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André Martins - In search for success

No cheating, no editing... Just good ol' fashioned football managing skills
Started on 9 July 2013 by el_dii
Latest Reply on 14 July 2013 by Jamesg237
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Hello everyone!

This is the first time i ever post a story of one of my saves. I love the game and i love football, so, needless to say, i have always been a tactic addict myself. I create different tactics for the teams i manage and most of them have worked. I should warn you: i'm portuguese, so i'll try to keep the british writing as sharp as possible, so that we can all understand each other. Well, let's get down to business, shall we?

I wanted to do something a little different this time. Like i said before, i'm portuguese and my favourite team is FC Porto. In last save i've ever created, i managed to create this super ball possession tactic and the lack of competitiveness in the league was... well, excruciating. So, i was in desperate need of a challenge. Ladies and gentleman, i give you...

This one looks good. :) Yes, it's Montpellier. This club is leaving behind a massive heritage due to the fact of the club winning the title last season.
When i first decided to choose this club, i thought "They were unlikely champions, so i really need to build a competitive team to be in the Champions League (or at least to look good)". Well, i was shocked to discover that the transfer budget was... nothing. I mean literally nothing. ZERO! What was i supposed to do? Wasn't even expecting to take the crown again, but this was just too bad. And the salary budget available... 149€. Yes, it is not a mistake. The only options i have is to have players on loan without salary contribution (and you know how hard it is to find players under that condition) or free agents. The board isn't gonna be to happy about the salary control, but it is imperative to build something reasonable. And the team is not fantastic. I mean, it's not awful, but you know? The press estimates a middle-table position, somewhere in the number 9. We'll see abou that!

Hope you enjoy this tale! ;)
will be interesting to see which formation u have for us . cause im also a creator of my very own tactics and formations. will be following
2013-07-09 22:48#119058 its me : will be interesting to see which formation u have for us . cause im also a creator of my very own tactics and formations. will be following

Thank you for your attention. ;)

Well, after contract renovations, player loans, all the usual "cleanings", i finally took a good look at the squad. And there is potential, no doubt. But, there was the necessity of reinforcements. But, since there are financial limitations, i only had the liberty of purchasing two players. So, whichever the choices were, they had to be "right on the spot. So, here they are. Two low risk contracts and two players who will have no trouble adapting the reality of french football:

Emile Mpenza

The experienced forward was a free agent. I'm not expecting wonders, though. Just regularity.

Nicolas Plestan

Another free agent. This central defender gives room for the other ones to play as full-backs, if necessary.

Full Squad


Maybe i'll go fetch a youngster from the reserves to evolve as a third goalkeeper. I have like 3 of those.


Bedimo and Bocaly are excelent wing backs and Hilton's experience combined with the physics of Mbiwa or Congre, provide in the end a good solid defensive quartet.

Midfielders and attackers:

It's not bad. One thing we surely have is versatility. Lots of players doing different positions and/or performing different tasks. I can switch and switch until i get bored, but without screwing the dynamics of the attack.


A lot of French stories arising now, will be good to compare. Good luck :)
2013-07-10 11:29#119126 Kane : A lot of French stories arising now, will be good to compare. Good luck :)

Thank you Kane. ;)

Well, pre-season is done. Here are the results:

The team showed good accuracy in most games and, since it's pre-season, i ain't too worried about the draws. We played well in all games, but we lacked a bit of luck in those. The best win was against Anderlecht, a side who is considered to be sharing a similar reputation with Montpellier. Since the team was physically destroyed, winning this match was really something.

Ah yes. The French SuperCup. This was the challenge i was expecting. The difference between teams was big, so i was a little concerned over the outcome. But we had nothing to lose, because the pressure was all on our opponent - Olympique Lyonnais. So, i set an attacking mentality combined with a good solid, compact formation. This was the result:

The stats leave no doubt. We were overwhelmingly superior to our opponent and we sent a warning signal to all the other teams in League 1. We are definitely a team to watch out for.

The squad's usual formation

It was easy to find a tactic that all players would fit into. This created good results so far. There are alternative formations but i'm keeping those to myself.


I'm portuguese as well, so I'm going to follow ;) Good luck!
I can't say I know anything about the club but has been an interesting read so far!

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