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Poll: Europe Top League

The best teams from every top nation, in one league
Started on 28 November 2012 by alexthyberg
Latest Reply on 1 December 2012 by alexthyberg
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Hey folks!

Just woke up this morning with a brilliant idea! Promise you want to hear me out.
..been thinking about this when I heard of the Uefa Europa League problably will be no more after this year, insted a 64-team Champions League. WHY?!

Anyway, my idea is to create a database with the top teams from the best leagues in europe, and make a league out of that - every second or third year teams who perform best in their league and top teams from CL will make it to the Europe Top League.

Like, if you start FM Carrier 2012, the first ETL will be in 2014. Top 4 teams in seasion 2013 from England, Spain and Italy will be QF. Top 2 from Germany and France, and maybe 4 teams from recent CL, wich would be teams who gets to the semifinal.

Then we would have a league of 20 teams, if my teacher did a good job with me when I was young*.

I would love to play this type of game, a full season, everybody plays two matches against eachother. The winner gets a whole lot of money and gets to kick the 2nd placed team in the butt.. or something kinky.

So.. what to you think. I would have created this database myself but I do not have all the skills, and would prefer working with someone, one or two.

Please comment your thoughts!

..edit thanks to FM Rookie
I need an experienced database worker
1. Yeah, this is possibnle
2. Do you have a few months?

You need to set up a complete new continental competition, complete with qualification rules, etc. I made my own leagues (see FM12 Fantasia), and however I could do that quite easy, It took me more than 30 hours of work.

This will be a task which is much much bigger.
I have many months - YES
And a high workmoral!

Is there any way you can link me to a good guide, or be it yourself?
I've been learning the editor more and more today, but I'm not really sure wich kind of competetition i am supposed to make.

thanks for the reply!
easiest to do is just a KO-Cup with 2 legs each, maybe even with qualification poules (like the CL)

if you'd like to make just a topleague, besides the normal league, you should duplicate all the teams, place them in the competitions, and adjust all the rules.
okey, thanks!

..but if I want to make this topleague every third year for top teams around the best leagues in europe. Is there any way that I can make the teams position in Premier League (exampel) direct QF for the upcoming ETL next year? And when four teams from england spain and italy disappear one year for a season in ETL, I would like more teams from the division under QF for highest division.

Like england, 4 teams plays ETL 2014, and that year when they are "gone" from PL, more teams from Championship move up. And the same year, it has to be 7 teams is relegated because the ETL teams are back in.

Making sense or I'm I just crazy? :D

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