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A Welsh Wizard - Un Galáctico

A side story with Gareth Bale
Started on 14 September 2013 by Seni
Latest Reply on 15 September 2013 by Seni
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Dream come true

Its a dream come true. Not only that I am now the worlds most expensive signing, but finally, after 110 days of constant negotiations I am now a Real Madrid player. Some say that they paid too much for me, I don't care to be honest, that's between the two clubs. I just want to prove a point to everybody that I am better than they think, even to Real Madrid.

Tottenham will always be in my heart, without a doubt. Without that club, I wouldn't be here today. The same goes with Southmapton I suppose. I will try and keep an eye on their fixtures and I wish them all the best in their bid for Champions League football, the reason I left.

Not only has it been my dream to play for Real Madrid since I was a kid, but to play champions league football. Two years ago, we missed out by a couple of points and I felt with a new manager coming in, and the squad getting a bit stronger, we will definitely get it next year. Next year came and went, but we missed out by just a point to Arsenal, our bitter rivals. My contract was set to expire and so I had to think to myself. Do I want to sign on and we still don't get Champions League football? Or maybe its time to move on, to a bigger club. That's what I've done now and I'm ecstatic to be here and I hope I can help the club.

For now, I'm still staying in my hotel till my house is ready. Its nice to have Luka here with me to help me settle in, I couldn't ask for more. So here it is, I am now a galactico, or like they say in Spain, Una Galáctico.

Authors Note

Hey guys, keep calm this is more or less a side story. I will still update my Arsenal story which I love. However with school and some personal things, the updates won't be as frequent as they use to be before, nonetheless I hope I can succeed with this.
Well written and thanks for the idea :) Good player choice and I hope to see him flop in all honesty. But good luck :D
Good luck with your story, or as we say in Niaps "doog kcul":)
Good luck!
Seni's avatar Group Seni
10 yearsEdited

First day at training

I had my first training session as a Madrid player today, I must say I was very anxious. Real Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in the world, if not the biggest. Legends such as Zidane, Ronaldo, Raul, Figo have all played for the club.

There is a lot of pressure on me, being the worlds most expensive player you're expected to perform from everyone, especially your club. Today I met the Cristiano, the boss at Madrid. He seemed to be in a good mood and welcomed me as we both walked into the training ground.

The training ground is very nice, state of the art facility. Its more or less a mini-stadium, take a look for yourself:

Before I actually got in the pitch, I had to meet various staff members, including Mr.Zidane himself who played a huge role in this transfer. What an honour it was to meet such a legend. Thankfully some of the staff actually speak English.

Training itself was interesting. I was eager to impress and I think I did, although it matters most during matches, but working hard in training is very important. Now even though I'm not 100% fit, I believe in our next match, I can start and do well, maybe not play 90 minutes but roughly 70 or so. However that's not down to me, but the boss Carlo. He told me that there is a good chance of me starting but he'll see how I do in training first.

So far life in Madrid has been good!

It'd be cool if you had said Spurs were the best team in London. Anyways, good luck with Bale!
2013-09-14 15:53#134885 Pauker : It'd be cool if you had said Spurs were the best team in London. Anyways, good luck with Bale!

I think both myself and Gareth know that's not true :D

Rash tackle from Cristiano

I've been at Madrid for a week or so and I'm enjoying life at the club so far. Today we all found out that the first fixture of the domestic season would be against Barcelona, a huge game! If I could make my debut in that game, I would be very happy, but right now I need to focus on my training and being 100% match fit. If not I will come off the bench.

My ankle is a bit sore after I was on the end from a harsh tackle from Ronaldo while we were playing keep ball. I'm not sure if its usual for the players at Madrid to commit themselves into tackles during keep ball, but I was surprised to see Ronaldo lunge in with so much force. Its left a big bruise on my ankle and I've had to put some ice on it.

Before I left the training ground I went to go visit the doctor. My knee still doesn't feel one hundred percent and I think I've tweaked something but the doc says its not that serious and I can still play with it. Which is good news. Recently I've been speaking with Luka and he says everyone is still unhappy about the sale of Mesut Ozil, which I can understand but that is a concern as it seems that I am the one who forced him out.

Nonetheless, the new house is nearly ready and I'll have the company of Emma and Jamie. The two of them moving to Madrid with me will play a huge role in me settling down. Before moving, what would happen between Emma and I was definitely on my mind. I'm glad she's here with me in Madrid. Jamie has been my best pal since we were in school. He quit his job to come and help me here in Madrid and I respect that.
Like the idea Seni, and some high quality updates too :)
2013-09-14 21:54#134931 Walter : Like the idea Seni, and some high quality updates too :)

Thanks Walter :)

New signing, unhappy striker

When everyone arrived at the training ground, you could tell the spirits were high.Everyone was enjoying their pre-season and having fun but working hard. As we finished our warm up Carlo said he had some important yet good news for us. Immediately we knew it was a good signing but who?

Carlo: Now I know many of you are unhappy about Mesut leaving the club. There was nothing I could do to stop that move, Florentino wanted to sell him, I don't have the power to tell him not to. We should be thankful that we have Gareth now as he too is a world class player. Following the sell of Gonzalo we have been a bit short of first team strikers...that is why I am glad to announce to you all that Robert Lewandowski is now a Madrid player!

Once Carlo finished his sentence there was an awkward moment of silence. Everyone at the club knows and remembers Lewandowski, especially the defenders. I remember watching the Dortmund vs Madrid champions league semi final game, the 1st league. Madrid sure took a serious beating and it was Lewandowski himself, who scored all four goals.

Cristiano: This is a good signing, I am happy he is joining the club, we need strikers!

Karim: No, why do we need another striker. There is me already here, Jose can play as a striker, you Cristiano, you can play as a striker!

Obviously Karim isn't too happy about the signing because it means its extra competition for him. You see, when Gonzalo was here, him and Karim would compete for the starting position but often Karim won the battle. Since Gonzalo has left, Karim believed he would always be the starting striker, but now that looks very unlikely. I for one adore the signing and I'm looking forward to playing with such a world class striker.

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