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Current Ability + Potential Ability

Started on 3 October 2008 by Gooner
Latest Reply on 3 October 2008 by Gooner
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I know it's probably been asked many times before, but i was just hoping someone can explain fully the current and potential ability's. I get confused when the ability is in the minuses and what is the max. ability etc. Thanks guys.
when a player has a PA ability in "minus" and some number. then it means that when FM starts a new game it will automatically choose a random number between a certain group.

im not exactly sure on the exact numbers or anything but for an example:

if i have 150 in current ability and -9 in potential ability. Then everytime a new game starts it will automatically choose a PA between 180-190 for me. this is an example.

Other than that max potential is 200 on both of them.

Usually the CA and PA are there because to give players an overall 'limit' to their skills etc.

But we all know that in real life i could become as good as scholes.

CA and PA simply are a limit. It doesnt exactly say which player is better than the other.


If i have 120 in PA and CA. and i have 20 in finishing, 20 composure and other good stats for being a striker. Then i will be equally if not better than a top striker as well(I COULD BE, it doesnt exactly mean that i will be. given the team around and instructions from manager).
My point though, in FM the stats mean more than CA and PA.
CA and PA will only limit how many 20's for an example i can have etc.

So thats why wonderkids usually have high PA because they have it in them to change quite much.
Top answer, cheers mate.

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