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Thiago Ventura™ - FCP

Started on 31 May 2013 by Toon
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So, FMScout, I have been thinking. I have made too many stories, I can't stick to them, I don't know why. They are always the same style, always in article format, so now I have decided to try something different, a story more about the manager than the club.

Job History

FC Porto 2012-



Tired too at the moment, look forward to reading it tomorrow :D
30 March, 1994

Weserstadion, Bremen, Germany

Thiago raced out of the tunnel and in to his chair, beside his father. He was only 14 years of age, but he already traveled all over Europe to watch Porto. It wasn't his boyhood team, back in Mexico, where he was born and raised, he always supported Pumas, but, in Europe, it was always FCP. Besides, he could got to almost every game, his father working as the club Physio.

It was the Champions League, the best competition in the world. The best players that Europe had to offer were a part of this tournament, Porto players among them. Werder Bremen fans chanted loud and proud as their team marched out, while the small presence of Porto followers called out strong in their stand.

As soon as the ball was kicked off it was fast paced, Porto players getting on the ball and knocking it up field. Despite most of the noise coming from the home fans, Thiago could feel the atmosphere, it was electric, he knew he wanted to be on that pitch when he was older.

The ball was played to Paulinho Santos, who turned his opponent before another Bremen player rocketed in to him and knocked him to the ground. The Porto player crumpled in to the floor, hitting the ground. "Just a yellow card?" Thiago heard from over his shoulder, a few seats away the manager, Bobby Robson was stood, clearly frustrated at the referee. "Get up there, Mikel."

Thiago's father pulled up his medical supplies and raced towards Santos, who remained on the floor. After a quick examination he looked up, shaking his head at Robson, who grimly nodded before preparing his substitution. "Rui, you're on." He pointed at a player sat on the bench, who pulled off his overcoat and walked on the pitch, switching with Santos.

Porto instantly got back on the attack, thrusting the ball up-field, the ball was shifted back outside of the box before the newly subbed-on Rui Filipe sprinted in to it, smashing it in to the box from a mile out. The away fans roared, Thiago jumped in happiness as the Porto team celebrated together, Bobby Robson with a grin on his face.

A goal from Emil Kostadinov before half time would see the team comfortably up 2-0, and clearly happy with themselves as they walked in. Thiago's father departed inside to give players a check-up before second half kickoff and Thiago remained outside, spectating the stadium.

As the second half kicked off, Thiago expected the game may have slowed down, but it only sped up, Porto scoring two more before the game entered the last ten minutes. By then, the home seats were no longer packed, and the noise and atmosphere was with the Porto fans. 89 minutes... not long left.. a clean sheet? Timofte on the ball.. "GOAL!" Thiago cheered.

"Bobby Five-O" was the chant coming from the full away stand, opposed to the silence from the slowly filtered out home stands. Thiago was jubilant, he loved football, and some day, he wanted to be like Bobby Robson.
i wonder what team he will coach at start.
Awesome update.
I hope this story goes well for you. :D
Excellent writing mate, definitely looking forward to this!
A nice idea and a good new angle to take, i'll be keeping my beady little eyes on this one.
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20 June, 2003

CTFD PortoGaia, Porto, Porgual

Thiago relaxed in to his chair. He was inside a building in the Porto training complex, a place he saw almost every day, a place he had seen almost every day for four years now. At the age of eighteen in 1999, he began his Physio degree, whilst at the same time he was trained by his father. While a normal person would take 7 years to qualify, he would take only 4. He planned to be a player, but opportunities were few for him.

Porto had been kind enough to give him a trial, and he had ability, but he just simply did not have what it took, and they bluntly rejected him. He did not want to start in the semi-pro teams, it wasn't enough for him. He would rather be in the backroom with FCP then on the field with a fourth division side.

He remembered the training. While his father wan't busy with the club and he wasn't busy with his degree, he would have a quick session to train. He literally had no spare time, every day he worked closer to his Physio qualification, just as his father wanted. More than anything, he wanted to be a part of Porto, and he could be that with this, despite the fact he would have preferred management.

