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Help! need players For Southampton

Started on 1 August 2013 by Lee The Bee
Latest Reply on 8 August 2013 by No1BossManager
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Started a season as Southampton got between 20-30 million to spend but my board want to sign high profile player/players but all high profile players won't come or cost to much and they also want me to give youth a chance so if anyone has any suggestions who to buy it would be appreciated!
it depends what season you are in, however i am a big fan on youth, my first team has an average age of 21 and im only 3 seasons in, one player who stands out for me is Julian Draxler.

however what i do is i hire as many scouts as i can all from different nations to cover as much knowledge as my club can get, i then get them to scout those nations all season round searching specifically for players under 18, 21 or 23, simple for what you want.

18 y/o is obviously cheaper but require you to play them in your main squad, keep checking their training levels every few months to make sure they are improving and watch them grow. They also become homegrown for your competitions (why i look for them in particular)

21 y/o any decent player at 21 will be looking at around 10-15 million value, for example Raheem Sterling for my LFC squad is still rated as a potential star player for any team in the league and he is now 20 or 21 and valued at around 11 million. but despite the value they require alot less of your attention and more just games to keep them on the right path.

23 y/o expensive but straight up good signings for an impact you are looking for. should perform well of the bat.

remember all signings you make will take time to adjust to your formations, language and favored personnel all help improve a teams performance, younger players seem to take longer to learn languages but they also seem to make friends faster.

Signings i recommend are:

Raheem Sterling - AMRL - Liverpool
Julian Draxler - AMRLC - Schalke
Kurt Zouma - DC - AS Saint-Etienne
Danny Wilson - DC (i think, he's a DRlC in my game though) - Liverpool
Gerard Deulofeu - AMRL - Barcelona

any other player in my squad came from youth and doesnt actually exist, but remember use your scouts all the time, and rule out any signing that your scout doesnt rate higher than a 3 and a half star, anything less and they are usually not worth it, obviously 5 star is the best but look at the stats carefully and what you are really looking for.
ademilson- a young stiker from santos ( a bargain )
Reo coker- CDM on a free
Redmond- winger
Carson- gk on a free

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