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French Invasion - François Garnier

Started on 15 December 2012 by Jucris
Latest Reply on 17 December 2012 by 15Marty
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Jucris's avatar Group Jucris
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Julián Serrano-Gnecco
Currently: F.C. Internazionale (2013 - )

Julián Serrano-Gnecco
June 16th, 1968
International Footballer

A Second Chance

"We have just received the information that F.C. Internazionale Head Coach, Walter Mazzari, has been sacked by the club's board. On a statement by Chairman Erick Thohir, it was also expressed the appointment of his interim appointment, the 45-year old Colombian and former international - Julián Serrano-Gnecco. This ends the almost 2-month run of Walter Mazzarri heading the Milan club and begins Serrano-Gnecco's interim reign over the players and coaches of this very reputable club.

Serrano-Gnecco, who is a former Inter player and international for Colombia, has wide experience in the football world and was recognized part of the golden generation of Colombian youth football. He was part of Colombia's Under 20s and subsequently the National Team with the likes of Faustino Asprilla, Freddy Rincon and Carlos Alberto 'El Pibe' Valderrama. After successful spells in Millonarios, Boca Juniors, and Inter, and almost 20 years of professional football, Serrano-Gnecco retired and decided to stay away from the world of football for a while. Since then, Serrano-Gnecco has dedicated his life to his other passion, books and literature.

After long years of retirement, Serrano-Gnecco decided to come back to football and so he was called by then-coach Jose Mourinho to take part in the Under 19s as assistant manager. With Mourinho a strong alliance was formed which gave Serrano-Gnecco the opportunity to serve in the first team and become a close advisor to Mourinho. With Mourinho's departure, Serrano-Gnecco was offered a chance to be in the next Real Madrid squad with Jose Mourinho in its head. Nevertheless, he decided to remain in the Italian club and wait for his moment.
Hm... Francois Garner looks terribly like Pep Guardiola... :))

Will be following this :D
Nice, a story with Lyon, try to make them the richest team of France, more than PSG!
LOL, why do you put a picture of Pep Guardiola? :P
It's just the avatar, guyzzzzz. :D

Edit: Garnier is completely fictional.
2012-12-15 02:55#72302 Jucris : It's just the avatar, guyzzzzz. :D

Edit: Garnier is completely fictional., I was thinking that was real and that you loved Guardiola :P
Does Lisandro Lopez still in the club?
Jucris's avatar Group Jucris
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Julián Serrano-Gnecco | Interim Manager - F.C. Internazionale
#2 - Pre-season begins for Inter || New signings announced
    Only 3 days after the Inter board appointed Julián Serrano Gnecco as the new manager for Inter, in an interim duty, new signings have been announced to a team that according to Serrano-Gnecco “needs quick revival and direct revitalization”. These are the words from Inter’s interim Manager joined by Football Director Piero Ausilio in this morning’s press conference:
    Piero Ausilio: “We’re here to announce the incorporation of Sotiris Kyrgiakos (GRE), Franco Zuculini (ARG), and Ivan Obradovic(SER). We’re glad these players have chosen Milan as their next workplace, and hope that under the orders of a great tactician like Serrano-Gnecco, they can excel and solidify this club’s expectations into reality. I will now give the floor to our Manager, thank you very much.”

    Julián Serrano-Gnecco: “Thank you, Piero. As you know, the club’s present condition, including its finances, are not the best, but they’re in order and we really don’t want to further this club into trouble. Thankfully, we have a great team here in Inter. We have great staff, and a sound board of directors, that understand the dynamics of football and its ever-changing nature.

    We managed to sign through free transfers Sotiris Kyrgiakos and Ivan Obradovic. Sotiris has showed the world of his great strength and his ability to become a pillar for the team. Joined by Walter [Samuel]. Hugo [Campagnaro], Rolando, and Ranocchia I’m sure Inter’s defense will be one hard wall to penetrate. Regarding Franco Zuculini, signed from Arsenal [de Sarandi], everyone can see what a joy of player he is. With only 22 years old, I can see him rising through the ranks and even lead the club to glory.

