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[FM13] C.D. Constància: Trading places

C.D. Constància A FM13 LLM dynasty
Started on 28 November 2012 by Northwood
Latest Reply on 10 December 2013 by Northwood
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Great story m8, your writing is incredible :)
Keep it up ;)
Really good story! Like your style, keep it up m8!
amazing story! Keep up the good work
Sonalexwild : Great story m8, your writing is incredible :)
Keep it up ;)
Thanks for reading Sonalexwild.
And thanks for not noticing the spelling mistakes :)

DerAlte : Really good story! Like your style, keep it up m8!
Glad you enjoy it DerAlte
I’m 1 ½ season ahead in RL so there is more to come.

AussieToffee : amazing story! Keep up the good work
Thanks AussieToffee
I’m afraid that the team is inn for a rough stretch in the Liga Adelante
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10 yearsEdited

CD Constancia: Let the torture begin

A FM13 LLM dynasty
It looked easy on paper. They only thing we needed were 50 points in 42 games or two
wins for every five games we were to play. Looking over the table from previous years, that should steer us well clear of relegation.
Only problem was of cause that we would not be favored in a single game all season. In fact, you could not put down enough money to get any bookmaker to take a bet on CD Constancia being relegated.
The over/under on numbers of wins for us was 5.5 for the entire season!!

The starting lineup on opening day looked like this:
Kiko was one of the first players I brought inn when I started my manager job in Inca. At this point, the now 24-year old keeper was perhaps not improving with the pace I hoped. Nevertheless, in a world with weird goalkeeper performances he was surprisingly mistake-free and a solid last bastion. He would be under siege for most of the season and I needed a fantastic season from him if we were to have any chance to stay up.
Juan Vich on DR had been a revelation last season winning the CD Constancia player of the year award. For that he was rewarded not only a spot in the starting lineup but also the job as captain this season despite.
Ramon Soria, a free agent and Equatorial Guinea international Carlos Akapo made up a somewhat shaky center with Ruben Alba on the left.
Going in to battle with this young/inexperienced backline was far from ideal but it was the best we could do.

Midfield was the place we were going to win our games this season. We still struggled to find stable contributors on the left and right but on the center of the field, we looked strong with up and coming David Karg and Sergi Compoy.
Juanfer would line up on the right Jorge Pulido on the left.
The plan was to overpopulate the midfield with five players and in that way keep some control.

I decided to go with Francesc Fullana on top. His natural position was AMC but I felt that his ability to create his own chances gave us the best chance to score.
The natural selection Igarki had some horrible performances in the preseason games and struggled with some minor injuries.
Mateu was inn way over his head at this level and was mostly on the team for sentimental reasons now. After all, he was the one starting the adventure when he scored the goal that secured promotion to the third division the year before I arrived in Mallorca back in 2012.
Finally, Ruben Casanova was still unproven even if he had some good performances in the preseason games.

The start of the season was not that bad. In the first game, we played just relegated Levante U.D.
At halftime, the score “home” at Estadio Miguel Nadal in front of 3.189 fans was still 0-0. It was not pretty as we played with 11 men behind the ball at all times and we were not attracting many new fans. In the second half, we tried to push a little forward and were instantly punished with three goals against.
Not the best start to the campaign.

In the next game, we played to a 0-0 draw on the road against Xerez C.D. before getting our first win at home against another team predicted to be fighting relegation in Càdiz C.F.
Still the press called the win a sensation. The lone goal came on a counterattack in the 92nd minute and was our only shot on goal.

Still I was not too worried. We had not dipped in to the €300K and there were a lot of football to be played.
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10 yearsEdited

CD Constancia: When the going gets tough

A FM13 LLM dynasty
1.900 people showed up when the mighty Barcelona rolled in to town. It was “only” the B-team but it was still an event in Inca. Among the players, Barcelona brought to Mallorca this day in late October was former wonderkit and AC Milan lent-out Borjan. They also brought one of their new wonderkids from there academy, €10M man Gerard Deulofeu.
Barcelona won the game easily but it did not change the fact that the Barcelona B manager job might be the hardest job in Spain. A few weeks after our game against them they fired there fourth manager in three season.

Not that the CD Constancia job was any easier.

