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Swansealona – Welsh domination of the English leagues.

My Swansea City FC story!
Started on 17 January 2013 by Decaboogie
Latest Reply on 20 January 2013 by Decaboogie
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Decaboogie's avatar Group Decaboogie
10 yearsEdited
Hi! Welcome to my story of Swansea City FC. Being a fan of Swansea for many of year and watching them climb through the divisions, I want to see how far I can actually take them. :)

I will be updating with Club Fixtures, Results, News and the like every two months (ingame months ofc :p) and see how we go from there.

I hope you'll follow and also enjoy!

Just over a month has passed since a Michael Laudrup joined Swansea since Brendan Rodgers left for Liverpool. Swansea City fans will be wondering what is going on at their club. Today, the club has announced that they have parted ways with Michael Laudrup and installed Kyle Evans as manager on a 1 year contract worth £15,000 a week. Reasons are unknown as to why Michael Laudrup has left the club but it appears that the decision was mutual between himself and Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins.

Kyle, 25 year old Welshman, a former professional footballer in the Welsh leagues, is largely unknown in the management world so there’s a sense of intrigue surrounding him. His career was cut short due to an unfortunate knee problem that reoccurred and he decided to take his coaching badges at an early age. We’ll catch up with Kyle in an exclusive interview toward the end of November to chat about what he thinks the future will hold for him.

Swansea starts off their pre-season with 5 away games;

I personally believe Swansea is looking a bit short in a couple of areas, so I will be looking to strengthen, especially up front. Now I have gotten the Chairman and staff meetings out of the way I will be looking to reshape the squad, even though they did so well last year.

The Chairman demands that I play possession football but in all honesty, it depends on the situation, doesn’t it? I’ve told the chairman for this season I’ll be looking to avoid relegation. I need to stamp my mark on to the team and give them chance to adjust to my tactics. A season of aiming low should give them plenty of time to adjust and we can push on from there.

There will be plenty of incomings and outgoings over the next couple of seasons, so don’t be surprised at some popular faces leaving. I’ve got a budget of £10m to play with, I’ll need to cut back on some wage and need to increase that transfer budget by selling some players I know I won’t be using.

I’ll be reporting back at the end of pre-season. Let’s get to it!
Swanselona! Go on, because I like how you write and make some key signings and get some CL football in Wales!
Good luck,hope you do well !
Thanks a lot :-)

Pre-season now done sooo.. !
Decaboogie's avatar Group Decaboogie
10 yearsEdited
After a review of the coaching team I wasn’t quite happy with the quality I had there. Both Fitness coaches, Oscar Garcia and Ryland Morgans were asked to leave and did so willingly. Paul Winsper and Jon Webb have replaced them both coming in from unemployment.

Paul Hardyman and Andy Awford, both from Portsmouth have been brought in to handle the Tactical coaching and Defending coaching.
Bobby Mimms from Blackburn has come in as a 2nd Goalkeeping coach.
Former FC Bayern player Alexander Zickler has come in to help out with the attacking coaching.
John Metgod from Derby is the final addition to the staff to help coach the Ball Control side of training.

Ki-Seung Yeung has expressed his concern about the amount of midfield players currently in the Swansea Team. I have reassured him that there will be player’s leaving the squad before the season starts.

First pre-season match and Anderson was injured. He is going to be out of action for around 3-4 weeks. A devastating blow to pre-season preparation, I wanted him to be a major part of my team and wanted him to gel with them.
Goals from the matches;
ADO Den Haag 1-5 Swansea
Elversberg 1-3 Swansea
Schalke 3-1 Swansea
Port Talbot 0-5 Swansea

Not the best of Results. I dominated the match at Union Berlin but when you have a complete overhaul of tactics, staff and players, things do take time. I am hoping to bring in a couple more wide players either side for a wing-back role. Currently waiting for Romario from Vitoria to accept or decline his contract offer. There seems to be a lack of Left-back players available to me at the minute. Perhaps a loan will be needed.

Next fixtures and the start of the prem;
Good luck man :) Nice results in pre-season too :P
GOod luck man cant wait to see how your river plate signging goes
Hmm, Selling Nathan Dyer was a big mistake, He's brilliant on this game, So explosive. Always see his name in the top scorers list for some reason, Not sure why. But none the less, Good luck man! Nice start so far. You lost to my beloved Schalke.
Thank you :) I sold Dyer because I don't use Wingers, apart from Wing Backs. I'd have sold Pablo Hernandez instead but he wouldn't have left seeing as he only joined in the summer, so no point in trying. I needed to free up some money to get better quality in the midfield.

