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[FM13] C.D. Constància: Trading places

C.D. Constància A FM13 LLM dynasty
Started on 28 November 2012 by Northwood
Latest Reply on 10 December 2013 by Northwood
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In the league game against Deportivo de La Coruña we had put a truly international lineup on the field but also a lineup without a Spaniard. We had two Dutchmen, two Italians, a Croat, a Brazilian, an Argentinian, a Norwegian, a German a Belgian and finally Cavani from Uruguay in the starting eleven. On the bench we had two Spanish, two Germans and another Brazilian.

We were a long way away from the team of mostly local Mallorca players I took over back in 2012. The salary budget had also changed a bit from the €2.5K pr week back then to a total salary budget of €400.000 pr week for this season.

I made a note to tell our chief scout to step up the scouting of young Spanish talents. It would hopefully also help that the board had decided to invest another €4M in upgrading the youth facilities. I hoped it would soon pay off and we would start producing some talents of our own, something we had completely failed to do this fare in my tenure as the ?C.D. Constància manager.

Everybody got to play their part. With games in both the Europa League, Copa del Rey and LIGA BBVA and with injuries starting to pile up we needed all the fresh players we could get.

We tried to keep the backline of Lucas Hoyos, Caio César, Raimond Zonneveld and Cihan Polat intact for most of the games only having young Spanish DCL Manuel Elizalde replacing Hoyos and Caio only when needed.

The rest of the team were rotated heavily to keep the players in the field fresh and to keep everybody happy. For many of the positions there were not much separating the starter and the backup. I of cause had my favorites I went to in the critical situations but I just had to admit that without a B-team to keep the backups in match-shape I had to take a different approach than what I normally would.

The rotating of player’s inn and out didn’t affect the results as we had a run of fantastic results to start the season.

After the first 15 games the standing was surprising to say the least.

In Italy many of the big name clubs were going thru a rough stretch and fired their managers. Napoli, Inter and AC Milan all were looking for a new people to manage the team and wrestle Juventus away from their stronghold on the scudetto.
This was possible the biggest team/contract offer I had received yet. I ?took a ?quick look at the AC Milan roster ?and saw a heavily overpaid team with a lot of old players in the twilight of their careers and a board delusional about the teams imminent potential.

A quick look at my bank account showed that i had made a total of €3.1M in the 10 years i had now coached ?C.D. Constància?. The €15.000 per week i was making today was of course a joke compared to the €190.000 per week José Mourinho made with Real Madrid and what the top coaches was paid in Italy.
But I could not remember the last time I had paid for a meal in Mallorca since ?C.D. Constància moved up into the LIGA BBVA and if I had been in it for the money i would have moved a long time ago.

I ?once again ?declined.

Even with our early success in the LIGA BBVA and in Europa I still had two players handing inn transfer requests because they meant that we had failed to improve?

I was not surprised to see the agent of Andi Qosa turn in a transfer request.
The player from Albanian had scored after 39 seconds in his first ever game for ?C.D. Constància and that was almost also the same amount of time it took before he started to complain. Almost from day one he had been a diva, complaining about everything and everybody.
Andi Qosa was a fantastic player with a huge potential I would like to have kept but enough was enough. I granted him his transfer request and started to look for suitable clubs

The other transfer request was a lot more troubling. Club legend David Karg also wanted to leave. With Sergi Campoy already gone it was a tough blow to see Karg also wanting to leave. I called him in to my office and managed to talk him out of leaving now. The deal was that if he was not satisfied with the clubs progress at the end of the season he would be allowed to leave.
Very nice summary of the season so far - you're up there with the best in La Liga, keep it up! :D

Taking Europe by storm light breeze

As spectacular as the results to start the season had been, as horrifying were some of the results that followed. In quick succession we lost games to At. Madrid SAD, Tottenham H and 3rd level C.D. Alcoyano before finally stopping the slide with a 0-0 draw on the road against Malaga CF in a game where none of the teams managed a shot on goal. It was a truly embarrassing performance by the 4th and 5th best ranked team in the LIGA BBVA.

