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Liverpool: Brothers in arms!

Started on 6 September 2013 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 8 September 2013 by Aaron
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First day

My first day was one to remember. I arrived at mellwood for my first training session, call me wierd but the morning fog and dew seem to give liverpool more of an atmosphere. I parked my car just beside the next door before getting out and locking up, I took my first few steps into the Reception of the training complex, it was certainly well looked after. It was like it had just been built...

Receptionist: "Good afternnon sir,how are you today?"
John: "Not bad! Yourself?"
receptionist: "Very well thank-you sir, would you like me to take you to mr.Ayre's office?"
John: "No thanks miss...?"
Receptionist: "Alex, Alex Blood sir."
John: "Please, do call me john!"

I walked away, down the corridoor. She certainly seemed nice I thought to myself, I caught myself day dreaming as i nearly managed to walk into Ian's office door...

Ayre: "Ah, john you're here. its great to finally be able to start work with you, how are you?"
John: "I am well, thank-you. how are you?"
Ayre: "I am also well, but thats not why we're here."
John: "No, right you are then. Better get started, Ill go meet the team."

I went to walk out of the door before an assertive Ian Ayre stated...

Ayre: "Oh and John,before you go...Please, watch out for Suarez, he can be a tricky one as you may know."
John: "oh dont worry Ian, I know my way round this guy. I've plans for him."

And with that i took my leave toward the training pitch, there they were huddled around pascoe, you could make them all out through the windows in the corridoor...

John: "Good day lads! Im gunna make this quick, for those of you that dont know, I am John Barnes, I have taken this club to glory meany a time and I plan to do so again, but i need your help. I cant do it on my own, who's with me?"
Gerrard: "Aye, Im with ya...we're all bloody with ya! who's up to take over europe ey?"
Suarez: "I am! I want to stay here!"
Agger: "Thats nice to here luis, I am to stevie!"
Team: "We're all in!"
John: "Good, now for today, pascoe will take training I am busy with other issues, its the transfer window its always busy...goodbye lads ill pop back out in a while!"

My first day, it was pretty much over, nothing else happened of much importance although after this day I realised I was in for one bumpy ride, but I was ready...

Barnes, new liverpool manager

Yesterday, Liverpool legend john barnes was appointed as the new liverpool manager! This has caught many fans off guard with the appointment, Barnes just recently broke down in tears in this very studio following an appolgy from the man himself! He stated in his appology that he thought he need to "set things straight". some liverpool fans took to twitter asking the official LFC twitter page all sorts of questions, here are just a small handfull:

@LFC Dont get me wrong,barnes is a legend. but atm hes an emotional wreck, hes not fit for the job #Why #NotAHappyRed

@LFC Why have you appointed barnes? have you looked at his CV? He was a great player but just like graeme souness, hes no manager.

Hopefully we will soon get and explenation from liverpool and barnes himself but for now we will have to wait. stay safe, more on skysports news coming soon.
Those are exactly the kind of thing you see on Twitter. Good update Aaron.
thanks jozef, i hope you will continue to follow:) i plan to put out a few more updates before 9pm
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron
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Pre-season review

It was just another cold, rainy day in liverpool. Not much of a could hear the rain drops patting on the window ledges and roof, the lads were out, giving it there all in training not one stopped and gave up! they had tenasity. I had a good view from my office, you could also see the houses in the distance. I'd forgotten what it was like to be a part of liverpool. I walked out of me office after wrapping my coat around me, i then walked outside to adress the lads...

john: "RIGHT THEN LADS!" I had to shout so they could just hear me.

The lads all ploughed through the doors to the changing rooms one by one. I just managed to squeeze past...

John: "Right then lads, listen up. You're not going yet. We've had a fantastic pre-season, and i want to kick off the competitive season the same way we did in our friendlies YES?"
Team: YES SIR!"
John: "Right then, go on, get changed."
Pascoe: " Urr, john...would you mind sparing a few moments to run through and review our pre-season before we head off?"
John: "I dont see any reason why not. go ahead."
Pascoe: "well obviously we had a great pre-season, but there are still a few areas we need to improve on."
John: "Yes, couldnt agree more!"
Pascoe: "Our biggest weakness, seemed to be our defence. im not saying we need a defender but extra training is what we need. The only annoyance is that our defence if you look closely should be our main strength."
John: "If extra training is what you think we'll need, its what they will get.
Pascoe: "Now for transfers, I think we needed an instant impact player, like torres. and i definitley think you got this in pjanic however, we must retain him from switching clubs like torres for sure. Ryan gauld i think is good buissness from the DOF and has been progressing in training. Now you signed caprari on loan which I thought wouldnt benefit us at all however ever since you bought him on a permanent deal hes been working wonders. And finally Casto our new keeper, you shouldnt of givent the DOF the go ahead on this one and thats all ill say on the matter. I think that will be all for now but i would like to do this every month if thats alright with you?
John: "absolutley fine. Im happy to hear your opinion and discuss club matters with you monthly!"

So there they were, my new signings and my pre-season results...its certainly looked like we were a team ready to prevail indeed, we meant buisness this season...
Really nice update mate. I'm a huge fan of Pjanic, he's quality so great signing there.
Thanks mate, he took a big chunk of my budget, so i hope he lives up to the hype, however im NOT happy with signing casto, you'll see why soon

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