I've signed Cirigliano on previous saves, he does take time to become decent but once he does, he's a beast!
Decaboogie's avatar Group Decaboogie
10 yearsEdited
With the Premier League under way, my first trip was to Spurs. Not the easiest of starts but I was hoping for a good display. I never expected a win but looking good at the back was important to me. The tactic I implemented is still nowhere near fluid and is taking longer than anticipated to get a hold of.

The results of the first few games of the season are as follows;
Spurs 2-0 Swansea
Swansea 1-0 Aston Villa
Bournemouth 1-2 Swansea

Transfer Deadline soon crept up on me and I wasn’t really able to bring in a striker of the calibre I actually wanted. I tried to get a deal done for Gabriel Hauche or Manolo Gabbiadini but there wasn’t enough time, perhaps not enough money, either. I did manage to secure Michael Keane from Manchester United for the measly fee of £45k for next summer and Jan Oblak from SLB for £1.475m, a couple more for the future perhaps. Full transfers incomings and outgoings below;

Some of the big incomings and outgoings throughout the Premiership;

I’ll be updating on a monthly basis from now on, gives me time to have quality over quantity. :-)

Here are September’s fixtures;

Some tough games there with Liverpool and Everton. West Brom always seem to score 30 yarders against me. So out of the possible 12 points up for grabs here, I’ll be aiming for 6. Add to that progression in the Capital One Cup, shouldn’t be a too bad of a month.

See you November 1st!
I need to invest in a new goalkeeper. Either in January or the summer. Vorm has made several mistakes already this season, he can't handle shots at him. Fumbles them far too often and end up either creeping inside the near post or parrying them out to the opposition striker.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to whom they'd sign? I have Jan Oblak coming in, in the summer. He's far too young and underdeveloped for my liking though.
Not sure about the keeper(try Sergio Romero, maybe?), but for striker you could have gone for Ademilson from Sao Paulo for 5.25m or Kevin Gameiro from PSG who's usually listed at the start of the game on my save.(You can also get him on loan for 75k p/m or transfer for 7m)
Cheers. I'll take a look at him.

I was thinking about Ademilson but he's a bit young for what I was looking for. I'll take a look at Garneiro and see if I can take him on loan in Jan. Maybe there'll be some going on free in the summer. :-)
Well, what an interesting couple of months it has been and results haven’t been TOO bad. I personally thought I’d lose to Liverpool and Everton and win against West Brom and Fulham in September but having a run without a loss was even better. I decided to do two months instead of one as I feel there’s not enough time between months and enough content for people to read on each instalment. I didn’t want to be flooding the thread with updates. That being said and having, I feel, a good September, October soon crept up on me and I was put back in reality with a loss to Chelsea.

The international break followed the Chelsea loss, so my players had time to stew on it and morale was kept low for a while. However, a nice run of home games was due, even though they were against tough opposition. We put in an impressive display against – in Sir Alex Ferguson’s words, ‘tiny club’ – Newcastle and gave them a hiding 3-1. Showed a good defensive performance against City but needed Penalties to defeat Fulham in the Capital-One Cup. I could have done without the extra strain on my players’ fitness levels but progression in that cup in fantastic.

I have started eyeing up potential targets for January and realised I’ll need to let some more of my players go as quite frankly, they’re not getting enough playing time. Players like Pablo Hernandez, Kemy Agustien and Ashley Richards are all decreasing in value month-by-month due to them not getting playing time and I feel I should cash in on them now whilst they’re still worth.

There’s Ryan Shawcross, Thomas Vermaelen, Benat and Jermaine Jenas on the Transfer List. Now I doubt any of them would actually come to me, but what’s the issue with showing a bit of ambition? :-)

November and Decembers fixtures appear to be the must-win games as I’m playing with the teams around my area of the table. So I’m hoping for some good performances in the next couple of months. I do understand it’s going to be tough, due to the fact it’s so congested. There’s a Capital-One Cup game to be added in to there, also.

I’m aiming for 18 points out of the possible 33 on offer. If you’re interested, here’s the league table;

How do you think I’ll do over the next couple of months?

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