My biggest concern was our lack of goal scoring. After ten games, we did not have any players who had scored twice in the league.
No, I’m not talking about twice in a single game. After ten games, we did not have any players with two goals, period.
The experiment with Fullana playing as the striker was quickly abandoned. Without him at midfield, we struggled to keep control of the ball and create something even resembling a goal chance. Now the goal scoring duty was all up to Igarki, Mateu and Casanova and they had alarmingly few balls to work with.

In the middle of November, we dropped below the relegation line for the first time and it was panic time in Mallorca. We called a team meeting and the response was excellent.
A surprise 1-3 win on the road against Cordoba gave us some much-needed breathing room. Mateu was the man of the match with a hat trick and David Kargs performance was not far behind with three assists. Both players made “Team of the week”, the first time ever that a CD Constancia player achieved that honor in the LIGA adelante.

With the first quarter of the season soon completed, the transfer window opening up in the not so distant future it was time to reevaluate the roster.

The perhaps biggest disappointment this fare had been Juanfer at MR. The 31-year old had done a god job last season in the Second division B3 but now it looked like that the LIGA adelante was too much for him to handle.
The same was the problem for our captain Juan Vich. Where he last year managed to excel despite his questionable attributes, he this year was completely lost, to the point where he had lost his place in the starting lineup.

It was finally time to spend some of the £300K available. It was not £300K anymore. Some of the money had disappeared in to the salary budget where they were needed to get players resigned. The newspapers were speculating if I had perhaps managed to attract an over-the-top big name player to come to Mallorca to finish his career.
It was therefore both a surprise and a disappointment to many when CD Constancia in the middle of November announced the signing of just 17-year old Eloy Àlvarez from C.E. Hospitalet for €110K.

The newspapers hated the move and were not afraid to say so all over the front-pages of the local papers. The fans were not pleased either and told us every Sunday. The once not screaming at me from the stands stayed away as usual.
However, perhaps most worrisome, was the complete silence from the board and owner.
Had I pushed my luck a little to fare?
Was I close to the end?

In the top of the division, Levante U.D. was running away already seven points clear. In the bottom, C.D. Mirandes looked like a sure bet for relegation with only five points after 14 games. Sabadell in 21st place also struggled with just two wins and six draws and they decided to sacked there coach. After that, it was close with no less than 11 teams within three points of the last regelation spot.

That made the next game against Sabadell at home in Mallorca and early must-win-game.
We won the game on an own goal.

CD Constancia: To hell in a hand basket

A FM13 LLM dynasty

When you have lost twelve games in a row it’s difficult to see the positive even when living in beautiful Mallorca.
In the start of March, we found ourselves deeply buried in the relegation fight.

It was all but determined that the C.E. Sabadell was heading down. With only fifteen points after 30 games, they looked doomed. Six teams were fighting to avoid the last three relegations spots.

It was not that I had given up and did not try. We added new players, we tried different formations, we held player meetings, we revamped the training program, and we even brought in a lady physio, but all without any longstanding effect.

Still the results were the same every week.

The problems were all over the place. The most simple pass of the ball were and almost impossible task. We did not create any goal chances. It didn’t matter if we played with three, two, one or zero players up front we did not create anything and in the twelve game losing streak, we had scored a dismal twenty goals.

On the player front we “rented” 36-year old Javier Farinòs for two years.
We tried this approach the year before when we signed Argentinian veteran Siro Darino to help add some routine to the team. Siro Darinos tender with the team had not been successful as he was almost retired before he joined the team and did not add much leadership on or off the field.

We hoped Javier Farinòs would be different. Firstly, we did not sign him to a half-year lame duck contract but insisted that he signed on for next season as well. Secondly, he was a much better player than Siro Darino was when he joined the team.

Nevertheless, there were a few positives.

We still made money. Actually, we made a lot of money. We were on our way to finish the season with close to £1.5mil in profit. If last year’s promotion turned out to be just a one-year wonder, at least we were to go back down with our pockets full. We had not only money in the bank but also a vastly superior group of players then the one we brought up a year ago, even if it didn’t look that way right now.

