Most poorly researched players in FM11

Discuss which players have the worst representation in terms of attributes, CA, PA

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    # l3nnart : well yes, it is up to the player himself, but fact is, and will allways be, that your genetics can allow you to easiley become better in certian areas, and also make it more difficult, but never the less, a player with no talent at all, can become good giving that he trains hard enough and in the right way, the only limit really is time

    And it really is time. Don't you think that a more talented player will progress faster than someone less talented even if he put more effort.

    I press the spacebar even when I'm here. :D YNWA.
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    # Kurt : You do realize, there are millions of data stored in the database of the game, don't you? Not only players, but also staff, clubs, stadiums, competitions, agents, media, etc...

    So it would be very unfair to judge SI for this, as nobody, at least me, expect 100% success. No scout in this world have the ability to forecast what is behind a player's potential.

    You, I and almost everyone posting at this forum have been so playin the game by the help of Fm Scout, that we forgot how hard it is to spot a player with high ability as well as a high potential.

    Also this kind of topic is always open to discussion since quality should be regarded as an objecyive issue.

    At least that is how i think.

    Yes, and thats why my question steps around PA a little bit. It is very difficult to judge PA, however im more concerned with the actual stats - who is mis represented?
    My gripe with kids is that players under that age of 21 or 23 should have a different system to be judged on than the standard 'accumulation of performance over 3 seasons to work out their attributes', as they develop much more rapidly (or crash out of the game much more rapidly!) than the older guys!

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    Isn't it just normal people who scout the players in their local area and send them to SI? I can't remember exactly but I do remember reading about how they actually come up with the details.

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    Umm..I dont think so. If you go on the credits page it lists the researchers for each country. They have 'additional researchers' which could be just people sending in submissions, but I guess these would have to be verified, and anyway at least the top leagues I would expect to be thoroughly researched by their team.
    I doubt Joe Bloggs has sent an email going 'well, these are the stats gareth bale should have' and they've just gone 'oki doki then'...

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    jordon henderson seems far to underrated in his potential. given how prolific darren bent has been over his entire career at scoring, his stats seem a little low.

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