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Best Mattress Topper Buying Guide: The Key to Your Perfect Pick for 2020

A good mattress topper can give an extra layer of comfort to those who are not happy about the quality of their existing bedding. While a couple of these products just lay on top of the mattress, others can be tucked underneath the fitted sheet. With that being said, these items are generally removable by design.

This guide will specify what toppers do, who should buy them, things to consider when shopping for these products, and more.

Without further ado, let’s check them out!

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What makes a good mattress topper?

It is mainly characterized as any separate cushioning layer that you can easily add or remove from a bedding’s top surface.

Toppers are fundamentally used to give additional support and alter the sleeping surface’s firmness for the desired result. They may likewise fill different needs; for example, cooling the bed or lightening pressure and pain points.

Apart from primary sleeping beds, the toppers can also be useful on couches, guest beds, in college dorms, hotels, and RVs.

Who should think about purchasing a topper?
Top rated mattress toppers tend to be most appropriate in the situations below:

  • A couple does not have the same preferences related to comfort. Without dual-firmness bedding, a mattress topper can change one side of the bedding for couples that favor various sleeping surfaces.
  • The guest who stays with you is in a strange living arrangement away from their regular comfortable bed. Toppers are perfect for couches, guest beds, and other rest surfaces that are often used by overnight guests (and perhaps do not provide the same comfort as the primary bed of the visitor).
  • The bedding that comes on an RV bed is not sufficiently comfortable. In case you do not know, RV beds usually feature less expensive bedding units that offer negligible support and comfort, and most comfortable mattress toppers can fundamentally improve these sleeping surfaces.
  • Toppers will deliver enhanced comfort — and at times, support — for those resting in away-from-home facilities such as long-term care locations, rental lodgings, and college dorms.
  • Imagine trying to sleep on a mattress when the firmness level is too high. A mattress topper can make a softer sleeping experience for people who prefer less firm surfaces.
What to consider when buying a best rated mattress topper

Next, you should take a gander at the crucial factors to remember when you look for a mattress topper and check out the various types, product brands, and units.

1. Material

Different materials for toppers provide distinctive experiences of comfort. For instance, latex and memory foam adjust closely to your body when you are sleeping for pressure relief and better spinal arrangement. Feather and wool models do not adjust as intently, which makes reduced resistance for those moving around on top of their bedding, That is not all; they sleep, to some degree, cooler. It is wise to learn about the properties of every bedding topper type since they have to do with your sleep preferences and demands.

2. Thickness

According to the best mattress topper reviews, toppers often measure somewhere in the range of one to four inches thick. A model’s thickness ought to correspond to the bedding surface. If your mattress is excessively firm for sleeping, you will need a thicker topper to modify the level of comfort adequately. Meanwhile, thinner models might be helpful when you want minor changes. Additionally, it is imperative to bear in mind that thicker convoluted foam, latex, and memory foam will, in general, sleep somewhat hotter when compared to less thick units.

3. Density

Similar to thickness, a topper’s density corresponds to other factors associated with performance. For instance, memory foam models with high density provide more fantastic edge support. They also conform closer when compared to foam units with low density. Still, high-density units often sleep hotter, generate more smell, and may not be as accommodating for sex.

4. Firmness

Generally, firmer models are perfect for sleepers who feel their bedding is overly soft. Meanwhile, softer products work best on excessively firm surfaces. One of the top ten mattress toppers can likewise improve the support of an older bedding’s firmness. For example, a medium-firm model utilized on a mattress with a medium level of firmness can assist with preserving the existing sleeping surface and keeping up the firmness level we want at the same time.

5. Durability

Durability changes by product units, but just about any wool, memory foam, and latex toppers will be quite long-lasting. They will be able to perform for a couple of years without too much indenting or sagging. Fiber and feather models, then again, usually have below-average levels of durability.

6. Motion isolation

The best quality mattress topper constructed out of latex or foam will, in general, absorb motion as well as isolating it to specific areas of the bedding. That way, the probability of sleep disruption will be lower. By comparison, wool, fiber, and feather units deliver insignificant motion isolation.

7. Hypersensitivity potential

Some topper materials, for example, feathers or latex, may trigger sensitivities in specific sleepers. Other topper materials, for instance, wool or fibers, are hypoallergenic and tend not to cause allergic reactions.

How to select the right topper for you: The Two Crucial Factors

What is the best mattress topper for your wants and needs? The best mattress topper choice usually boils down to body weight and sleep position.

1. Side sleepers

This type of sleeping position makes an unnatural curvature in your spine that places pressure on hips, shoulders, necks, and other sensitive areas. The mattress topper must sink underneath these zones to fix the spine and mitigate pressure.

Lighter sleepers (under 130 pounds) often feel best on softer toppers with lower density. In contrast, people whose weight is more than 130 pounds favor firmer models since they do not sink too profoundly.

2. Back sleepers

Resting on your back naturally aligns your spine, thus reducing pressure. Yet, you will need a topper with a higher density for maintaining sufficient support. Overly soft models can be the primary reasons for back pain, while excessively firm units cause a gap between the bed and your lower back.

A topper with medium firmness level is regarded as the best choice for those who are of average weight (130 to 230 pounds). For lighter sleepers, they may feel greater on somewhat less firm models. Heavier sleepers, for the most part, favor toppers, which are marginally firmer.

3. Stomach sleepers

This type of sleeping position is, by and large, not advisable. A lot of people carry much of their weight in their stomach, which can result in extreme sinkage around the pelvis and hips. This is likely to misalign your spine and boost the potential for pressure and pain.

But be that as it may, for people who favor this position, a somewhat firmer topper from one of the best mattress topper brands tends to be fantastic since it keeps sinkage in your stomach area at bay aside from keeping your spine straight. The model ought to likewise be, to some degree, thin, and convey a lower density; this applies to all weights.

The following table specifies the perfect density, thickness, and firmness settings for various sleepers depending on body weight and position.

In a nutshell

We do hope that the guide above helps you find the best fit for your demands and preferences more easily and quickly. Good luck and happy shopping!

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