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Huddersfield Town AFC - UTT

Started on 8 April 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 25 June 2013 by gambit84
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I couldn’t really refuse it in the end as I came to my senses that I have unfinished business at the club. I will be looking to leave within the next two seasons though...especially if things don’t go well. Thanks for reading.

I couldn’t believe it and I can’t see it having a big impact on the club’s finances. I have reduced it to the lowest amount possible though. I don’t think it would ever happen in the real world! Thanks for reading.

I am glad too. I need to try and get Huddersfield Town to win the Champions League for the first time which I am confident we can do next season before I move onto another challenge. Thanks for reading.
2013-06-10 07:52#110679 gambit84 : You took the right decision! Now, it's time to win the Champions League mate! :D Great updates and great writing-up, as always!

It definitely is time to win the Champions League and I'm confident that we can do it. Unfortunately can't do any updates during the week so will try my best to get a few done this weekend. Please don't stop reading :)
The avid readers of this story, if there are any out there, will have realised that the story hasn't been updated on a regular basis for a while now. The reason for this is real life commitments have had to take centre stage and they will have to continue to for at least the next month. I simply do not have the time to write the story never mind play the game; I can't recall the last time that I loaded it up.

This update is an apologie for the lack of updates but also for the fact I won't be continuing this story even when I can dedicate time to the game. I feel that a month away from a save will hinder any motivation I would have to carry it on even when I have more time on my hands. It has been a great journey with my local team and it is one I enjoyed a lot more than I expected to. Huddersfield Town have become a team to be recognised with and a team that would have been challenging for the Champions Leagur trophy and I am even more sorry that you will never know if I could achieve that or not.

Thank you to everyone who has read the story, commented and kept me going. I will still be around on the site but take the job of story reader instead of writer.

Brilliant story mate. Sorry to hear the ending of it! Hope you come back with an even better one!
Too bad dude, had a blast reading it though, heck, even the Huddersfield chairman and manager if they read this will be wonderin' "damn...wish we could do that" :P

Good luck with whatever you're doing irl!
Sad to see this go. Was a great story mate.
It's sad to see yet another great story out here at FMScout.
Thank you for the kind words and I am genuinely sorry to see the story end...I have just lost the motivation and more importantly time to write it. I will try and come back with something even better in the future.
Good luck with whatever you have on in real life James. It's a pity to see the great Premier League-winning Huddersfield Town go boom. Guess it's back to reality now for all the Huddersfield fans :P

Hope to see another quality story from you in the future :)
It's a shame to see this go :( but we appreciate the effort and the story and hope you come back with something soon!
Unfortunately I have just deleted the game files to make sure I can't go back to it. I want to start a fresh...start over...get back to really enjoying the game with a team I have never managed and also I want to go about my next story in a totally different way. A lot of planning and research into teams will take place soon before the story writing starts.
Sad to know that mate... The story was amazing... Come back with a new one soon! :)

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