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Santiago Muñez - The Boy In Green

Started on 21 May 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 5 June 2013 by KingPadster
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The Start

I have seen a few of these stories lately, and thought I would try one myself. Having a lot more time then expected due to exams and personal issues, I thought trying this story would be a good idea. However, I will probably only update once, maybe twice a day, and I will start with monthly updates, and see how they work out. I would also like to thank MrJK and MCFCDAP for the main inspirations for this story.

As my player is Mexican, I have loaded up the leagues I think he will most likely play in. The leagues are all English Leagues from the Premier League to League Two, the two top Spanish Leagues, both Mexican Leagues and the MLS. As I have little knowledge in these stories at the moment, I will use the same current and potential ability as DAP's Anthony Calibri. He will have a CA of 85 and a PA of -10, so like Calibri, it will depend on the club and the training to how well he performs.

I will be following a player many of you will know, Santiago Muñez. The Mexican is featured in the Goal! movie trilogy, which many of you may have seen. Muñez will start as a 15-year-old, but will soon be 16. Santiago's favourite club is unknown, but fellow Mexican's Javier Hernandez and Rafael Marquez will be his idols. Santiago is 5'11' and weights 12 stone, 3 pounds, but I expect that to change soon.

Santiago Muñez will play mainly as a central attacking midfielder. Nevertheless, he can also play on the left and right as an attacking midfielder, and has the ability to play as a striker if needed. Muñez will be right footed, and his main attributes will be his crossing, dribbling, first touch, finishing, work rate and acceleration.

Santiago is currently without a club, but will be hoping to find a club soon, with which he can wear the shirt with pride, and eventually, the green shirt of Mexico, even at such as a young age. So this is the story of Santiago Muñez, The Boy In Green.

The Index

Episode 1: The Dream
Episode 2: The Club
Episode 3: The Contract
Is Newcastle going to be one of his favourite teams?
I've not seen Goal! but I've read a description of it in Wikipedia. Sounds interesting. Don't think I'll be watching it anytime soon though :P

Good luck Munez!

Would be cool if he could get a move to Newcastle, then Real Madrid ;)
Looking forward to this! Munez has a bright future ;)
2013-05-21 14:35#103398 Glenn T : I've not seen Goal! but I've read a description of it in Wikipedia. Sounds interesting. Don't think I'll be watching it anytime soon though :P

Good luck Munez!

Would be cool if he could get a move to Newcastle, then Real Madrid ;)

Whatever you do Glenn, don't look up Goal! 3. Look up Goal! Glory days instead, that was a book, and it is the real Goal! 3
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Nice idea. Following
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Although I will soon be updating once a day, for the first few days, probably all this week, I may feature more, in order to get the story started and going well while I have the time. Thanks for all comments.

The Dream

This is it. This is possibly my best chance. A 15 year old ready to play football for a living. Sure, matches with the local kids are fun, with a ripped, torn and bitten football, but that's not what I want to do. I want to get out there. I want to pull that green of the Mexico shirt over my head, buzzing with adrenalin, ready to go out there, represent my country, and win. Win the World Cup with, and for, my country.

Leaving Mexico when I was younger was tough, taking just my football and poster. That's all I've needed in life. I love football, and want to do it forever. Living back in Mexico wasn't easy, and the crossing to America was tough, but I still want to represent Mexico. My dad may not care about my footballing career, but I have to do this for my grandma. She's the one who has supported me the whole time, I need to do this for her. Give her what she's wanted to see, me doing what I love every day.

Some teams have wanted me, but little sides. Los Americanos Jóvenes F.C have done me well, back in Los Angeles. I have become the star player, and the coach and players love me. I need more than a little Sunday side now. America is a tough country to break into, with the MLS being the only big league in the country. So this is why I have moved back to Mexico, in the hope of finding football. I've been linked with a few teams, and hopefully an offer comes in soon.

This is the year I need the most, to get me started so I can put on that Mexico shirt in the World Cup and play my heart out. At the moment, I am Santiago Muñez, the boy in green, but soon, soon I will be Santiago Muñez, the world beater and world cup winner.
Will compare this to mine. What CA/PA you give him? Personally I did 83/200
Goal! 1 is beast, Goal! 2 is also beast, Goal! 3 seemed to not have the same level of funding and felt like it was made by a different company - you could tell that the games weren't real and didn't have real players in it, unlike Goal! 1 and 2 :) - Good Luck Devil!!
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: An index will be added on the starting page now, so you can get to each episode easily skipping out the comments if you just want to read the story or find a particular post.

The Club

I can't believe it, I've found my first club. Club de Futbol Monterrey A, or Rayados A as they are also known. 16 years old and hitting the leagues of Mexico. I didn't know who they were, following my recent move and with the side being in a lower division, but for now that doesn't matter. I found out they play in the second division, which is pretty good, a good level to start at.

However, I won't be joining immediately. The agreed date is later this year, December 20th. Which in some ways is better. I can get some training and practise done before joining, fit for the season and ready to play! The club have some good players too. Cesar Delgado seems the key player, and he previously signed for Lyon for £5.75 million, a deal only many of us can dream about.

The best thing about this move, is my possible move in the future. The side are a feeder team to Monterrey, a team who play in the top division in Mexico! They are sitting 7th at the moment in the league, so a move would be brilliant eventually. Humberto Suazo is a brilliant player, and I hope to learn alot from him if I manage to progress up the ranks.

A contract is yet to be agreed, but as I am moving on a free transfer, I don't have to worry about the possibility of losing out. Money doesn't matter now, because I'm in this for the football!
Nice start Devil, keep it up :)
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Love It! Goal! 1 & 2 were both great. Hope nobody breaks your asthma pump at Monterrey like they did at Newcastle.
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