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Nathan Limior Takes on Everton and the Premier League

Started on 6 July 2013 by shylax
Latest Reply on 1 September 2013 by Walter
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Yes! Good to see, very nice update, like the style and the ending!

March 2022

Norwich 0 - 0 Everton
We just couldn't do anything with the ball.
Player of the Match: Dentinho (Everton)

- Thanasis Karandreas is having trouble adapting to England so he has been given a leave of absence.

Everton 6 - 0 Hull
Hull's 5-3-2 always gives me trouble, so it makes me so excited to see everyone play so well!
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (Everton)

Champions League Round of 16
Everton 4 - 0 Fenerbahce
Everton 6 - 0 Fenerbahce on aggregate
The two biggest stories were Ricardo Gomez's hat trick, and Pal Sortevik's no-concession streak almost ending, but the goal was disallowed. It was a great goal, too, the longest one I've ever seen disallowed.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

Champions League Quarterfinal Draw
Valencia - Napoli
Arsenal - Manchester City
Paris Saint-Germain - Everton
Bayern Munich - Manchester United

Everton 4 - 0 West Brom
Everton's reign of terror continues in the Premier League, and they go 10 games without conceding a goal.
Player of the Match: Loic Hourcade (Everton)

- Sadly, former Everton player John Heitinga was sacked as manager of Numancia.

Liverpool 2 - 1 Everton
Of COURSE Liverpool wins on set pieces.
Player of the Match: Eric Mathoho (Liverpool)

Champions League Quarterfinal
First Leg: Paris Saint-Germain 2 - 2 Everton
We kept PSG from pulling away in their home leg, and considering how rich they are, it's a great result for us.
Player of the Match: Marouane Fellaini (Paris Saint-Germain)
Injury Update: Loic Hourcade suffered a groin strain and will miss 2-3 weeks.




Premier League Table

The loss to Liverpool hurt us bad, as the lead is back down to 2, and we need to beat Manchester City next game or things start to get really interesting and not in a good way.


Barclays Young Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (winner), Loic Hourcade (2nd)
Jesus it is close, but I know you can do it. 10 games without conceding is pretty phenomenal too :D
Tottenham 17th :))

Also, you really shouldn't leave. There's still The Champions' League and everything else.

April 2022

Everton 1 - 0 Manchester City
Despite our dominance, we were lucky to come out with a 1-0 victory thanks to Joe Hart's world class goalkeeping. George Green was the most noticeable of the players as he kept getting into wide open positions and being dangerous with the ball.
Player of the Match: Ross Hunter (Manchester City)
Injury Update: Serge Ribes broke his shoulder and will miss 3-4 weeks. It's a tough injury for him but we are well-stocked at midfield. Next man up!

- With the victory, Everton have secured qualification for the 2022 Champions League.

Champions League Quarterfinal
Second Leg: Everton 5 - 2 Paris Saint-Germain
Everton 7 - 4 Paris Saint-Germain on aggregate
Everton broke free, scoring four goals in the first half. Romelu Lukaku tried his best to square things in the second half, but his two goals weren't nearly enough, especially since Everton scored another goal via penalty.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

Champions League Semifinal Draw
Everton - Manchester United
Arsenal - Napoli

Fulham 0 - 0 Everton
Fulham showed why they are in contention for a Champions League spot as they withstood Everton's assault to deny us two points.
Player of the Match: Tarek Said (Everton)
Injury Report: George Green tore his hamstring and will miss the rest of the season.

Everton 2 - 1 Arsenal
We got off to a good start in the first half, but couldn't keep it up and almost let Arsenal back in it.
Player of the Match: Lorenzo Crisetig (Arsenal)

Champions League Semifinal
First Leg: Everton 1 - 0 Manchester United
Manchester United just survived everything we threw in their way, until Ademir headed in a corner during stoppage time for the victory. I wish we had scored more, though, Manchester United will be tough at Old Trafford!
Player of the Match: Armand Mbock (Everton)

- Jose Mourinho had bad comments for Nathan Limior after the match, when asked for a comment, Limior said, "I've never heard of Jose Mourinho so I don't mind if he says bad things about me."

- Bart L'Ami suffered a damaged elbow and will miss the second leg. Former Toffee Rafael Rivas will also miss the second leg due to a yellow card suspension.

Southampton 1 - 0 Everton
Our lack of depth on the wings was exposed as our attack only started going when Armand Mbock was put on the pitch, but it still wasn't enough.
Player of the Match: Paride Lucaselli (Everton)

Champions League Semifinal
Second Leg: Manchester United 3 - 3 Everton
Manchester United 3 - 4 Everton on aggregate
A great match, with so much give and take, but Manchester United could only match Everton move for move, and were thus eliminated from the tournament. There were 3 disallowed goals, two for Everton and one for Manchester United.
Player of the Match: Vincent Aboubakar (Manchester United)

- Dentinho has been with us for so long he's now a British citizen.

Everton 0 - 0 Reading
Why does every fucking goalkeeper in the world turn into a worldbeater when they're against us?
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)




Premier League Table

Fucking hell.


Barclays Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (2nd)
Barclays Young Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (winner), Edilson (2nd)
Man it is close, but hopefully you can pull away in the last two legs! Nice touch with the match video :)

May 2022

Everton 7 - 1 Leicester
I opened up the longshot restrictions on my team, encouraging my strikers to take shots whenever they could, and a few other high-long shot attribute players, and this is what happened.
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (Everton)

Derby 0 - 0 Everton
We played like we already knew Manchester United was beating Reading, just a poor way to end the season.
Player of the Match: Michael Chambers (Derby)



- In a move strongly urged from Gabbiadini himself, I am sad to inform everyone that Manolo Gabbiadini will no longer be an Everton player. I wouldn't have sold him, but he urged it. The sale is to Barcelona, and it is for 9.75 million pounds.

Premier League Table

A huge disappointment to finish 2nd, but that Manchester United team would not be stopped.


PFA Footballer of the Year: Willy van der Putten
UEFA Champions League Player of the Year: Ricardo Gomez
Barclays Golden Boot: Willy van der Putten
Barclays Golden Glove: Pal Sortevik (2nd)
Barclays Young Player of the Month: Edilson (winner), Vicente Molinos (2nd), Loic Hourcade (3rd)
shylax's avatar Group shylax
10 yearsEdited

2021-22 Champions League Final

Old Trafford
Everton - Napoli
If you don't want to watch the video, (I strongly suggest you watch it), or can't, here's the result of the match:

By the way, this might be the last update for the story, I want to do some other things, and felt tactically limited. Plus, even if it is only a game, the stress of expectancy got to me a little bit, I think.
You have made Everton a team any player would want to join. Great job Eb, great job.
Bad luck losing on penalties mate :( But I know what you mean when you talk about trying new things, that is why I stopped Oriental.

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