired a manager for the newly assembled C.D. Constancia U19 team. When I cleaned the desk in my office, I by coincidence came over the phone number for Juan Vichy.
For people that don’t remember, Vichy was the promising right back that was selected “fans player of the year” in 2013 only to completely go in the tank the next season and then end his career just two year later.

When I called him up, he told me that he had taken a coaching license and was looking to get in to coaching.

It did not take long to get the paperwork done and the day after Juan Vichy was back on the practice filed in Inca, now as the U19 manager.

The winning streak was over but we kept picking up points and had some good results that kept us flooding around mid-table in relatively safe distance from the relegation line.

R.C. Celta was running away with the division. We managed to pick up a point against them on the road after what the Vigo-press called a boring draw but was referred to in Inca as a superb display of teamwork and sacrifice.
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8 yearsEdited

You have to fight the glide

On January 1 when the transfer marked reopened we were ready with a list of players we wanted to talk to.
Unfortunately, it was the same old story that none of the players we wanted to talk to wanted to meet us and the few who did, came in to the talks with salary demands that ended the discussions before they had even started.

With all the players from our “list” out the window, we had to look elsewhere. One place to look was in the huge number of offers we received on a regular basis from different agents. Most of the players offered by these agencies were not worth a second look but now we had to take the serious.

We found our man in Brazilian youngster Muriel Menestrina Dorigatti.
It was his unusual story that first caught our eyes when we flipped thru resumes and watched highlight videos.
Muriel Menestrina Dorigatti (got to love that name) made his debut on the international football scene on one of the biggest stages when he just 17-years old made his debut on the AC Milan first team.
In Milan, he was quickly forgotten and only got that one appearance before being buried in the reserve/youth team of the mighty AC Milan but it did not stop him from getting five appearances on the Brazilian U20 team.

After the 2015/16 season, his contract was up and AC Milan had long ago lost all interest in the young player and his contract was never renewed. Instead, the now 21-year old player ended up with Italian amateur club Unione Triestina from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. He had scored seven goals in nineteen games when we “found” him.

His agent was looking to get him a contract were he would be paid for his services and we saw enough talent that it was worth paying him €1.600 per week.

One player apparently not affected by all the talk about finding a new striker was now 32-year old Igarki. Instead of getting upset and complaining, he went on a tear and scored five goals in the three first games of the New Year.

At the halfway point, we found ourselves in 10th place with a total of thirty-one points after twenty-one games. That was equal on points with the last of the potential playoff teams, but even more impotent we were nine points clear of the relegation line with eight teams between us and the dreaded line.
I knew I was supposed to look forward but I could not help thinking about that fifteen points was all we needed to be safe.

Fifteen points in twenty-one game.

That was not an impossible goal.

And then again, it was talk like this that were bound to get you in to trouble. Did I not warn the players about getting complacent almost every week?

Brian Phillip, the author of the in my opinion, best FM story ever written said it best:
Brian Phillip:

"When you’re right on course for a safe mid-table finish, it sometimes feels like there’s not a lot of news to report. A win isn’t a huge story, but then, a loss isn’t a huge story either, and time can slip by pretty fast as you make minor adjustments and chart the weekly ticks in your balance sheet. One game blends into the next, and before you know it, the season turns into a reverie. You’re living life like a Middlesbrough fan.
If you want to be sharp, you have to fight the glide."
From the story Pro Vercelli: the run of play
(I know this is a FM09 story but it’s still a “must-read” for every FM fan)
Just a great story with a great run of results in the Liga Adelante.
Keep it going! This year mid-table finish and next season promotion ;)
PaukerJ : Just a great story with a great run of results in the Liga Adelante.

Just happy I don’t have to go up against your Tenerife team . :D

DerAlte : Keep it going! This year mid-table finish and next season promotion ;)
Might take another year or two.
The lack of a salary-budget is making it hard.

The switch

With the construction of the new balcony now finished with 10.000 black and white seats under roof, Nou Camp d'Inca was starting to look like a respectable stadium even for a LIGA adelante team.
It was a totally different story when talking about the pitch. The grass mat in Nou Camp d'Inca both looked and played horrible to the point where it was affecting our play, but the board made it perfectly clear that there was no money available to do anything about it.

With fourteen games left to play, our season was over. We had just lost back to back games to playoff contenders in Real Murcia and Real Unión and were down to 11th place in the standing and in reality out of the playoff picture.
We had also done enough to secure another season in the LIGA adelante unless we were going on an epic meltdown to end the season.

That made it the perfect time to make the switch.

For five years now, since I took over the job as manager for C.D. Constància I had played the kind of football I hated. Lots of players behind the ball, relying on counter attacks, corners and the opponent’s mistakes. Every game was a fight to the last whistle and we rarely won a game by more than a single goal.

I had told myself that this was our only way of surviving with the material I had to work with. But now I had no excuse.

So what kind of football would I like to play?

I spend countless hours in front of the computer, studding the latest trends in football formations. I read all I could find by great coaches like Pep Guardiola (sacked by Arsenal after just 5 months in the hot chair) , José Mourinho (still with Real Madrid) and legendary retired Boreham Wood manager Joshua Morris, trying to figure out what would be best for C.D. Constància.