    Reporter from Gazzeta dello Sport: “Good morning, Julián. Now that you’re here as the new Interim Manager for Inter, how does it make you feel you’ve been only designated in a temporary duty while a reputable and more experienced manager is found? Thank you”

    Julián Serrano-Gnecco: “Good morning. Well, I don’t know if I should find that question offensive or not. Still, I believe in the trust our chairman and the board has placed on me. Its important to know that I’m no stranger to the club, I know how it operates, I know its philosophy and while I may not have years or decades of experience ahead of world-class teams, I was a world-class player and can assure you and everyone else I understand the game better than others. Time will tell, and along with it, results, too. Thank you very much.”

    It has also been announced the 5 matches comprising F.C. Internazionale’s pre-season.
    -- vs. Manchester City (ENG)
    -- vs. Oliveirense (POR)
    -- vs. Wolfsburg (GER)
    -- vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach (GER)
Sotiris Kyrgiakos - D(C)

Franco Zuculini - M(C) | DM

Ivan Obradovic - D(L)
Are you sure Francois Garnier isn't Pep Guardiola in disguise? :))
2012-12-15 03:52#72309 Glenn T : Are you sure Francois Garnier isn't Pep Guardiola in disguise? :))
LOL, its Francois you bitch... :P
Waiting for the start of the League of France.
Jucris's avatar Group Jucris
10 yearsEdited

François Garnier | Manager - Olympique Lyonnais
#2 - Garnier announces no signings
    The newly appointed OL manager François Garnier has recently announced there will be no signings during the summer window. It has been confirmed that due to the precarious financial conditions, no player signings will be undertaken. "Although there are no incoming players, I will be working with Bernard Lacombe, our Director of Football, in assuring our players commitment to the team with new contracts." said Garnier earlier today. Players like Anthony Révelliere, Steed Malbranque, and Harry Novillo will be the main targets for an improved and longer contract as their current one expires in December 2013.
    Guëida Fontana and Mathieu Gorgelin have also been listed on loan looking to slightly alleviate the wage bill and improve with first-team experience.

    Accompanied by his staff, Garnier has also announced five pre-season matches with SKU Amsterdam (NED), Nacional de Medeira (POR), Ulsan (KOR), Juventus (ITA), and Granada (ESP). These will be the matches to be held during the month of July.
very nice :)
Guardiola has urges to dress up as himself and impersonate French people it seems ;)

François Garnier | Manager - Olympique Lyonnais
#3 - Garnier's Lyon lives up to expectation and defeats Montpellier in 2012 Trophée des Champions
    Hosted at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey, USA, François Garnier's squad defeated current Ligue 1 champions in the 2012 Trophée des Champions edition. The Coupe de France champions traveled to the United States with one objective: reclaim and continue their legacy as the absolute champions of French football. Garnier stated that "it's not right to only appreciate what I've done, it's also an opportunity to thank our previous coach and friend Rémi Garde. If it wasn't for his arduous and unconditional commitment to this team we wouldn't even be here in the first place.
    In a very tied match, Garnier's boys managed to defeat the Montpellier team 2-0 with goals scored by winger Michel Bastos and Maxime Gonalons. It's the first time team captain, Lisandro Lopez, lifts the trophy since his arrival to Lyon. "Although our team is still in pre-season mode we feel we have worked enough and are ready to take on every competition." said Milan Bisevac after achieving the Man of the Match distinction.

    -- - Michel Bastos '35
    -- - Gonalons '38

Olympique Lyonnais - 2012 Trophée des Champions Winner
Nice win Jucris, seems that Lisandro Lopez is not in Lyon :/
What do you mean?

François Garnier | Manager - Olympique Lyonnais
#4 - A regular start for Garnier
    The absolute champions of France kicked-off the season with a pretty regular start. After becoming the undisputed champions of France in New Jersey, Garnier's squad began their journey on the Ligue 1 with a regular performance.

    Olympique Lyonnais faced in its three first league matches Stade Rennais, ESTAC Troyes, and Evian TG. "There's no need to address anything in particular regarding the players, they have been responding well." said Garnier. "The problem lies with the staff, we are still in search of the best tactic and throughout this first month we have been testing them. I hope that with the disciplined schedule we've undertaken and the already played matches, we will see some changes in our game play and its results."

    MATCH REPORTS - 11/08/2012 - LIGUE 1

    11/08/2012 - LIGUE 1
    -- - Lisandro Lopez '42
    -- - Michel Bastos '84

    25/08/2012 - LIGUE 1

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