Even with the season going to hell in a hand basket the new board still looked to be behind me and my job seamed secure. I had even managed to talk the new chairman in to building youth facilities for the first time in club history. The price would be close to £400.000 and be finished at the end of 2015.
A tough run, I really hope you clear relegation. Keep it going! :)
DerAlte : A tough run, I really hope you clear relegation. Keep it going! :)

Thanks for following along this bumpy run.

Hope might be the only thing that can save CD Constancia and my career now.
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9 yearsEdited

Go back to start

When I was called in to the office of Chairman Miguel Angel Rubio after we had lost the first game in the newly renovated Nou Camp d Inca 1-2 to also relegation threatened Girona F.C, I was afraid that my time as manager was over.

It was the first time I had been in the office of Mr. Rubio since the day he had bought the team and had called me inn to tell me that I was allowed to stay a little longer until he had decided my faith. Now I was afraid I had worn out my welcome and the run was over.

I had seen Mr. Rubio around during the season but had always had the feeling that he was more interested in the business of owning / running a football team than the actual football. I had never seen him at the practis falilities and he almost never showed up for games. His first question therefore took me completely by surprise.

Mr. Miguel Angel Rubio asked

“Why are we not playing with both Dani Lopez and Igarki up front?”

When I had recovered from the surprise that he even knew that we had players with the name of Dani Lopez and Igarki on the team I tried to explain.

“We currently don’t the luxury to spend two players up front. We don’t have the talent to controll the midfield and need all hands on deck” “I think we have the best chance when Francesc Fullana plays as……..”

Mr. Rubio cut me off and said

“I love Francesc”.
“We need to make sure he signs a new contract, we cannot afford to lose him.”

The next three hours was fascinating. Instead of being kicked out on to the streets of Inca I spend the time drinking expensive Spanish red win, eating tapas and discussing football philosophy with Mr. Rubio.
He was well aware that we were way overmatched in the Liga Adelante and that promotion had perhaps come too early.
He had his own ideas about how he wanted his team to play football but was also willing to listen to my suggestions.
When we got up from the table three hours later I didn’t know anything more about my future as the manager of CD Constancia. But if Mr. Rubio wanted to kick me out now, I would at least leave with a full stomach.

When I got back to my office and opened the email I found the proposal for a new two-year contract from Mr. Rubio. The 1800 a week would not make me rich but it didn’t really matter as long as I still had my job and could stay in Mallorca.

To celebrate the new deal we went out and beat C.E. Sabadell on the road the week after. C.E. Sabadell was the worst team in the league and was relegated the week before, but we still celebrated our just 8th win of the season like it won us the title.

In the end it meant little. It was too little too late and not enough to save our life as a Liga Adelante team. When it was all set and done we had only managed nine wins and a total of 39 points and we were relegated back down to the Second Division B3.

In the other end of the league, Levante and Valladolid was close to locked inn for direct qualification to the best division next season.

When we used €110K of the transfer budget on a 17-year old Eloy Àlvarez instead of an already established player, a lot of people were shaking their heads. I had made an effort to play him the entire season even when he was struggling to give him valuable experience.
That approach now appeared to be paying off when he was called up to play three internationals for the Spanish U19 team.

Shockwaves was sent thru European football when it was clear who would compete in this year’s champions League final. An AC Milan team who had used just €2.6M on new players before the season would go up against a Galatasaray S.K. team who had knocked out both Barcelona and Manchester United on their way to the final.

I was also no longer the only Danish coach in Spanish football. Michael Laudrup decided to leave Swansea when he was handed the keys to Valencia after Co Adriaanse. In the last three games of the season after he took over he managed wins against both Real Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona and the team finished in fourth place.
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9 yearsEdited

Let’s get back on the horse

When I sat down in the summer of 2015 and looked back at the last twelve months, I had survived a takeover and a relegation and still I now found myself as manager of CD Constancia, right back where I started in the third level in Spanish football with a team that once again was predicted to fight against relegation

After last year’s debacle in the Liga Adelante (Segunda División) I was terrified that the players would be traumatized from last years’ experience and that the poor play would carry over and continue in the new season. However, already in the friendlies leading up to the season it became clear that the players suddenly felt more secure and had taken the bad beating form last season as a learning experience.

In the run-up to the season, I was pleased to see a team that were not only able to hold on to the ball but also a team that were able to score goals.
After only scoring 31 goals in the forty-two games last season I was left with a group of striker’s completely lacking self-esteem and who had to be taught who to score goals once again. I could either dump them and try to go out and buy new and better strikers for money I did not have or try to build their confidence back up.

