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Just started man utd managment. Any player recommendations?

Started on 27 December 2012 by nemanjavidiclew
Latest Reply on 1 November 2013 by Stocke
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Any good players to buy at start at Man Utd season?
Loads! Depends which position you want to buy players for, whether you want someone for the present or for the future, and how much money you have.

Here's a few that I'd recommend:

ST - United don't really need any first team strikers to begin with, but Carlos Fierro is an awesome prospect for the future.

WG - Again, no real need for a first teamer, for the future I'd recommend Antoine Griezmann, he has done well for me in the past.

AM/CM - I'd get rid of a couple of the duds in midfield (I signed Scholes and Giggs as coaches mid-way through the first season, sold Anderson and Carrick, though Carrick can be good if used in the right role) and bring in some more quality. Kagawa is amazing, Rooney retrained as a CM is a great option too. Ideal DMs to sign are Arturo Vidal or Sandro (if you can get them), Marchisio and Fellaini are good options too. A cheaper option who could also be good is Radja Nainggolan of Cagliari, I haven't bought him myself but he does look good. Give some game time to Powell, Pereira, Daehli etc and they become really good in the near future.

FB - Not really brilliant players in the team at the moment, but there really isn't much else out there (unless you count players out of United's reach like Dani Alves). Fábio and Rafael are probably the two best FBs in the world in my save at the moment (Jan 2016), so it's worth sticking with them.

CB - If you can, buy Kurt Zouma, he's a great prospect. Other than that it's best just to keep the faith with the current CBs since any replacement will just cost loads for little improvement.

GK - De Gea first choice and Lindegaard as backup, nothing else needed really.

Realistically, you shouldn't need to buy too many first team players as long as you don't sell too many. If you can get RVP scoring then hats off to you, he's been consistently awful in front of goal for me in a few different saves. Cash in on the lesser players (Welbeck, Bébé, Macheda, etc) to keep the club in profit and concentrate on youth team players and everything goes well, after 2017 the money should start rolling in!

If you want more detailed advice on transfers, give a bit more info, like which players do/don't you want to keep, what formation(s) you want to play, what style of football you want, etc, and I can take a closer look and give better advice.
Hello, my main career is with man utd and i am now at 2015 so i think i can give you some good options to buy.
First of all buy kyriakos papadopoulos 25m in 48 month deposits. Secondly Capoue 15m in 48month deposits and bale ;).
ST: you dont really need but if you want buy falcao 60m or cavani i have them both and they rock. as a prospect ofc lucas ocampos and check demba ba 8M is value for money ;).
AML/AMR: Check at january you may sign walcott for free for the summer, neymar and lorenzo insigne, and my favorite gaston ramirez.
AMC: ISCO 20M the best
CM: vidal hamsik m'vila mccarthy
CB: kyriakos papadopoulos and ryan shawcross
WB: mclaughlin and luke shaw best talents kierann gibbs also good.
GK: jack butland or steele good options instead of lindegaard and great talents ;)
Thanks for the reccomendations.
I'm going to sell Fletcher and maybe Carrick and buy a DM.
Which DM should I get?
M'vila or capoue
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what i have done is that, (i use a 4-2-3-1 system with a poacher to spearhead the attacks)
get rid of all dead woods (anderson,Alexander Büttner,amos and may be young)
get erik lamela from roma for aml/amc (he is the beast, messi like player in my team).
get arturo vidal.
get david santon as a back up for both fullbacks (evra & rafael)
keep scholes, fletcher, carrick for midfield.
nurture nick powell into a scholsesque player.
sell van persey and maybe rooney (to get the wage bill down considerably)
get fredy guarin/moutinho/Yohan Cabaye in second season replacing scholes.
get rodrigo from benefica if you are selling both rooney and van persey.
get papadapaulose/kurt zouma/dede as long term replacement for vidic and ferdinand.
best of luck.
gareth signing so far at my save. won ballon d'oor 2 times,most assist.i think man utd have very deep i just bought bale to replace nani (poor PPM long shoot) and young(injury prones) in first season.for center back its very capable for 2 season ahead.wingback i suggest buy vrsljko for backup rafael.(sorry for my bad english :( )
2013-01-13 01:33#76827 nemanjavidiclew : Thanks for the reccomendations.
I'm going to sell Fletcher and maybe Carrick and buy a DM.
Which DM should I get?
before fletcher back to field after injury i suggest u used phil jones as DM/ball winner.cleverly is good too. or if u want splash the cash i suggest u buy sandro from totenham or fellaini from everton :D
tnx. what is the best formation to use for manutd on fm14
2013-10-31 11:14#140553 hassan adewale : tnx. what is the best formation to use for manutd on fm14

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