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FC Bayern München - The Titans

My FM13 Bayern Story
Started on 25 April 2013 by Arvind
Latest Reply on 14 May 2013 by Murtagh
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Some good signings, maybe you paid a bit much though?
Very good signings, I hope they gel in well :)
2013-05-06 16:13#98237 Louis O. : Some good signings, maybe you paid a bit much though?

I think I might have on Williams, but Ferreyra has a 180PA on my save so I'm hoping its money well spent :P
Quality signings mate :)
Ferreyra is a great signing already. His stats are immense in my Norwich save. Good luck!
Good signings mate! Well, maybe a little bit too expensive, but Bayern is rich... ;)
Good signings, maybe overspending a little, though.

Oliver Kahn had never been late for anything in his life. He always tried to finish getting ready an hour before he actually had to leave. When Kahn was in school, he often reached the campus gates even before the security guards got there. He followed a similar principle during his playing career, and planned to do the same with his managerial career as well.

He showered, shaved and changed into his best suit, and just as he was about to sit down for breakfast, he received a call - from Real Madrid boss José Mourinho. The Portuguese congratulated him on getting the job, and the pair proceeded to talk about transfers, tactics, players and their experiences in the game. "This must be what being a manager feels like." he thought. He slipped the phone into his coat pocket, and took a look at the silver watch on his wrist. His eyes grew wide in disbelief. The sweat had already started to bead on his forehead. "SEVEN O'CLOCK?!?!," he yelled in disbelief. How could I be so late?!"

His wife Svenja walked into the room as cool as can be - like she was used to Oliver getting flustered - and set down the towels she was carrying on the table. Oliver fumbled around in his pockets trying to locate his car keys. "Ugh, where did I put my keys?" he grumbled. "Oli, RELAX," she assured him, pointing towards the wall where the keys hung. "You're still fifteen minutes early." she asserted, wrapping a red tie around his neck.

"It's my first day in training. I've got to be earlier than that. The media will be there as well." he argued. After finishing up the tie, Svenja put her hands on his chest and gave him a kiss. "Good luck Oliver, I'm sure you'll do fine. Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold." Oliver ignored Svenja and unhooked his keys from the wall and left the room, abandoning the oats on the dining table. He headed for the the exit, but took a detour and walked into his son's room. The toddler was in his bed, sound asleep. Oliver ran his fingers along the baby's hair. "Sleep well, son." he muttered, as he slowly shut the door behind him.
Nice writing there Arvind :) I think you should do a mixture of these and news reports, a bit like my Hoddle story sort of ;)
Nice little update there Arvind. Trust Oli to be an early bird everywhere haha
It's a great pity I wasn't your 69th reply. A brilliant update nonetheless. It's little updates like that that brings us closer to the manager of the story :)
Like the story update there. Nice way to keep readers involved with the story! :)
Great writing Arvind :P! This is fantastic!
Great signins and excellent updates. :D

Good luck for the season!

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