I had always wanted to play with two strikers upfront to add pressure but I also needed a formation that would utilize my strongest players in Eloy Àlvarez and Francesc Fullana.
I decided to go with a 4-2-2-2 formation with two midfielders doing the dirty work in the middle. Two wingers providing the balls for the two strikers and Francesc Fullana and Igarki up front.

That would put Eloy a little out of his comfort zone on the left midfield but nothing he should not be able to handle. Fullana would play as deep lying forward dropping back to collect the balls from midfield.

The week before the home game against the 21st ranked C.E. Sabadell I gathered the players and coaches and told them my plan and we spend the week on the practice field preparing for the new gameplan. I hoped they would respond positively to the move to more attacking football. Hopefully it would also attract more fans to fill the still empty seats.

We won the game against C.E. Sabadell narrowly 2-0 but it didn’t take many games to show that the new system was a complete disaster for us.

David Karg and Sergi Campoy was constantly overrun in the middle of the field and we struggled to keep the ball within the team. We did create a lot more chances but to very little effect when the defends was letting in goals by the buckets.

After seven games producing just the one win against C.E. Sabadell, two draws and four losses I finally gave up and went back to a more conventional formation the team understood. Once again I decided to go with the 4-4-2.
It stopped the bleeding but the damage was done.

Side note: If anyone likes to read more about the story of C.D. Constància and there stadium Nou Camp d'Inca or other Spanish clubs / stadiums I can highly recommend the page "Estadios de Fútbol en España" created by a guy named Chris Clements.

An amazing project.

Please end the misery

Even if we were a bit disappointed with the final weeks of the season there was no need to be. We had managed to stay alive in the second best league in Spain coming in to the season as the overwhelming favorites to be relegated. We had done it with a payroll way below the second lowest in the league and with a none existing transfer budget. We had also done it in almost secrecy as nobody except the few hardcore fans came and watched the home games.

In the end, the margin to the relegation line might not have been as big as we wanted but we could still be proud of our accomplishment.
Now we had established us in the LIGA adelante it was time to start looking for bigger and better thing in the future.

For the first time since I took over the team the entire starting lineup except Kiko Moreno in goal finished the season with a rating over 7.00. The biggest concern ahead of next season was the lack of backup and that only three players had scored double-digit goals.

One player who was inn for a long summer was Juventus F.C. player Arturo Vidal. He had the chance to win the Champions League for the old lady for the first time since the tragic game in Heysel Stadium all the way back in 1985. He “just” had to score on the penalty the team was rewarded 13 minutes in to extra time in the Champions League final against Man City. Instead his horrible penalty was saved by Joe Hart and the game went to penalties were City won easily after Vidal missed his penalty again.
Ouch! As a Juve fan, it hurts to see Juve crash out in the CL final. Anyways, with your last results that would've resulted in wins, you could've ended in play-off places. It will be interesting who you will get. Perhaps a move to another club?

The end

You are not allowed to complain when you live in Mallorca and get to work with football every day and I had not once in my time in Inca raised my voice when talking to the board.

I had not complained when we had to let players we needed go because we could not afford the salary they demanded.

I had not complained when I was not allowed to scout outside of Spain even when it seriously hurt our chances of finding new cheap prospects for the future.

I had not complained when we got bullied in the transfer marked and missed out on quality players because we could not afford to get inn to a bidding war.

I had not once complained about the lousy facilities.

I had not complained when we were asked to play our football on a dirt pitch because we could not afford a new grass mat.

But before the start of the 2017/18 season I was upset.

I understood that I was a manager of a small club with limited resources and we could not compete on the transfer marked against the big marked, high revenue yielding teams. But the transfer budget I was handed before the new season was a slap in the face.

To get ready to once again fight for survival in the second best Spanish football league I was given a transfer budget of

819 Euro.......

First I thought it was a cruel joke.

When Chairman Miguel Rubio came in to my office later that day to get my signature on my new contract I refused to sign, and demanded more time to think.

I was ready to resign.

In my time with C.D. Constància I had never received an offer from another club but I didn’t care. I was sure there would be a team out there that would appreciate me more than what they apparently did in Inca.

The next week I spend with my family on the beach trying not to think about football.

I was done with C.D. Constància...............
Where will you go? Are you sure you want to leave? Will this story continue?
NOOOOOO... Please continue with another team :) or start new story :)

I feel your pain when you have to struggle with salaries etc... It´s a challenge at the beginning but gets really annoying after few years...
LJO200 : Where will you go? Are you sure you want to leave? Will this story continue?

So many questions.
So few answers.

DerAlte : NOOOOOO... Please continue with another team :) or start new story :)
Stay tuned and your wishes might come thru.

DerAlte : I feel your pain when you have to struggle with salaries etc... It´s a challenge at the beginning but gets really annoying after few years...

I just found it funny that the game came up with €819.
Not €0 and not €1000.
But €819.
I feel your pain with the board. It's annoying that they say,"We agree with you, but we can't fund you." Or something like that.
PaukerJ : I feel your pain with the board. It's annoying that they say,"We agree with you, but we can't fund you." Or something like that.

Where are the Saudi sheiks when you need them?

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