He had now finished his training, and, at the end of the Portuguese season, his father had announced his retirement. Thiago was very friendly with the manager, José Mourinho, and they seemed to talk a lot, simply about the beautiful game. Despite being skeptical about a youngster handling his injured players, he reluctantly agreed to give him the oppurtunity.

Mourinho entered the room. "Here is your contract." The Portuguese manager said assertively, passing down a simple contract with '£800 p/w' in bold at the bottom. "Thank you." Thiago replied, smiling. "I won't let you down." Mourinho nodded. "Remember, I am taking a gamble on you. This season is important."
Thiago smiled, signing the peice of paper and handing it back to the manager, before standing and walking out on to the training ground beside him.

Mourinho yelled for training to begin with Thiago and other coaches at his side. This was it. This was the beginning of Thiago's dream. He was confident he would be a brilliant Physio. A brilliant servant.
Nice signature Thiago :)) This is a good start Toon, keep it up :D
This is a brilliantly interesting story Toon and I agree with Louis, nice signature. I think that's a really cool thing to add.
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love the new format :)
Very interesting Idea mate! "Thiago The Physio" - has a ring to it!
26 May 2004

Arena AufSchalke, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

This was the big day. The Champions League Final. The long, sometimes disappointing season had led up to this. The title was gone, but, this team could be immortalized if they managed to win. Thiago remembered over 10 years ago, a memorable day in the Champions League, another German game, the 5-0 win over Werder Bremen. He hoped this game would turn out in a similar way, though he knew it would not be that simple.

The season had been successful for him. There had been a few major injured, but it was not as hard as he expected. He took care of them quickly and continued to build them back up until they returned, he actually felt it quite rewarding seeing someone go from barely walking to being fully operative thanks to his nurturing.

This had been the moment Mourinho was talking about when he had said "This season is important." This was, so far, the biggest moment of most of the players on the pitch's career, and, it was Thiago's job to preparing the Porto half of them for the game.

Mourinho gave them all a short speech about why they needed to win, it was no cliché, just a simple "do what you have to do." Before he began speaking to some key players, instructing Thiago to help psych them up. He approached some of the more nervous looking player and attempted to relax them, though, not too much.

When the time came, Thiago took his seat on the bench, beside Mourinho and the game began. Monaco, the opponents, instantly took the upper hand, hitting with venom at the Porto defense. "We need to tighten our back line, look, we are losing shape." Thiago whispered to the manager, who nodded, standing up.

"Costa! Carvalho! Tighten up! You are losing position!" He yelled across the pitch, the two defenders nodding, instantly forming a better back line, and seconds later, expelling the threat of the Monaco attack.

The game progressed, and nearing half time, a cross flew in from Ferreira to Carlos Alberto, who's attempted cross bounced back in to his possession before his shot landed in the back of the net, Porto fans rising in raptures. Thiago jumped out of his seat to cheer with the other coaches and Mourinho, though, he took his seat not long after, knowing a game like this could change in minutes.

The second half began, and little happened until the game entered it last half hour, as it began to yet again pick up pace. Several chances came up for both side, and it wasn't until the 71st minute that one was rewarded. Deco paced up the wing before sliding it to Dmitri Alenichev. Thiago looked at the pitch. "Give it back to Deco, man..." He whispered under his breath. Mourinho heard him and glanced at the pitch. "To Deco! To Deco!"

Alenichev tapped it to Deco, who pumped it forward and in to put FCP 2-0 up, and within reaching distance of the Champions League title. Thiago remained seated, only smiling. He was glad he had spoken, as his advice may have created the goal, though, he did not want to take credit. It was the players who scored, not him.

"Go, go, go!" Mourinho yelled, encouraging the team to score a third to put the nail in the coffin, and surely, the players listened, a goal from Alenichev sent the fans in to raptures only minutes after the second, and, that was it, Porto had won the Champions league.

After the whistle had blown, the team and the staff made their way to a bar where they celebrated. Thiago was ecstatic. He was a part of a Champions League winning side, only a small part, but an essential part.
Brilliant writing here Toon. Keep it up!
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Despite my decision to leave, I will continue to post on this thread until I find a new site.

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