I decided to give Igarki another chance. He only scored six goals in the preceding season but considering the number of chances he had and the help he got from the midfield it was hard to fault him for that. He had worked tirelessly the entire year and did not complain.

To back him up I decided to also keep Dani Lopez. He had not scored a single goal in his just ten appearance’s last season but the coaches kept praising him in practice and his attributes rating still indicated that he could be a good player.

That left Ruben Casanova as the odd man out. I took a lot of heat from the front office for letting him go on a free transfer to C.D. Haro but he just never made the impact I hoped he would.

For Mateu we decided that the ride was finally over. It was a tough decision to let him go. He was not only a local, born and raised in Inca, but more importantly he was the man who started it all with his goal deep in to overtime that secured the promotion to the Second Division B back in 2012.

Before the season started, there were other tough decisions to make, as it was time for other well-known names to leave Inca.
First, it was time to say goodbye to CD Constancia 2013 Supporters Player of the Year Juan Vich. The year in the League Aldente had been a catastrophe for him. The slide from player of the year to now not getting his contract renewed had happened in less the two years. Vich was one of the first victims of our early success and I was left with a feeling that his career would have turned out a lot different if we have not been promoted the year before.

We also decide to let midfield Juanfer move on with his career somewhere else.

Even after being relegated, we still came out of the prior season with a profit of close to £1.5mil. Most of that money was used to cover previous year’s debt and that left precious little money on the transfer budget.
The few players we did manage to attract was all free agents from around the league.
The most interesting of the players was Jorge Miramòn who came from La Roda C.F., but also had two season in the Spanish top division for Zaragoza.
Jorge would take over the right midfield after Juanfer.
You have made me want to do a Spanish story! :D :P :) Loving this story and I although you were relegated, it was with a lot of points (39). If you can secure automatic promotion this year, it will help you a lot :P :)
PaukerJ : You have made me want to do a Spanish story! :D :P :) Loving this story and I although you were relegated, it was with a lot of points (39). If you can secure automatic promotion this year, it will help you a lot :P :)

Thanks for reading and good luck with your story.

There is no direct promotion from the third division. Even the four division winners have to play at least one home-and-away playoff game to win promotion.
And thanks for the 4000 views.

Up and running

The first two months of the season were close to perfect. The status report after ten games said eight wins, one loss and one draw.
The one imbacering loss came against another Mallorca team At Baleares.
We had the league’s best goal differential and found ourselves in first place two points clear of the nearest rival Ontinyent FC from Valencia.

The first real bump in the road came in the middle of October when David Karg had to be carried off the field in a game against another Valencia team, C.D. Alcoyano. When he came back from the hospital, the result was devastating. A damaged cruciate ligament with a recovery time of ten to twelve months was the verdict from the doctors.

That was a huge blow for a young player rapidly improving and with a bright future in football, possible on a higher level than what CD Constancia would be able to offer. Several scouts had mentioned his name already and the board talked about being forced to sell him at New Year’s transfer window if the price was right.
That talk stopped now.

It was also a setback for the title hopes of CD Constancia. David Karg had done an excellent job being the anchorman in the midfield and had a 7.24 overall rating
when he went down.

The injury also raised some interesting discussions in the front office about his contract. Could we afford to give a player with a damaged knee the richest contract the club had ever signed or would we have to let him go?

It was now up to 37-year old Javier Farinós, unproven Jorge Merino or up and coming but also injure prone Cristian Reyes or to step up their game and replace him in the midfield next to Sergi Campoy.

Injuries to keeper Kiko Moreno and new sensation Jorge Miramòn (MR) in the following weeks did not help the mood in Inca.

While my career was getting back on track, the other Dane in Spanish football found himself in a lot more trouble.
After Michael Laudrup finished last season in 4th place with his Valencia team, this year had been a catastrophe. The team not only struggled in the Europa League but had also slumped all the way to 15th place in the domestic league after the first third of the season was over.
A loss to Sevilla in the start of November was the finals straw and Laudrup was sacked after just six month in control. He was replaced by Guiseppe Sannino from Parma.

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