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Sale Value - Have I missed something?

Started on 12 February 2013 by irishdazzler
Latest Reply on 16 February 2013 by hepek
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Hi Guys,

so my Genie is down at the moment because the cursed Steam updated my game.

But what I really wanted to ask was is there no fix to the sale value?

I understand that there was some issues at the start, with no sale figure included but now I see a figure for sale value....

....but the figure is never accepted, in fact if I have managed to sign someone its been for a ridiculous value way over the sale value.

I dont mind if its something Eug is working on, I just want to make sure this pain is not just mine


Hi Barney,

I've been having the same problem. I think someone posted the other week about this and they were told that either their football manager or genie scout was not up to date. Both of mine ARE up to date but I still have had no luck. Not many people seem to be complaining about it though so either we are the impatient ones or just unlucky! Can anyone shed any light on this?

Best wishes,
See that's what baffles me Nick - I have (I had) both fully upto date but it doesn't work on mine.

And seeing how many people are complaining about the FM update throwing genie out the window I would have expected many more people to be complaining about sale value.

Can anyone else confirm if their sale value is working or not?

Hi, it has been mentioned that the current sale value in genie scout is experimental and does not actually reflect the actual sale price. If you look at the numbers the sale value is around 1.25 times the value, but sometimes seems to be dependent on the rep of the club.

The very first version of FM this year, unpatched, had an in-game “New AP” column which told us the sale value. Unfortunately this has been patched since and I don’t think there is a way to unpatch your game to a previous version due to the use of steam this year.

The glaring obvious problem lays in promising youth players, where the 1.25x the value obiously doesn’t stack up. With clubs asking for ~5-10x the value for their promising youngsters.

The only method avalaible just now is to find players on genie that you think would come to your club, “add players” then export the shortlist, import it to FM and scout all of the players on that list to get an indication of the sale value.

However I understand this could be a problem with LLM who have only 1/2 scouts and limited scouting network and abilities. I think I speak for the whole community when I say a big kudos to Eugene for this tool and if there is any feedback, input, examples that we can provide to you Eugene to aid in sorting the sale value out then we will be happy to help!

Thanks Jack,

that makes perfect sense - and it was what I was expecting was going on....but its just good to know that everyone is in the same boat.

totally agree - Eugene, great effort.

same in my value doesn't work and it make me sad because that was No. 1 strength of FM Scout tool

without this FM scout is more or less useless since we can all download shortlists

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