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Thiago Ventura™ - FCP

Started on 31 May 2013 by Toon
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1 August 2012

Estádio do Dragão, Porto, Portugal

Thiago glanced in to the room. It was the press room, where he was due an interview or two. Since he had been appointed, things had been very quiet on the media front. In general, he had tried to stay away from journalists, however, when they did approach him on the street, he would acknowledge them, he did not want to make people think that he was running away from the press.

The room was crowded with many journalists from many different companies, most from Portugal, but a few from England and Spain. He was not nervous, like some managers may be at a press conference. He was ready for this. If he wasn't ready, he would not have took the job. All he had to do was imagine that the press were a friend that he was having chat with and it would be over sooner than he expected.

He walked in, several pictures being taken and a few cameras being clicked on as he took his seat. He adjusted the tie that lay as the center-piece on his expensive black suit, and faced the media with anticipation, waiting for a question or a greeting, anything to set it off.

"Good evening, Mr. Ventura." One of the bolder journalists who stood at the front said. He was accompanied by a cameraman, both had badges noting that they worked for BBC Sport. Thiago recognized that this was a British company, he smiled and nodded. He had only recently left English football and he knew the press over there were some of the most vigorous. "Yes, it is good."

"Well, Thiago. This is your first managerial job, but you've had quite a long career so far in the backroom. Are you confident about your step up?" The BBC reporter asked, staring at Thiago as if to discomfort him, make him trip up, but he did not, he merely grinned and replied to the question. "Yes. I would not have taken the job if I was not. I would not put a club in jeopardy just to test out my management skills. I am 100% sure I am ready."

The Journalist looked annoyed that he could not crack Thiago, and was about to ask another question before a separate, Portuguese reporter took advantage of the momentary hesitation. "Mr. Ventura, you have already spent quite a lot on transfers, do you plan to sign anymore? Do you have the funds?" Thiago paused before answering, mulling over what words to chose. "Yes. I think that there will be more to come. I want to focus on the young side of the team. No matter how long I stay at the club, I want to leave it with players that will one day be big in Europe."

A third reported then chipped in, looking confused at his answer. "You said, no matter how long you stay, what do you mean by this? You plan to leave?" To this question, Thiago chuckled. "Well, one day, I will leave. I do not know if it will be in a years time, if I am not offered a new contract, or in ten. I just know I will not be sacked, and if I leave by my own accord, I will leave after winning something big."

A few more questions followed, Thiago responding to them in a confident manor. He tried to maintain this charisma, he knew that other managers in the past had built their careers on it- Clough, Mourinho, just to name two of the many. He hopes a mixture of tactical, logical and charismatic career decisions would bring him to be a great.

When the conference concluded, he stepped up, nodded to the press and gave a small salute before walking out back in to the halls of the stadium and down to the car park. There, he peered at his brand new black and gold Ferrari, smirking before taking out his keys and zipping down the windows. Life was good.
Nice first press conference mate, "black and gold Ferrari", nice :D
This is too awesome keep it up Toon
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Life's good for Ventura
Life is good indeed :)
8 August 2012

Estádio do Dragão, Porto, Portugal

Thiago sighed with relief, but with a hint of disappointment as the twenty-two players departed the pitch and ventured in to the tunnel. The pre-season was over, and Porto had completed it playing a team that Thiago had strong opinions on- Chelsea F.C.

Though he had a soft spot for the London club, he could not help but oppose their chairman, Roman Abramovic, who, in his opinion, unfairly sacked his friend, André Villas-Boas. Nevertheless, in the season he spent as Assistant Manager, he did develop a taste from Premier League, and Chelsea.

He did feel like, going in to the game, he wanted to beat them. It would be a huge challenge to beat the reigning Champions of Europe, especially after following some mediocre results in the rest of the teams preseason- 0-0 draws with Servette, Grasshoppers and Fulham and a 3-1 against Malley.

Alas, the team could not defeat the blues, but it made for a good game. Liedson and Pedro Moreira put FCP ahead, but late goals from Malouda and Ramires sunk Thiago's hopes by leveling the game. It seemed like Thiago had something to prove, but, as he entered in to the tunnel, he knew that it was only a friendly, and one day, Porto would meet Chelsea in a European competition and he'd have another chance.

Now he had to focus on the Supertaça. Only over a month in the job, and he could win his first ever cup, and he was expected to. The Media predicted that Thiago's FCP side would defeat Académica, and many suggested they would do it by more than one goal.

Winning this would show the fans that he was worthy manager. This was important. This was big. As he entered the changing room and looked at his players, he knew this, and he told them. He spoke to them of importance of silverware, and how to get it. Confidence. Talent. Form. All of which, Thiago knew Porto had.
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Good luck for the Supertaca. should be a Routine win

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