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Unemployment to Stardom. The Journey

Started on 22 May 2013 by dykie567
Latest Reply on 23 March 2014 by dykie567
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Thanks for the replies guys, will update soon!

Breaking News

The G Dyke job hunt may have come to an end as word has arrived that G Dyke has taken a flight from Argentina after a year on holiday there, to Germany. However it is yet unknown as to which airport he is heading.


The odds of G Dyke joining clubs in Germany are :

Division 2
Augsburg 13-1
Union Berlin 29-1
Werder Bremen 5-1
Braunschweig 3-1

Division 1
Stuttgart 7-1
Leverkusen 35-1
Wolfsburg 17-1
1860 Munchen 9-1
Where are the updates? i was very excited for this one and still am, too bad if you stopped
Hey everyone! I'm sorry the updates stopped as my laptop was stolen :(. Fortunately it was returned to me by the police so the story may continue!
A New Beginning?

Bastion HQ: Bravo 2-1 this is Baseplate. Radio check, over.

Bravo 2-1: This is Bravo 2-1, Baseplate. Radios functioning.

HQ: Captain Peterson, nice to hear you. Do you have eyes on the compound?

Peterson: Confirmed. 12 hostiles armed with Ak-47's. Less than we were expecting.

HQ: Have you located the target?

Peterson: We have located one unknown heat signature in the Northernmost hut.

HQ: That'll be him. Wait for confirmation from Overwatch, prepare to engage.

Peterson: Confirmed HQ, out.

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