And just like that we were 10 points behind the league leaders and out of race for the three first places and direct qualification for next years Champions League. The top-three spots were now occupied by the usual suspects Real Madrid FC, FC Barcelona and Atl. Madrid.
Real Madrid and the “new” FC Barcelona had not been as dominant to start the season this year and had lost more points than what they normally did early in the season.
Just a few weeks earlier Barcelona were humiliated at home by Deportivo de La Coruña in a shocking 1-3 loss.

That didn't help us any and now we had to concentrate on the fourth and final spot that guaranteed qualification for next year’s Champions League. With close to half the season played five teams looked like contenders for that valuable spot, but with our current form the Champions League felt a very long way away.

We were coming up toward the opening of the transfer window once again. I still had €4M available from what I got before the season but at this point I was not looking to make big drastic changes.

I had already made a deal with SK Brann for Norwegian international Rolf Schei. We would pay €1.2M for the young player who was a prospect for the future and not expected to make an impact (questionable if he would even make the 25 man squad) this season.

We also added another defender who could play both DC and DR in German Horst Bottino from Palermo. He was very much a player for this season as part of the reason for our sudden struggles was several injuries to key defenders.

When the board added another €11M to my transfer budget and was still “only” asking for a mid-table finish I almost had to make a move and instead of looking for more young prospects to stack as backups I decided to go for the home-run.

The contract of Edinson Cavani would run out after the season and at this point I was not looking to renew it. Cavani had done decent job to start the season but had then slowed down with just three goals and four assists since joining the team. What was more troubling was that with his limited speed and stamina he hardly contributed with any team-work and we could not afford to carry around dead weight.

I didn't regret signing him as the fans still loved to see a real superstar in the new Constància Stadium even if he was in his twilight of his career but I started to look around for a player to replace him.

I found the player i wanted in Greece. I decided to gamble and shell out a franchise record €7M for Bulgaria striker Hristo Bahanov from AS PAOK. He was red-hot and had scored 15 goals in the league and another 9 in Europa in 27 starts for the Greek team.

After another horrible 1-4 loss on the road in the last game of the Europa League group stage we stumbled into the knockout stage. Luckily the results in the other matches in the group stage all fell our way and even before playing our last two games we were guaranteed qualification for the knockout stage. That was our luck as the injuries were now starting to cramp us down. It got so bad that we for the last group game against Dinamo Moscow had to switch to a formation with just a three-man backline just to field a team. It was not pretty and we lost the game 1-4 in a freezing cold night in Moscow.
We limped into the new year and the knockout stage.

Finally back in the LIGA BBVA and back in Constància Stadium we played a Real Sociedad SAD team still lead by fellow Danish manager Michael Laudrup. We almost got away with another undeserved win but Real Sociedad SAD equalized on a late free kick and we lost another two points when the game finished in a draw.

UEFA held the draw for the first knockout round of the Europa League and this time our luck in the draw had dried out. C.D. Constància was the first team out of the hat and the team we were drawn against was no other than storied Liverpool FC.

Let's take a closer look at the history of Liverpool FC in this save.
Nice update again. Nice work with the signings and progressing in the Europa League, although Liverpool could be tough ;)
Matches pretty good, and interesting Bulgarian player.
Good luck, see a trophy!
How can they ask to leave when the club is where it is? Qualified from EL group and chasing the title? Ridiculous!!
Walter : Nice update again. Nice work with the signings and progressing in the Europa League, although Liverpool could be tough ;)
That was NOT the draw I was looking for. But we have already made it farther in Europa then what I could have hoped for before the season started.

bebero : Matches pretty good, and interesting Bulgarian player.
Good luck, see a trophy!
Just too bad that Bahanov got injured almost the day he arrived :(
Don’t hold your breath for the trophy just yet.

k1rups : How can they ask to leave when the club is where it is? Qualified from EL group and chasing the title? Ridiculous!!
I agree that the reason for wanting to leave is stupid. Understandable if Karg wanted to leave for more playing time and Qosa to move to a bigger reputation club.

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