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Atlético Madrid: The Fight For The Top

Started on 20 July 2013 by Jack
Latest Reply on 7 August 2013 by Jack
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Some magnificent results mate, keep up the great work :)

The last day

SSN Man: We now head over to the Red Bull Arena where it is the last day of the season in the Liga BBVA with Adam Richards (LFC) and Matija Strok (Diazepamll)

MS: So it all comes down to this. The last day. One point separates the cross-town rivals from the top of the table. A win for Atlético would seal the title for them, if they draw or lose and Real Madrid win, Real Madrid will win the title. Ideally, Atlético will want Real to lose so it will be a comfortable win.

AR: Yes, both teams have had an extraordinary run of form these last few games so they hope to bring that form into today.

MS: So who are both teams playing today Adam?

AR: Atlético will be playing Espanyol at home, Real will be playing away at Sevilla.

MS: It's not just an important game for Atlético either? Espanyol are in 4th place and 3 points behind them are Málaga so they will be fighting for their Champions League hopes today.

AR: Thanks Matija, we will now head down to Geoff Shreeves who is talking to Atlético manager Michel, hello Geoff.

GS: Hello Adam, we are here with Atlético Madrid's boss Míchel. Míchel, are you nervous?

M: Yes, of course, err, it's a natural instinct.

GS: How are you approaching this game then?

M: I've tried to get them more revved up for this game and told the players to play like it's their last ever game.

GS: I know we may be going off-topic here but will today be a few players last game?

M: Possibly, there will be players leaving in the summer for sure.

GS: Thank you Míchel and good luck

M: Thank you Geoff

AR: Matija, we have just received the line-ups from the match officials, here they are:

MS: Yes, of course, that is a very strong squad from Atlético but it's all about if he can get them motivated like never before.

AR: We're about to find out, ladies and gentlemen, it's Atlético Madrid vs Espanyol at the Red Bull Arena, and it's live!

MS: David Villa gets us underway, to Canales, back to Alderweireld, now Demichelis, he plays a one-two with Essien, finds Canales, Guarín, Demichelis.

8th min AR: Guarín has a free-kick about 30 yards out, hits it! Bounces off the wall, Guarín hits it again but it's deflected again, now Canales, finds Guarín making a run out to the right, back to Iraola on the half-way line, Essien to Guarín, Essien, Demichelis, Diego Costa now, tackled, it's fallen to Sergio Canales who spots the run of José Enrique now, shoots! Side netting! Unlucky for the left-back! Oh no! It's a corner! My apologies, Canales outswings it, headed away by Raúl Rodriguez... PENALTY! Atlético Madrid have a penalty in the 9th minute! Guarín steps up... Runs up now... GOAL!!! FREDY GUARÍN PUTS ATLÉTICO AHEAD IN THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE SEASON!

27 min MS: News coming in from Sevilla, Gonzalo Higuaín has put Real ahead against Sevilla, as it stands Atlético must win

36 min AR: Iraola has a throw-in deep inside Espanyol's half, throws it to David Villa, back to Andoni Iraola, floated in... Beautiful cross... COSTA AT THE FAR POST!!! TIPPED OVER BY ALVAREZ! Canales with the corner now... Forlín heads it away, Léo nods it down to Canales who is inside the box, Canales heads to the byline, takes a shot!!! GOAL!!! 2-0 ATLÉTICO! SERGIO CANALES DOUBLES AT. MADRID'S LEAD!

43 min MS: Chipciu with a corner for Espanyol, Guarín heads it out, Cristian now, finds Chipciu, crosses in first time... GOAL FOR ESPANYOL! CHIPCIU HAS... IT'S BEEN DISALLOWED TO MÍCHEL'S DELIGHT! Raúl Rodriguez pushed ter Stegen when it went in!

Half Time at the Red Bull Arena, Atlético Madrid lead 2-0.

49 min AR: Iraola has a throw-in in Espanyol's half, straight to Mattioni, passed to Stuani, Cristian now, Victor Sánchez loses the ball to Essien, Forlín tackles, passes it backwards to... Villa's cut it out! DAVID VILLAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!! 3-0 TO ATLÉTICO!!!

64 min MS: Iraola receives the ball near the byline inside Espanyol's half, crosses in... Durán heads away, Essien receives it on the edge of the box, Canales spreads it out wide to Iraola who is in tons of space on the right... ANOTHER PENALTY! Fuentes fouls Andoni Iraola! And also great news coming from Sevilla, Cristiano Ronaldo has missed a penalty but at the Red Bull Arena Atlético have a chance to score from the spot and punish Real further. Guarín steps up again... GOAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!! 4-0!!!!!!!!! TOP CORNER!!! SUPERB PENALTY FROM FREDY GUARÍN AGAIN! The keeper guessed right but it was too powerful!


Absolutely superb update! Well written and well done on winning the league :)
congrats on the season and the la liga win. sorry about the previous comment. I would just like to see you win it by actually using your own tactic :) :)
^^^ never seen any tactics like that ^^^
Nath: Thank you! Enjoyed this season

its me: Cheers :)

sTedDarzZ: It is my own yeah but doesn't matter, cheers :)
Well done mate!
2013-07-24 22:20#122625 Inquisition : Well done mate!
Thank you!

Atlético Madrid reveal new badge

Liga BBVA holders Atlético Madrid's sponsorship Red Bull has taken full ownership of the club today and unveiled a new badge to go with their new deal. The badge is like any other Red Bull owned club's badge with RedBull at the top and the city/country name at the bottom, in At. Madrid's case the name at the bottom is just Madrid. There is no news of Red Bull changing the full clubs name but it is a possibility. The immediate fans reaction is a bad one, saying that that a new company can have the power to erase the club's life-long colours of red and white. However it is a new start for Atlético and with Red Bull GmbH's annual revenue of £4,253,000,000 Atlético can only be positive about their financial future.

*I did make/edit the badge
Great season and super writing m8. I just read all the story and enjoyed it all ;)
The only disappointing point was to loose to Celtic in CL after beating Chelsea 5-0 and Napoli 8-0 :P But you will do better next year!
Campeones! ! ! Espanyol in the Champions League is immense too. Congrats on winning La Liga :)


This is the moment you have all been waiting for since the end of last season (I'm hoping!), transfers. That time of the year one thing can go your way or the other. I have gone for the full revamp this season after being given the funds and with the type of players I have signed I should be able to compete for the Champions League this year after narrowly being knocked out of it last season to Celtic (3-2 agg). I will be including every incoming or outgoing transfers whether it is the first team, B team, C team or U19's.


A decent pre-season beating some decent teams while we were there and we played a team in North Korea!

And this is our first month of competitive football for the 2013-14 season:

Holy mother of buttfucking those are some amazing transfers
Some quality transfers but the 2 fixture pictures at the end are the same!
Nooooooooo!!! You got my Muniain!!! You also have a new squad again :) I think you win the prize for the team with the most eventful transfer window ;) Although I can see you sold many, what was your budget?

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